Taco Bell

2840 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance
(310) 325-3919

Recent Reviews

Matt M.

The staff is 100% ran by special needs individuals and ex cons from the local community which is nice but the service is definitely lacking! Employees will close whenever they want to with no regard to the hours.

Joanna Alvarez

Love coming to this location, just about always get my order correct

Allen Luedemann

Staff very friendly and restaurant was clean.Food was served hot and was good.

Jimmy S.

Their barcode on the receipt doesn't work when scanning for points on your TB app. You can't even type in the barcode numbers manually because there are none. Scanner works at other locations, I don't know why this location does not. What a rip-off.

Amir R.

Good location with a lot of parking. However, when ordering from the app, this Taco Bell seems to have higher prices for some menu items compared to other nearby locations.

Olivia Havens

Lunch rush was quick; we got two crunchy tacos with a side of pintos & cheese, and a bean burrito with extra cheese and no onions. Everything was hot and tasted great, except the bean burrito was just a bean burrito. We asked for extra cheese, but there was nothing but beans in it. So that's why only four stars.

Alyssa M.

My club sold Taco Bell for homecoming and it was really fun. Good memz. Super good food for its price.

Kellie F.

They always close super early even though the time of closing on the actual Taco Bell location says 12 PM I've been there around 11:45 or 1130 and it's been completely closed lights off and not one employee in the parking lot I get off late from work during the week and it would be nice to just pick up a meal on the way home when I am starving

Judy Rios

Quick service. Didn't see anyone cleaning tables between diners, it wasn't filthy but a nice wipe down of the table is always appreciated. And, if it just me or did they chop the heck out of their menu???

Teresa L.

The service is great. The people at the windows are friendly and helpful. Of course the food is always consistent. Consistently good!

Jakai L.

Extremely cheap Taco Bell no meat at all on steak chulupa and reg tacos no meat at all just tons of lettuce had to beg for napkins terrible location never have we ever been so ripped off spent a lot of money still hungry and we are not big eaters tables dirty not wiped down girl at front was nice tho

Christian R.

Respectful and friendly workers! Love this Taco Bell, I drive out of my way to go to this one.

Dalton Cannon

Truely the best fast food joint in torrance as far as I know the employees make this place my go to place. Daniel, Shwn, Christian, and a short white lady with dyed hair wish i caught her name and even more of the employees they are all kind and personal. When you got people like this it makes a huge difference in your day and makes u wanna come back for more just to say whatsup. PS every employee here is awesome!!!

Flor Tveden

Delicious food and fresh. Thank you!

Rianne A.

Crunch wrap and nacho fries. The two best dishes. I'm so glad they brought back the nacho fries and added a supreme version -- it including sour cream and tomatoes. It may not seem like a big addition, but it adds a great hint of flavor to the fries.

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