Thai Rama Restaurant

4473 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 542-9242

Recent Reviews

Mrs. B.

First time here, absolutely delicious and a lot of food for your money. We had the shrimp pad Thai, chicken friend rice, and beef salad. Lots of leftovers. The lady that took our order was sweet as pie. Great take out service!

Elvia Parsons

Got a fried fish filet and a dipping sauce and white rice for $16.00 dollars. If Iwanted veggies my bill would go up to 29.00. Little bit to pricy. Plastic ware or napkins. That was NOT a good ? costumer service. NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

Winston Bradberry

I visit this great spot many times a year! This is my favorite restaurant to dine. I visit this spot regularly. The cooking is excellent, the workers are friendly and the payment is reasonable. I enjoy eating in this restaurant to have a decent supper.

Catherine C.

I'm not sure why it's hard to find a really good Thai restaurant, but this place is it! Super friendly! Super consistent. Super yummy. Our go-to for Thai!

Kelly R.

Thai Rami is great! Our family used to go there always when we were in the mood for Thai food. Now we are doing take out and they are so friendly and nice! I hope people continue to support them during this pandemic!


Sad to be doing this but this restaurant messed up my order more than once even after specifying my choice of meat EVERY single time. I keep giving them chances but to no avail. Not to mention, the customer service is poor. I called tonight to ask why they messed up my order again and all the guy responded with was "okay....." then after a long pause, "was there something you wanted us to do?" Yeah, no thanks. I will take my business elsewhere.

Sheryl J.

This has been our go to spot for thai food! The pad see ew is so flavor full and the portion is enough for 2 people to share. I usually get the pad thai (also shareable for 2) which is my favorite but I wanted to try something lighter so I got the chicken wonton soup. The size portion only comes in a large which is a lot, also enough to share for 2 but soo flavorful, the broth is really good! Highly recommend

Angel L.

Spent $80 yesterday on a delivery order and was very disappointed with my veggie pad thai. It was overly spicy, burning my mouth, when I specifically asked for it to be mild. It also seemed to have a lot of either lemon or lime - I couldn't tell - making it nearly inedible. It was so sour and spicy that I couldn't eat it. I put it aside, thinking that as leftovers it might have lost some of its power. I've tried doctoring it with soy sauce which has made it edible at least. The rest of the order was great. My mom loved her BBQ pork, the spring rolls, rama rice paper rolls and wontons were great but for $80, you expect better quality!

Rachel French

Because of COVID we wanted to support our local restaurants and decided to give this one a try. We've been back a couple times now. It's super authentic, the packaging is well done and they have some dishes that are uncommon but very colloquial which brought me back to Asia like the morning glory dish and the Kang kalee chicken curry. Additionally, the people working there are super friendly and honest. The mango wasn't in season and I was told it's a bit sour so they gave it to me for free! Thanks Thai Rama!

Rudy Pennington

First-rate atmosphere and very personal service. The meals were fresh and delicious. Will absolutely recommend this spot to my friends. Reasonable prices and large meals. Great job.

E M.

My favorite Thai place! Everything I've had here is delicious. My kids look forward to eating here too! My favorites are the Pad See You with pork, papaya salad, spicy eggplant, Tom Tum soup, pineapple fried rice, and the spare ribs. Takes me to YumTown every time!

Mark K.

Not very good. We got the pad sieu, noodles with gravy, pork and veg stir fry, and soup.Nothing was very flavorful, everything was pretty oily, and the noodles were mostly over cooked and mushy.

Raquel M.

sooooo delicious! always go here for pad thai and orange chicken shrimp!!!

Billy Schmitt

thai food, delicious. I love eating here. The staff was very helpful and welcoming. Prices that won't shock you.

Patrick Fallon

A wonderful, tasty and locally owned Thai restaurant. Friendly staff, quick service and delicious food served to my family for decades.

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