Thai Rama Restaurant

4473 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 542-9242

Recent Reviews

Jill Otis

I've been eating here for 25+ years and they never disappoint. We exclusively order delivery so while I can't speak for the service there, I can say that our order has always been correct and delicious!

philip hopper

Delicious food unbelievable portions . Had the ribs with rice ... Could not finish because of quantity. Staff was friendly and attentive.

Lisa H

Good food. It’s worth a try.

A B.

This review is based off of TWO bad experiences. First time, ordered the wonton soup with veggies. Literally got nothing but broth. No veggies. No wontons. But I've ordered this many times, and this was the first time this happened, so I gave them a second chance. Tonight, ordered crab fried rice. Not one single piece of crab. Get it to fletcher guys. Probably my last time coming here.

Adam Walch

Hate giving negative reviews! Food is fairly good, but has recently become wildly overpriced. Other area Thai restaurants are just as good, and much less expensive

Marlon M.

Only been there once and they gave me some old dry food and was poor in flavor and taste. Definitely will NOT be going back and will not be suggesting this place to anyone.

Ken K.

I hate leaving negative reviews! Had been a frequent patron of this restaurant for years. Fairly good food, but recently has become wildly overpriced- other Thai restaurants in area are far less expensive and just as good.

Syd B.

We usually go to other Thai restaurants in the area because my mother in law is from Bangkok and is very particular about her food. The food itself was very good--well, the food we managed to actually be able to take home. They didn't give us our full order. We ordered three orders of the wings, two orders of the Pad Kee Mao, two Thai teas, and a Thai iced coffee and we only got one order of wings, one order of Pad Kee Mao, and our Thai teas were badly packed in so they exploded and spilled everywhere. It was a really big takeout order for six people so I understand it's easy to miss a thing or two. The food was, again, extremely good so we're not going to hold this against them and will definitely be coming back, I just wish we got all of our order and the drinks didn't spill. We'll definitely be back.

Whitney Lewis

Yum yum! There's a wide variety of dishes at this restaurant. We had the tea leaf salad which had a nice combination of crunch from the peanuts and salad and delicious freshness from the salad and tomatoes. We also ordered pad see ew with beef and shrimp with green beans which were both so so good! I loved the green beans with the shrimp (which were generous!). The pad see ew was perfect too...a good amount of beef and noodles. I would definitely go back again!

nobuaki takahashi

อิ่มแล้วครับMy first time pick-up meals.Every dishes are big enough volume.Thank you very much.Mr. Nobu

Kim Maddie

I told my boyfriend I wanted to believe the google reviews one more time before I picked up my other. The first time tried to this place.I won’ come back again. The food was not good and the service was ok. The pad Thai was good and I will go back to the place usually I order. Pad Thai - average.Thai fried rice - blandTom yum soup - not that spicy, the shrimps ware overcooked.?Mongolian beef- They don’t know what Mongolian beef is. I did not expect just the grilled beef

Gene K.

Be careful before you order togo. They said they raised price but menu shows dollar less for each item. Online menu still shows dollar less. If new menu is not printed yet with raised price, they should not raise until they get new menu to customer. Or should let customer know. I ordered 33, 1, 60. This is not about money. Its about business not being honest.

Ethan O'Neall

This is my go-to for Thai food. It's the best in the Torrance area in my opinion. The eggplant tofu stir fry is amazing.

Rayan Yang

Definitely a spot worth stopping over, the food is excellent and well prepared, the pricing is affordable and it is constantly well organized in here. Fantastic work.

Regine Broo

Great and delightful food, I liked the mood the place has, and the staff members were helpful. I will surely visit here when I’m around.

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