Thai Rama Restaurant

4473 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 542-9242

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Melissa G.

I'm new to this area, from a neighborhood right near Thai town in LA. Did a general search for Thai food and thank goodness this place popped up! Kang Gale Curry was delicious, chicken perfectly cooked and very chicken forward, not loaded with potatoes and a few pieces of chicken like you get at other places. I've never had pineapple fried rice before but thought I would try it, A perfect blend of slightly spicy with a sweet finish, I'm hooked. The customer service here was unbelievable, I went pick up my order & they had a refrigerator case with some drinks. I grabbed a few for my to go order before I knew it they had already taken those drinks put them in a bag with some ice so they wouldn't get warm for my ride home! This is my new go to place!! I can't wait to try some of the house specialties!

Judy Cocke

First time trying because we were in the mood for setting different and it was soooooo delicious! We will order again and again! ???

Navi Q

The food was great and the people there are super nice

B N.

I have eaten here sporadically over the years and I always forget how good it is! Love the currys, and the Pad See Ew. Always delicious. I will definitely try to order from here more often.

Lisa T.

It was mothers day and we ordered thai rama for dinner. After waiting 1.5 hours on door dash we were notified it was cancelled due! Not ok...even if youre too busy you fulfill your orders or dont wait until 1.5 hours later to notify us (i checked after 1 hour seeing that it was delayed but not cancelled). I know its a hard time but pls get it together.

Rick F.

Best Thai food in the city. Been going there for years. Service could be a bit slow sometimes but worth the wait.

SEth D.

Idiots placed a menu on my door handle today. They will never see fine one from me again!

Heather T.

Thai food is my absolute favorite. It's hit or miss. This place is a big MISS. I got my favorite dish, pad woon sen and it had NO flavor at all. The pork was dry and flavorless. The entire dish had no flavor. The pineapple fried rice was like a curry bomb. I know curry is an ingredient in this dish but boy was it over powering and gross. Only thing that tasted decent was the cream cheese wontons. Best part was how fast it got delivered. Will not be back after spending $40. I feel like i wasted my money. Not even saving what i didn't eat. Ate enough to not feel hungry which wasn't much. Wish i could get my money back

John F.

Managers are snotty and rude when I ask for extra for and knife. The ramen noodle soup is super pricey for the amount you get. The boba is not fresh and also super pricey. Don't recommend if you are looking so quality food.

Shawn Alexander

This is THE GREATEST Thai restaurant of all-time. Not hyperbole, all fact!

Adriana Adisa

I have been here countless times and only have positive things to say. The lemon grass chicken is my favorite. Ive tried everything there and you wont be disappointed with any option. If your palette is for Malaysian or Thai you will love this place.

Shannon H.

I've only been here twice. This week was my first time trying it out, and they have great potential, but the food flavor is not consistent. The first time I came, I had the basil fried rice with chicken, and I couldn't stop thinking about it the rest of the week! It was so flavorful. My husband really liked it also. But sadly, the second time I returned to order it for takeout, it was too greasy. My husband tasted the difference also. The wonderful, savory spices were drenched in grease the second time around. He really enjoyed the yellow curry with chicken. I thought it was okay- I could taste the seasoning in it, but a little underwhelming, leaning toward the bland side. I think this was my least favorite. Praram Long- broccoli and chicken in peanut sauce. We had it our first visit. Again, sweet and savory, ever so slightly seasoned but not overwhelming. I wish the spices had been a bit stronger. Still, it tasted pretty good. Garlic stir fry- Snow peas, carrots, chicken, water cress in a stir fry broth with rice. YUMMY! I got this for the takeout on the second trip. It easily took over as my favorite dish. I only hope it tastes this good next time I go for it (likely in a few days). Staff and service are nice and incredibly pleasant. Facilities checked out just fine. Four star rating is for the inconsistency on taste. But for the most part, I still plan to come here regularly with fingers crossed for them nailing it!

Sameer Nandan Bhavanibhatla

Dishes are not as tasty as they are priced at. Have been to other Thai places in Torrance and Redondo in the same price range but food is lot tastier at other places compared to Thai Rama

Snake W.

Oh yeah baby. I love pad kee mao! A Chang or two with white rice and I'm good to go.

Susanan R.

This is my go to Thai restaurant! I love pad see ew. They have very friendly staff. The food is delicious and they have quick service. The price is fine and worth it. My husband gets the broccoli beef with a side of white rice.

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