Thai Rama Restaurant

4473 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 542-9242

Recent Reviews


One of the best eggplant dishes I have tasted ?. Sorry, it was almost gone when I decided to take the pic ?

Feng Yu

Cozy restaurant and very nice service. The house special rib combo was a gem!

SQR Fashion

This is our go to Thai restaurant. They remember you and your orders, are friendly and you get a good amount of food for the price.

sarah lakras

Very good food. Big restaurant with many seatings. The young man was very nice. I got pad ke mow with tofu, that was the best!!!! Very spicy though. Spring rolls were delicious. Definitely will come back. :-) I hope the owner could answer!


Excellent lunch specials. Servers and staff are professional and courteous. Food was delicious, we had Pad Thai and Basil Chicken. Very clean and great parking.

Donnell T.

The food was pretty good. There a teenagers helping so you have to keep asking them for the little things. All in all a nice in the cut spot

Hafsa A.

sooo good. highly recommend if you're in the south bay area looking for a local thai restaurant!

Sam H.

The second time I was there. The first time I ordered pad See yew. It wasn't bad. So I went the second time to order Pine Apple Fried rice. Fried rice is supposed to be fluffy. However it was soggy and greasy. The ingredients were tasteless. The other dish ordered was Mongolian Beef. The beef was dry and rubbery. How hard is it to make good Mongolian beef. Please, I know Thai foods. Btw if you expect courteous answer from the cashier or thank you, don't bet on it. Not even raise her eyes. She doesn't appreciate the patronage. Also one other helper was coughing all over the cashier area and no mask. Please be considerate for the health of your customers. I agree with reviews with less than three stars. So regretfully, no more Thai Rama for me.

Kalen J.

Small unglamorous dinning room that is hot and needs air conditioning- Food is okay- small portions for the prices. Dishes are full of cheap "filler" ingredients like carrots, onions, chestnut, broccoli and proteins /noodles are very sparse in the noodle dishes. Need to bulk up the substance. Staff is very nice with good service.

Joseph Sax Mendez

What a delightful experience we had! Fast friendly, efficient and thorough service. There is plenty of space inside and also for parking, you can bring your big rig or tractor they will fit in the parking lot! There are plenty of choices and everything is delicious, and many are nutritious also. We had the salmon steak plate, I took a bite and there was fireworks in my mouth! We also ordered the seafood soup, pork plate and green curry.. al were Bomb dot com. If you like Thai, this is a must when your hungry and in torrance!.... I just finished and still writing this review , but I'm going to step out and. Omelet back to order a Thai tea to relive the experience immediately!.. lol

Joy Kennelly

I ordered the spicy soup with coconut milk and chicken. It was a lot of chicken and delicious flavor. Just the right amount of kick to jump start my lungs. All the ingredients were fresh, plentiful and delicious. The ambiance is lacking, but they're so busy obviously Thai patrons don't care. Very nice waitstaff and perfect to go place if you want to eat elsewhere.

Tara V.

My crab wontons and tom yum soup were amazing! However, I checked when I called/picked it up because it said chicken, and was told mine would be vegetarian. Was pretty surprised/sad to see chunks of chicken in my soup. it's a mistake, and fortunately I could pick it out, but unacceptable.

Joy A.

It's nothing fancy, but when you see lots of Thai people waring there you know you found a good place to eat. It was very busy and loud when I was there so I ordered mine to go. Very nice staff. My soup was delicious

Joseph Sax M.

What a great experience I had at Thai Rama, fast friendly delightful service. So many choices and boy all the food we got what delicious! We got the yellow curry, grilled salmon plate and pork in sweet sauce and seafood soup. We loved all the plates. There is plenty of parking, you can bring your big rig or all will fit in the parking lot. The seafood soup had Serrano chillies and the Thai don't mess around, the chillies were spicy and I loved every slurp! The salmon plate had plenty of meat and the sauces were also delicious. Fish sauce, chillies paste and soy sauce. I recommend this spot without reservations. There is plenty of space for seating also! Come on down! You will love it!!!

Chris N.

I usually don't write reviews these days, but when I saw Thai Rama had 444 reviews, I had to be 445. I went with some friends a while back. Everyone there was friendly and both Taro and Thai tea drinks were delicious. I had the tom ka gai soup and loved it. I'd call in and order two buckets if they used straw mushrooms.

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