The San Franciscan

2520 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance
(310) 325-5231

Recent Reviews

Chelsei A.

What a fantastic discovery! Awesome owners/managers who will take reservations on their busiest Saturday nite and accommodate your seating preferences. In addition, there is a lively bar scene with plenty of seating and great entertainment. The dining room is 100% booth seating, so you are always guaranteed a great table with plenty of elbow room. The food is outstanding!! So many great options and served very quickly! We enjoyed a steak and halibut. The fish was fresh, flakey and tasty. The wait staff goes above and beyond and are always checking in to ensure service levels are superior. This place far exceeded expectations and blows their competition (in Redondo) to the wind! There's clearly no comparison as the SF delivers 5-stars in friendliness, service, food and atmosphere.

Kenta K.

Today when I tried to make a reservation, the person who picked up the phone gave me a very uncomfortable response. He seemed like he did not care about what I was saying. He told us the reservation can be at 7:30. We asked if we can go earlier, but he couldn't understand what I said. So I told him again, then he ignored me, said bye thank you(with a attitude) and went away. I am surprised because I have been there a couple times and i had a very pleasant time at the restaurant. The restaurant it self is very nice. The only problem is the person who picked up the phone. I would not prefer if you want to reserve

Maine C.

Good food for affordable price, but if they serve better bread then it will be prefect, I take 1 star off for the bread. Easy parking, will come back again.

D L.

This place looks busy with local regulars. This is a great place for a safari, no shortage of cougars wearing animal prints. The entertainment miles may vary as the Karaoke is open mic. However you must come for the prime rib, one of the best I've had. The rib comes served swimming in Au Jus, and a side of horseradish 2 ways. Meat was definitely prime tender and juicy. Only downside is they don't have small portions and it's a shame to eat a prime rib that's so good after it's been reheated. The meal came with a generous portion of salad and sourdough bread that was freshly baked.


Excellent hand trimmed rib. Perfectly cooked , not overcooked on the edges. Melted in our mouths. Large salads with homemade dressings. Classic old style deco

G. G.

Everybody Raves about this prime rib at this location so I decided after all these years to give it a try... and my prime rib was not well done as I'd asked? It was cold and the salad was generic and my server was just fair not attentive and taking care of my needs how do you not offer a steak sauce with supposedly the best prime rib in the South Bay Area? I will not be returning thanks for the opportunity...


Great food, fair prices, great steakhouse, great service, One of the best Prime rib meals around! We always enjoy a good meal on a date night or celebrating a birthday with the family.

Anthony S.

Best prime rib in the area. Generous cuts. Service is great. Fresh complimentary bread and butter. I love that your steak or prime rib comes with a soup or salad and a veggie or potato. Those a la Carte steak houses can get out of hand with the final cost once u add all items up served separately. Highly recommend.

Raylynn B.

To Manager: First time dine in... a bit old decor attic vibe Friendly host and waiter Waitress seemed bothered to deal with us first timers. Gave her chance maybe because she was busy ... very stand offish and rude. Cut throat Asked if they served wine she says looks at list and walks away wow We asked for a few minutes and she just walks away .... all thru the night she was very bothered in serving us!!! Waitress says I'll get ur check - did not bother to ask if we wanted desert or she forgot we were discussing which desert to get ... again she walks away .... no name tag or did not bother to provide her name Rather be served by the bus boys/men they were more cordial and very attentive to our table !! Waitress killed the stars rating

Alana M.

All I can say is "WOW" about the Diamond Jim Prime Rib! Hubby & I had first come here together back in the latter 1980's. And we had dined here off and on, then we just kinda forgot about this place. We'd pass by often and keep driving. This past weekend, he was wanting steak and suggested coming here. I agreed to it after we attempted to go to other places. Well, in the end, it was a great option. This restaurant opened in 1963. The decor and feel of this place remains dated. It is not run down in the least, it just doesn't look modern. Don't let that hinder you from appreciating the great food and ambiance! There is a parking lot behind the restaurant. You can easily pass it if you don't turn in before you see the yellow business sign. If you do, just turn right on Crenshaw Blvd and turn right on 225th Pl. Take another right just past the stores, then you should see the parking lot. It's pretty simple to find. The service is pretty attentive here. We were greeted and seated quickly. Our server brought us water and we started off with complimentary bread & butter, a salad and a cup of soup. The Zucchini Sticks came out after a delay... it turned out the fryer wasn't hot enough and they discarded the first batch and fried up a new order for us. The Zucchini Sticks were breaded nicely and had a good texture! So far, our start was way better than good!! We ordered the Diamond Jim cut of Prime Rib and an Orange Roughy Fish. Although the fish was good, the smaller piece was dried out from being overcooked while the larger piece was perfect. I liked the light seasoning and flakiness. And then there was that huge 19 ounces of steak! Everything about this Prime Rib was delicious! Seriously, it was tender and tasty! The leftover steak we took home to eat was even yummy the next day after being slightly reheated! If you come to The San Franciscan, get the Diamond Jim! It's a bit expensive, but it is well worth the money spent! (Maybe their smaller cuts are equally as good, but we haven't had those in recent years) We finished off our meal with the Spumoni Ice Cream Cake. I love Spumoni, so it made sense to have a slice to share. There are no cake layers, it is just the Spumoni Ice Cream set on a Crust. I loved the ice cream and could have done without the crust. This "cake" looks really pretty! We will be back again and it won't take us so long to return!

Kerry K.

My husband and I are definite fans of this place. We live right down the street and we have been twice now. The first time I got the grilled shrimp which was excellent. This time I got their famous prime rib and it was so delicious. It was juicy and really tender. Great prime rib. My mom got the halibut this time and it was cooked perfectly as well. This place is such a great deal. $23 for an 8 ounce prime rib, salad or soup and choice of one side. Such a great dinner at a really reasonable cost. We will definitely be bringing people back here.

Kaz F.

Hands down the best prime rib in Los Angeles area! I don't think I need to say anything else since everyone else said it. Just add this place on your "Bucket List"!


This is a old American diner style steakhouse: nothing fancy so no dress code, which Is a plus for me because I am a shorts and sandal kinda guy (occasionally I enjoy fine dining at Patina LOL. But I live in LA. I don't like to wear suits or tie unless it's very special) so anyway, if you want an old fashion steak, whether New York steak or filet mignon or prime rib, this is relatively reasonable place, all around $30/person plus tax and tip. 4 stars because steak was really good I thought. Old fashion American style. Just salt and pepper, no fancy sauce. But the best way to taste it. But that can be boring too for that big size steak so I asked if they have any sauce and the only steak sauce they have was surprising A1 sauce.......... really?? That destroys the whole meat flavor everything will taste like A1 sauce.... so I had to take a star off right there.... I'm sorry if there are any A1 sauce lovers out there. If you love it, great. But I just think that the sauce is way way too strong that it doesn't matter if it's a good meat or not. Big portion though. Rice was not the best but it can be a fun place. Noise level is high. But good for two people (I saw many couples eating here and looks like mostly locals).

Eri B

Loved the live music! Staff was really kind! The appetizers were great! I just happened to order the wrong cut of meat but it's my fault! I'll come back to order more next time!

Joanne Bailey

What a wonderful surprise!! The San Franciscan is a great place for family, out of town guest spot, romantic two or just friends! The food is an explosion of flavors and mouth watering treats! The steak was so good This place was absolutely perfect and has a great customer service.

Deanna W.

I came to this establishment to enjoy a meal with a friend. I want to start by saying that I have absolutely no complaints about the food. I had prime rib which was tender and delicious. Watch out for the horseradish. They're not kidding when they tell you to be careful. Ended my meal with mud pie it was not the best I've ever had but good nonetheless. I knocked a star off for the fact that our waitress was very abrasive and short with us. It was very busy when we were there but it was noticed by myself and my dinner companion. Not to mention whenever we needed anything we had to ask the busboy because she never seemed to be around. Took us forever just to get water and our order taken . maybe our waitress needed a vacation. I don't know

Lisa Brightman

The best prime rib, blue cheese dressing & split pea soup ever! Excellent burgers, fries & fried shrimp, too. Good drinks & a homey, locals vibe. Place gets VERY BUSY, so service can get a bit slow, now & again. Music on weekends...relaxed & fun & you can sing along! I love this old-school place!

Angie M.

I ordered a well done steak and it came back rock hard but the waiter was nice enough to get me a new one, so I was happy . I tried to call on a holiday but no one answered Not even a voicemail to explain that they were closed for holiday weekend .


The San Franciscan has great food with healthy portions. The servers was attentive. The restaurant is old and needs upgrades.

Alan S

Just hard to beat having a special meal there. Everyone leaves feeling satisfied. Great old fashioned style meals. I'm sure you read the Prime Rib reviews and the steak review. My wife loves their Lobster dinner. So go there and enjoy the bread and drinks there also. Gets busy.


DEElicious prime rib and steaks and all that goes along with it. This is our go-to place when entertaining out-of-town guests. Can't beat the consistency.


My wife selected the San Franciscan to celebrate our 43rd Wedding Anniversary because she had heard about the prime rib. We were not disappointed. We both ordered the shrimp and prime rib plate. We were served nice large shrimp and a good thick cut of prime rib plus salad and bake potato. Very tasty! We plan on going back soon.

Steven Price

The is a long time favourite for people in the South Bay. The staff is always welcoming and try to accommodate your requests. I had a prime rib done medium rare and my friend the same well done both were perfectly finished. I opted for backed potatoes and salad with blue cheese dressing both good. The hidden treat is the fresh sourdough bread it's worth the visit alone!! If you're in the area and miss this you'll be rewarded with a great meal and experience.

Coop C

It's one of those ancient old fashioned steak houses, popular with the blue hair crowd. Our waitress was great! The perfect amount of sassyness with professionalism. My prime rib was cooked perfect as well as the steaks for the rest of the table. Priced right, quick and solid food.

Robin Wolfe

The food was great. I got their specialty, the prime rib. Very tender and delicious. Affordable steak house that's high quality!

Hilda Parks

excellent steaks at reasonable prices. old school decor too!

Patrick D. Butler

Absolutely amazing food, awesome staff, and cool as hell atmosphere

Marsha Elliott Hearn

Delicious food and excellent service!! Always a treat.

Kathleen Boysen

Service and food good as always. This time we shared a green bean starter. Very good. For lunch the prime rib sandwich is more than perfect. Take some home for dinner. 😄

bmw george

Great place for older people. All my friends are in there thirties , as we entered the place if looked like this place is were all the retired people came to play bingo ..j/k but seriously most of the guest were well over 65 , Seems like a popular place for the locals . I had a steak and it wasn't the worst steak but definitely not the best steak. If you are a steak lover I would recommend a place in San Pedro located on Western Avenue called Think prime, get the tomahawk ....Amazing ...


I have not tasted a prime rib so good but at a very reasonable price other than at The San Franciscan Restaurant. A friend introduced me to this restaurant years ago and we've been going there often. It's been voted the best prime rib in the South Bay area for the straight 3 years. The prime rib sandwich is fantastic for lunch or dinner.

Duce D.

Truly one of the best restaurants in the South Bay Rated best steak 8 years in a row...Jen and Phil are amazing. I think it's one of the best restaurants In all of Los Angeles. Great service great food killer steaks

Yazmi A.

Here on a double date, ordered a few appetizers, our usual drinks and some yummy food. Thank you so much Jennifer for the service, we had an amazing time, thank you for the laughs. We will be back for you.

Roger W.

Great martinis.. great food .. and what is a great place without the staff .(Phil, Jennifer.. ). always a pleasure to come here..

Clarissa A.

I've been here once before and was impressed so tonight was an extra disappointment. Our food was SO wrong and because a bus boy or food runner brought it out and didn't even wait to make sure it was correct I hoped to bring it to the servers attention but she was nowhere to be found for a good 10-15 minutes so after letting the food go cold we reluctantly began eating it. She popped in so fast to see if we were happy that it didn't matter that we weren't, and then she disappeared for about her 20 minutes. I sat with my napkin on an empty plate for so long I questioned whether she was expecting us to pay for our meal. We've now had it boxed up and have waited without the check for so long I might just strut on outta here. There's no other waitstaff coming through here...maybe tonight is the night I finally do a crime. How long do we have to sit here before it's legally considered kidnapping??? Seriously though super disappointed. We won't be coming back. It's so hard to fuck up a limited menu that's mostly steaks and sides. It's honestly amazing. I think her name is Jennifer? At first I liked her attitude and sense of humor in the beginning but now I just wanna get the fuck out.

Brittany S.

I just had the worst experience. The server was horrible and when my moms boyfriend complained to the manager who did nothing. My steak was RARE when I asked for well done. The server said "sorry you felt you had a rude experience" and handed my mom a cake in a to go box on her birthday. I will NEVER go back and encourage everyone I know the same.

Reiko G.

It is! It is everything you hear about. Driving by it doesn't seem like much. Walking in, the lights are low, the crowd chatter is a constant hum and the music in the background makes the mood. There's a full bar that consumes most of the main eating area with about 7 dinning booth opposite the bar. Walk around to the secondary eating space with a banquet room for large groups. The servers are groomed in uniform and their manners are exquisite. The food, oh, the food! The steak is well proportioned and perfectly cooked. Paired with their powerful horseradish sauce and nice red Chianti, you can call it a night! But it doesn't stop there! The salmon is simply seasoned and tender to the touch. Side that with some steamed vegetables or the rice pilaf and a smooth sauvignon blanc, you will be in food heaven. Did I mention the live entertainment? Dine in late at night, and the worlds of euphoric acoustics and the perfection of that mouth watering steak or seafood platter; your future dining experiences will never be the same! If ever you have the time and crave, I would most certainly recommend the San Franciscan for the dining enthusiast!

Steve O.

A South Bay institution. If red meat is your poison, this is the place to meet your demise. Prime rib is the name of the game here. Sure they serve steaks, pasta,& some seafood but most patrons would tell you the PR is the main attraction. I recommend the Franciscan cut at 3/4 of a pound and only $5 more than the thin cut. A generous slab of meat with just enough for a light lunch leftover for the following day. My family decided we'd go the Thursday before Father's Day to avoid the inevitable crowds of the weekend. In my endless lack of wisdom, I figured with the probable last game of the NBA finals being played that night, there would be no need to make a reservation. WRONG. So busy. Now I would just recommend making a reservation no matter which night you go. It's an older crowd but don't expect a nice quiet atmosphere. It's plenty loud in there. It's not as dark as it used to be and thank goodness no more cigarette smoke like in the old days. Staff is nice enough. Prices are very reasonable for what you get. They have lots of parking but some of the lot is rather isolated further away from the building and there have been car break ins so if you have more than one vehicle, I'd take the one you care less about. Not a major problem so don't let this scare you off. A good meal at a reasonable price point. Worth checking out at least once. A lot better than Outback or Black Angus for sure. Save room for Brusters ice cream a block away after dinner.

James Hahn

Outstanding prime rib... though it looks like 1973 inside the big red double doors... the aroma from the kitchen lofts surf & turf. Buttery prime rib with simple choices from the past - foil wrapped baked potato, rice pilaf or steamed vegetables. Fair pricing for the quality you receive.

James H. L.

1950's prime rib complete with red leather seating and green salads (with a tomato slice.) Before the advent of complex runs and multi-day aging, there were the simple American steakhouses known for strong drinks, great service, candles on the tables, and ring fare that pleased just about everyone. Shrimp were fried, lobster was only boiled and served with lemon wedges and melted butter. Steaks had salt rubs. Though this place has a few nods to more modern selections (like cornmeal fried green beans and sweet potato fries) they abound with the old world choices, like fried clam strips, veal liver (a rarity these days) and slow roasted prime rib cuts that are generously sized and reasonably priced. This is like coming upon your Dad's favorite after work watering hole, or where you might take the family or Mom out for a "nice" dinner once a month. Nowadays, they still feature live music on weekends and karaoke comes mid-week. The drinks are still strong and the service is knowledgeable of every first-timer and regular. And there are Regulars (meaning families and friends who have gathered here for decades of evening meets around the table.) South Bay locals keep these places steaming along while the chains come and go with the offshore breezes. Be sure to experience a part of American food history at its best. And come to appreciate simple good food served with a heart of gold kitchen.