The San Franciscan

2520 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance
(310) 325-5231

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Michelle Purkey

Not very accommodating at all

T. Y.

This review is for my last visit on 3/10/20. In a nutshell, I stopped there to get an order to go. The waitress had a pissy attitude from the moment she saw me. Didn't say a word to me the entire time I was there, rude & nasty, slammed my order down on the table etc. When I paid, I was owed $1 in change. She went to the bartender & they were apparently talking about me. He raised his voice & said in a mocking tone, "Here's your dollar change!" Then they started laughing & saying other things. She came back, slammed the bill on the table & stomped away. I wrote a complaint to the restaurant & never heard back from them. Note: this "waitress" didn't act that way to anyone else. She's an older White woman. I'm not Chinese but look like it. This happened after the Corona virus started turning into a huge issue. Too bad for you San Franciscan, you just lost a lot of business. My friends & I used to go to your place for birthdays & other things, but will be going elsewhere.

Cristy Doria

I love this place a lot. theres a different mood. The meals are splendid. the service is dynamic and the waiters are well trained. The price is reasonable. deeply recommend.

Rickey K.

I like places that remind me of a slice of yesteryear. It's a place of friendly haunts, good conversation and a nice meal. Stopped in here the other day, loved the ambiance, loved how tucked away and secret this place felt. The service was very good, the bar owner was very hospitable. A place that attracts regulars. Ordered a bottle of white and a steak dinner. What better way to start a lazy afternoon. Loved it, will be back and will invite others in the future!

Jennifer N.

Haven't been back for so many years, because I remembered their Prime Rib was kind of bland. This time it was delicious!! My friend and I both ordered the Franciscan Cut. It was juicy, flavorful drenched in au juice! I hope it's not a hit and missed and it continues to be this flavorful. For your birthday, they give you a piece of neapolitan icecream cake on top of graham cracker crusts. So good! The restaurant is the 70's vibe with red boith seatings and as my friend said, it has lots of soul! Plenty of free parking in the back

Darrin F.

Last night I returned to The San Franciscan for dinner. Every aspect of my experience there was impeccable. Which is the type of service I had become accustomed to for decades. It was very disheartening for me to have to write a poor review of a dining establishment I have come to love over the years. But I wrote the review because I do love the The San Franciscan. Last night was actually some of the best service I have ever had in a restaurant, period. Believe me when I say that I know restaurants and service in restaurants. I was a Chef for 15 years. From start to finish, from the food to the server, it was an excellent experience. I am amending my review below. I will be changing my rating from one star to four stars. Which this restaurant absolutely deserves. Last night was the type of service I had become a custom to being a patron for so many years. As always the prime rib is amazing. Thank you Merrill. Unfortunately this is a review I really wish I didn't have to write. I have been going to The San Franciscan as long as I can remember. I would go there with my family quite frequently and still go to this day. Whenever we go the service, the food, and the atmosphere are great. That being said. It took me a while to get around to writing this review. So I do apologize. I always go to The San Franciscan on my birthday to get their exceptional prime rib. My birthday falls in December. Knowing that restaurants and especially The San Franciscan tend to be busier during the holidays I always make a reservation. I made a reservation for 2 at 8 PM. When we arrived and told them that we had a reservation they said it would be a few minutes. I don't have a problem waiting for a few minutes with a reservation. The problem that I had was that it took 30 minutes for them to seat us with a reservation. The concept of a reservation is to reserve a table. Clearly they did not understand the concept that evening. To top it off they seated two people before who walked in and did not have a reservations. Which is absolutely ridiculous. After sitting down it took at the least 20 minutes for a server to even come over and greet us. At this point we were extremely thirsty because we waited so long to even be asked what we would like to drink. They usually bring sourdough bread that is usually warm and crusty. The bread they brought us was cold and hard because it was not warmed. I ordered prime rib like always, the diamond Jim cut. I ordered a salad with blue cheese dressing that is included with most dinners. The person accompanying me ordered the Franciscan cut of prime rib and a salad with ranch dressing. It had taken so long to get our salads I got up to get something out of my car. As I was walking by the kitchen I saw two salads sitting on the counter, one with blue cheese dressing and the other with ranch dressing. I am 99% sure that they were our salads just sitting there. At this point it had taken 30 minutes for us to get our salads. Putting lettuce on the plate and dressing it is not rocket science. When they arrived the salads were warm. As well as waiting a long time for everything that evening we probably waited 40 minutes for a prime rib. When we received our entrées I noticed that it wasn't as rare as I I ordered, but I understand with prime rib that can be the case. The part that really infuriated me was I ordered a larger cut of prime rib then the other person at the table and they were the exact same size. I was paying more money for the lesser cut of prime rib. I did not address the issue due to the fact that at that point we had been there for almost 2 hours. It is so disheartening that I have to write this review because of the great experiences I have always had at The San Franciscan. The service that evening was absolutely atrocious along with the cut of my prime rib. This wasn't just horrible service for this restaurant. This was probably some of the worst service I've had in a restaurant period. Every other experience I've had at The San Franciscan has been a four star experienc


I was craving for prime rib but since Lawry’s was a little far, my wife & I tried this restaurant in Torrance for the first time. Can be a little crowded but it didn’t disappoint... craving for prime rib satisfied!

Tim C

This place is an institution. It has been here for ages. Coming here for prime rib for the first time is fanatic. They have a full bar is you just want a drink to relax with some friends before facing traffic like me to go home is perfectly fine. Food comes out hot and fast but you can sit here and savor it all you want.

meri gyetvay

Old school prime rib joint. Has that retro mafia vibe minus actual mafia members (as far as I could tell). Great service, great food and worth the price.

Roger Clark

Food was delicious and the service was very good. Not over priced either.

Nicholas V.

I enjoyed my prime rib dinner at this restaurant. Super "old-timely" ambience that you'd find at a classic American restaurant. The sautéed mushrooms were amazing. I ordered the Diamond Jim cut Prime Rib and shared it with my date and it was more than enough food for the both of us. Thumbs up to the San Franciscan!


Hey when you step into this resturant - it's like going back to is OLD SCHOOL! Red booths......etc., BUT their Prime Rib is REALLY GREAT......

Deviates R.

Good prime rib and lobster tail was excellent but the bartender does not Know how to make an old fashioned at all! They put very little whiskey and too it off with club soda to water it down even more...

Aurora Vito Cruz

Their steak is sumptuous and worth it. I got overwhelmed by the noise and was surprised that they don't do separate checks (?) when we requested and there was an automatic 20% tip on our tab when we didn't get good service at all. You get the feeling of being rushed.

John Pyre

I’ve been eating here for over 25 years. The best Prime Rib I’ve found anywhere. A Filet Mignon Sandwich that really melts in your mouth but

Marie F.

My Date decided to take me for Dinner at The San Franciscan since he had been raving all about their Steaks for awhile and I had never been there. My Parents had even gone there last Year to celebrate their Anniversary and my Father was very pleased with the Ribeye. We went on a Friday Night and we had called ahead to make a Reservation for 8:00pm. The Hostess checked us in and took us back to our Booth which was around the corner from the Bar and Live Band. Their Menu offers a wide variety of items to choose from and once the Server took our drink orders we started with a Shrimp Cocktail to share along with the warm sourdough bread and butter that was brought to our table. For myself I decided to get the Ribeye steak with a baked potato and a cup of Clam Chowder. The Shrimp Cocktail was really fresh and they make their own horseradish there. The Clam chowder was also delicious and it was filled with a nice amount of clams and potatoes whIch I like. Very soon after we were brought our Entrees and to say they give you large portions is an understatement! The Ribeye was cooked to a perfect Medium Rare and the baked potato came with butter, sour cream and chives on the side. I absolutely LOVE this place and I will be back again soon!

Austin Regal

The San Franciscan is a classic looking Steak House in Torrance that is well known by locals as a great place for drinks or to get steak. I think this restaurant is a great example of classic American Food done right. Everyone at our table enjoyed the food we were served, and the staff were very nice. Overall, it a place that you should check out.

Rod S.

Great steakhouse old school feel great service Prime rib is the bomb Everything else is great too but you have to go at least once for the prime rib Karaoke too wit H bar if you like


I'm definitely going to have to go back the food was delicious and the service supreme... We had such a great lunch & visit... Love the atmosphere

Stuart F

Beat steaks in South Bay. Can't beat the prime rib, but I prefer the coulot steak. Been in business nearly 60 years for a reason. Quality food and good service! Highly recommend .

Steve M.

Love this place! Good drinks, food and crowd. Phil and Jeff work hard behind the bar mixing up our favorite drinks. Live music on fridays and karaoke on Saturdays.

Samantha C.

I was told about this place by my old boss who has been coming here for years. He said it was the best steaks for the price you are paying. I finally decided to come here with my family and we were disappointed! Its a bit dark booths (definitely old) they have a bar and when we go they are not crowded at all. We finally went on a weekend and it was crowded! It's nice to See that the establishment has been around for Awhile and many locals are regulars at this place. You can get a prime rib 1/2lb for $21! Yes you read right $21! You can get a bone in rib eye for $38!! What makes that price more amazing is that it comes with a side plus soup or salad! Most steakhouses you have to pay separate for those! What a steal!!!! It's good meAt, if you know how to order steak! They also have a kids menu for the kids which have some amazing chicken strips btw! I love their chicken strips! I need to go back next time to try their spaghetti. I love this place! If you want good steak and don't want to spend your entire weeks pay... go here! We had 4 steaks..2kids meal and drinks for $150! Amazing deal!!!

De Santis

The absolute best Prime melt in your mouth tender and juicy Prime Rib ever...puts kincades and chart house to shame, from food to personable service! Mom has been at Torrance Memorial Hospital all week , and asked for real food/meat. I ubered as SF does not use delivery services, no matter what these services say that they do SF delivery. Saturday night mom had Filet Mignon medium rare-perfectionally cooked. I had the Rib Eye mrare, perfectly cooked and tender. Sunday we shar

Stefanie Cox

excellent food. Thousand island dressing is the best in the world.

Cecilia Lopez

The atmosphere was great. Bartender, drinks, appetizers, and patrons were also dope! Great (loud) date night destination!!!

Angel B.

This place has been here forever and a day. In fact a lot of the clientele have been coming here longer than I've been alive. Once you walk inside, your transported to a different era. If you come at night they have Karaoke and entertainment. The Mister works close by and has been here a couple of times with his buddy. We decided to come here for a late lunch on New Years Eve. It was walk in only, since all the reservations were gone. Luckily, we were seated right away. The Mister got the Diamond cut which was 41 ounces and $42 buck a roos of Prime rib served with a garden salad and rice. He said it was good. However he said he would of been happy with the smaller one he normally orders. Super juicy and gone quickly. I ordered the New York steak, 12 ounces with a baked potato. It was pretty good, however I wish it was bigger. The steak had a nice char on it. Service here was okay. Not as friendly as other places. However the staff has been here for YEARS and I think that is just how their personality is. If your a regular, they are a little more engaging. Dinner for 2 was about $100.00. I am a fan and would return. Located off Sepulveda and Crenshaw in Torrance. Parking can be tight

Yoshi F.

Outstanding or horrific, I won't waste our time reviewing average. So my better 1/3 and I were trying to figure out where to go for our last good meal of 2019. She was somehow set on the San Franciscan, even though I felt like a lot better. Ha ha! We had never been here before, but we heard great things. When we walked in, I was surprised it was a casual bar setting. We have a few good ones out this way, so there was a good chance this was going to be good. We decided to split the Fransican Cut Prime Rib. She got the soup, I got salad with Bleu Cheese, and she decided we were going to get zucchini. The soup and salad came out quick, the server said he'l be right back with the bread. We stalled around so we could have bread with the soup and salad, but it was taking long, so she started in on the soup and I on my salad. We were both finished before we saw our server again, and I asked for some bread. Another 5-10 minutes pass, then he comes out with someone else's food, and our bread. I guess we could wait? The Prime Rib comes out and it's ok. Average for a decent one, but definitely nothing to rave about. Sorry, Carrows prime rib is better. The zucchini was lightly steamed I think. Kinda raw, pretty bland, disappointing. Overall I have to say it was meh. Soup - It was ok Salad - The Bleu Cheese was pretty good Prime Rib - Average-ish Zucchini - Blah Service - Meh

Jill Blair

Although they are known for their prime rib, we had the New York steak. Perfectly cooked and very tender. Service was great and they have good bourbon selection.

John Sheridan

My family came here for the first time. I had high expectations due to the great reviews and the long history it has of being here in Torrance.

Sergio Murphy

I go to this special restaurant often because I enjoy the special air that is outline this place. The personel is extremely loyal and experienced. The service is absolutely quick. Not to mention, the food they serve is magnificent. I visited many times and I was always delighted. The payment is decent. I suggest this place to to everybody.

Christina Casas

Go back in time with a great prime rib dinner. This place looks small but don't let it cool you. You can't go wrong with this place, just buckle up for a blast to past. Took one star off because my whiskey sour didn't have eggwhite. But really, this place is a local gem.

Eric Y.

I went to the San Franciscan on a busy Saturday night to celebrate my mom's birthday. I grew up in Torrance and drove by this place many times but have never been here till now. From the outside, it's easy to miss, it kind of looks like a small motel from the street. The interior also reminds me of perhaps an old motel lobby converted into a bar/restaurant, with popcorn ceilings and old light fixtures, but it all adds to the charm! There's TVs mounted on the wall throughout playing NFL games. The prime rib is legit, and is priced very reasonably. Each prime rib dinner comes with complimentary sourdough bread, which is really good, soft and the inside and crunchy on the outside. You have a choice of a soup or salad, today the soup was a beef barley (tasted like minestrone), and one side. I opted for the steak fries, which were pretty average. The highlight definitely was the prime rib. I ordered mine medium, it came out cooked to a perfect medium and had a lot of flavor. It also comes swimming in a delicious aus ju, with horseradish and a creamy horseradish on the side. If the sides were a bit better, I'd definitely give it 5 stars for the food and overall experience and value. But if you're in Torrance and hankering for a prime rib dinner, it's worth a shot!


Prime rib is excellent and the price is just right. Waiters and waitresses are always nice and friendly. They make it feel like home.


this restaurant provided good tender prime rib, taste good good service and bar service, big parking, easy drive in. 這家牛排館供應嫩原始牛排, 好吃鮮嫩, 有酒吧飲料, 很史和家庭聚會宴客場所, 大型停車場, 晚餐人多接受預訂, 服務很好, 值得去用餐的地方

Michelle St.Claire

Lovely place. Red booths, friendly locals, karaoke. My boo bought me the prime rib and lobster meal. Um. Yes. Delicious sour dough. Sauteed mushrooms. Salad was ok. Baked potato sides yum. Order the prime rib rare. Will return!

Ran C.

Been here a few times. Just to the bar though. Awesome times. Thanks to a close friend for introducing me to this place. Love the bartenders. So friendly. So generous. So much fun. Then I ate here. What a difference service can make. Been wanting to eat here for a few reasons. Heard it was good. Read that it's good. It probably is but when service is bad - tends to ruin the experience. The server - didn't ask her name. Never really had the chance. She seemed disinterested in her job. Maybe it was a bad night. Hope that's all it was. I can't even say she was present and and just not friendly. It was busy. I get that. But it was as if doing the job was a nuisance. This attitude must have been contagious. At one point I requested a refill. Asked the server. Nothing. Asked another staff member. He said he would inform the server. Waved at one of the hosts. He started my way. Made eye contact. Then turned around and walked away. Customer service at its finest. I'm griping. But it was my experience. Will say the food was ok. Asked for my rib eye medium rare. Came out medium. Kitchen was busy. At least it wasn't well done. Any more cooked and it's not for me. Fries ok too. Asked for ranch. Never got it. Fries finished anyway. Better hot. Easy parking. Around back. Look for hidden driveway off Sepulveda (east bound). Will I go back? Don't know. Really don't. Really enjoyed my visits to the bar. Maybe I will if one day I want to experience awful service again.

Toni Fejer

Excellent food and drinks. Such generous portions of good! The ranch dressing is Amazzzzzzzing! Great service! Yummy!!!!

Michelle Food Vlogger

Lovely place. Red booths, friendly locals, karaoke. My boo bought me the prime rib and lobster meal. Um. Yes. Delicious sour dough. Sauteed mushrooms. Salad was ok. Baked potato sides yum. Order the prime rib rare. Will return!

Jason Naglic

This place has a great reputation for a reason. The food is consistently incredible and the service from the waiters and bartenders is fantastic. The staff are friendly, happy and helpful. Worth the price, they work for it and you will leave satisfied.

Michelle StClaire

Lovely place. Red booths, friendly locals, karaoke. My boo bought me the prime rib and lobster meal. Um. Yes. Delicious sour dough. Sauteed mushrooms. Salad was ok. Baked potato sides yum. Order the prime rib rare. Will return!