Uncle Tetsu

3525 W Carson St, Torrance
(323) 275-9190

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Josselyn Mishell

Best cheesecake ever!

Randall K.

I know this place is really popular and I really wanted to love it but at the end of the day, the Japanese (souffle) cheesecake was so so so so so dry. Did I say dry? Make sure you have some water near by cuz you'll drink every drop when you eat a slice. Are Japanese taste buds different than my Chinese ones? Maybe I got a bad cake but I highly dont recommend. NO NO NO NO NO. 85 degrees is better.

Charlene S.

Very standard Uncle Tetsu cheesecakes. If you like their product, these will be good. The line wasn't out the door, and the cheesecakes were still soft, jiggly, and delicious. Their oreo cheesecake was, just like their other stuff, mildly flavored. For those who've never had it, they're not dense at all. In fact, it's pretty much the opposite- light, fluffy, and kind of like, um, sponge cake almost. Some people don't necessarily enjoy it, but if you're looking to try, this Uncle Tetsu wasn't that busy in the evening.

Liz P.

Staff was fast and friendly! coffee cheesecake samples was nice! Japanese cheesecake and sea salt green tea with cheese foam was delicious!

Kimmy D.

Uncle Tetsu is so good! It actually tastes more like a light & fluffy pound cake instead of cheesecake. I got the oreo cheesecake & it was delicious! They have samples if it's your first time. Wish there was a location in OC.

Mayu H.

I wanted to buy their cheese cake. I went there and they were nice enough to offer me the samples. The guy told me I have to wait a while so they finish baking the samples so I did. They gave me samples and all different kind of cheesecake wasn't good at all. I can get better cheese cakes at marukai or Nijiya so I didn't buy any. The staffs were very nice. It's just too bad I didn't like their cheesecake.

Susan S.

Uncle Tetsu is a different kind of cheesecake, very airy and fluffy. Some might even say mushy. It might be a turn off for some, especially if you're used to the dense, rich cheesecake. We had Uncle Tetsu a couple of times, and the first time we had it, we thought it was amazing. It was just perfectly light and fluffy. Second time, I thought it wasn't as fluffy but more mushy, which kind of turned me off of it. I still liked it, but just not as good. I think it's a fine line between light and moist/ mushy like it's underbaked. We usually stick to their original flavor, and I love that it is relatively inexpensive (about $10). I also give them credit for having a custom bag that fits their square box perfectly. Little things like that really impress me about a brand. I'd purchase the cake again for sure. Hopefully next time will impress me like the first time!

Don K.

Price: 4 Taste: 4 Service: 4 Portion: 4 My daughter heard about this place so decided to give it a try. Good thing we tried it cause it's tasty especially if you eat it with coffee (I like every dessert with coffee). We ordered strawberry cheesecake which is one of the most popular cake including the original cheesecake. I love how they serve the cake inside a cute box and bag. Cheesecake itself is very fluffy...has a spongecake feel to it, and tasty. I would definitely come by again when I'm nearby.

Colby S.

This place is such a great find. If you naturally gravitate to lighter sweets and if you are a lover of cheesecake and/or pastries this is definitely the spot. It's best to come early in this location. My friend and I waited about 15 minutes in line but the line can loop around the corner if you don't come early.  Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake is not like your traditional cheesecake. It's fluffy, cheesy, buttery, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. It's simple and best of all, not sickeningly sweet. To me, it's almost like a soufflé. We brought a couple of boxes to go and was very surprised and pleased that the cheesecake maintained its flavor and texture the next day. Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a light, delicious, and cheesy treat!

Esther Choy

The original its delicious!

ab c

Super good. I prefer their Japanese style cheese cake to our American style. It's far better than that

James Bostick

Memorial Day Weekend 2019

Justin L.

Sweet, but compared to your average slice of cheesecake, Uncle Tetsu makes theirs more light and airy. It's basically a sponge cake, combining the texture of a soufflé and the sweetness of cheesecake. The store is located inside the Del Amo Fashion Center, between Zales and Cinnabon in the Fashion Wing (near Din Tai Fung). When I came by, there were cakes on the counter, boxed and ready to be sold. You can also see the ovens in the back baking new batches. There's also drinks (milk tea, green tea,) and cookies available for purchase. I purchased one original cheesecake and one strawberry flavored cake. Both were fresh and warm, which I was happy about. Portions are on the smaller side, 3-4 people could probably share but I think I could finish it by myself. I found it very tasty, almost decadent since it was super soft. It's not crumbly at all, leaving little mess behind. Similar to a castella, but much better! Personally, I would be much more content with a slice of New York cheesecake. However, the cake at Uncle Tetsu is amazing as well.

Kimberly L.

[Review #435] 2019 Yelp 100 Challenge (87/100) I first heard (about 3 years ago) of Uncle Tetsu at the Westfield Santa Anita... actually, I saw before I heard... saw the extremely long lines with restrictions similar to DAB's cronuts (20-mins. per batch & each batch has 12 cakes with a limit of 1 order per family). What's the big deal? I have no idea & it wasn't within my time constraints. Luckily for me, a new shop opened up at Del Amo Mall, located just east of DTF between Zales Jewelers & Cinnabon. I was taking M for a treat at a nearby ice cream shop when I saw Uncle Tetsu, & they were offering samples of their cheesecakes -- original & Oreo. It didn't have a crust, which is unusual, delightfully light like a soufflé with a rich eggy flavor, & typical of Japanese baked goods, not very sweet; if you have a sweet tooth, this may not be the bakery for you. Both flavors was quite tasty, but I wasn't quite ready to commit yet since M was pulling me away for his planned treat. I was hoping to walk back & pick one up, it didn't happen. :-| This location offers multiple flavors: original, strawberry, matcha, chocolate, coffee, & most recently Oreo (but it may be temporary). I don't think this location has reached the heightened craze as Arcadia... yet. Or maybe it was too early, we walked by around 11:15 AM on Sunday. I don't understand the hype around this famed cheesecake... don't get me wrong, it was a delicious cheesecake but I'm not willing to wait in a long for it especially since it's almost $10 for a 6" cake with a hot stamp of a caricature of its namesake, Tetsushi Mizokami. :-O It's a good Japanese cheesecake, but if there's a line, you have better things to do with your time & plenty of other dessert options at this mall. Recommended: Original Japanese Cheesecake.

Tiffany N.

I'm so excited that there's an uncle testu in the South Bay ! No need to drive to Arcadia. Everyone here was super friendly and welcoming. Outstanding customer service and efficient. This location offers 5 different flavors of cheesecakes and also an assortment of drinks .

Junella T.

Overhyped sponge cake. Good but nothing special. The lines for this place is insane in NorCal so we were pleasantly surprised to see this inside the mall with no line. We tried samples of the strawberry and matcha, but ended up going with the original. The small cake was enough to share between 6 people (we did just have lunch so this was dessert). The cake is nothing like cheesecake. It's more like a sponge cake or softer pound cake. The cake is fluffy but not creamy and it's not very dense so you won't feel very full either. It's very similar to Mamon (Filipino Sponge Cake) but just less sweet.

Phoebe L.

After seeing so many pictures online about this famous jiggly cheescake, I was so excited to try Uncle Tetsu. I went on opening day, and I was sadly disappointed. The cake was not at all jiggly and was more reminiscent of dry, dense bread. For around $10, I don't think it was worth it. My experience may have been skewed due to inexperience of workers, as it was the first day. The taste was okay, though. This was at the Torrance location in Del Amo.

James B.

Located inside of the mall, we expected long lines, and we got just that. However, to our surprise the line shrunk very quickly. We ordered the traditional cake. Within seconds we paid, were handed the case, and were on our way. All-in-all, we were there for less than 10 minutes. The cake though. None of us thought it was as good as advertised. In fact, we all felt that some individually wrapped Japanese cheesecakes that we tried at the same time, had just as much flavor and quite a bit less money.

Lauren P.

First time having Japanese cheesecake and was not disappointed! This is a little stand in the mall, and I couldn't resist a sample (okay, two). The gentleman at the counter was friendly, and I walked away with a whole cheesecake in the original flavor (the only come in one size). They also have matcha, coffee and strawberry, which I might get next time! I can't compare to any other place, but their cheesecakes are fluffy, soft and sweet-but-not-too-sweet. SO GOOD, and so much better than American cheesecakes imo. Glad I walked by this place and would be back if it wasn't so far from me! Tip: enjoy fresh so you don't lose the fluffy and jiggly consistency.

Rachel Q.

I love me some Uncle Tetsu cheese cake and now they have four flavors! I was excited to see this location opened near Din Tai Fung at the Del Amo Mall. Maybe its a thing because the first Uncle Tetsu I had was at the Arcadia mall, near their Din Tai Fung! We had just stuffed ourselves with yummy dumplings and weren't quite ready for dessert, so we go a cheese cake to go. There was a line but it went pretty fast. I was excited to learn that they have the four flavored cheese cake option - regular, match, chocolate and strawberry. I have always loved the original but wanted to try the other flavors. They were delicious and fluffy!

Rochelle Torres

Small shop.

ken k.

It was tasty right out of the oven. Thought it was a little mushy in the center but good over all. Don't know if it was supposed to be like that or if it was undercooked. My wife liked it a bit more than me. We got the original flavor.

Nadine L.

Cute lil spot next to a huge sushi joint in the del amo fashion center The cheesecake is ready to go instantly, it's more cake less cheese Paired with a tea that was really yummy Employee was sweet and helped us out with urgency

Andrew Kan

No returns or replacement for bad ones

Lucero Villegas

Love the cheesecakes from here

Abdelazim Wahdan

Didn't meet expectations at all

Mike X.

Drive 30 minutes to enjoy the delicious Uncle Tetsu cheesecake..... but it was a disappointment . This cheesecake is nothing like the one they have at Arcadia . Why is this ? It's the same company but it doesn't taste the same ?!?! Not gonna come back here again . I'd rather drive 50 minutes up north to get the real thing!

Kelsey C.

I don't hate cheesecake, but I'll never love it either. Famous last words because I LOVE Uncle Tetsu! The Matcha cheesecake is so fluffy, and I love that it's so light. You won't feel like a thousand pounds after you eat this cheesecake, though you have to try really hard not to eat it all in one sitting. Uncle Tetsu is the only cheesecake I've ever loved and it's the only one I'll be buying!

Katrine U.

Located inside the Del Amo Fashion Center, Uncle Tetsu serves Japanese cheesecakes which are fluffier and spongier than the traditional cheesecake. They make several flavors, so you should definitely try them out before buying! I really liked the original cheesecake, but we ended up buying the strawberry cheesecake. Every bite was so nice and spongy and delicious! I would totally buy this instead of a traditional cake or cheesecake.

Diana I.

I was so excited to hear Uncle Tetsu was open at Del Amo! This place is next to Cinnabon, near Din Tai Fung upstairs in the newly renovated part of Del Amo Mall. They offer samples of their various cake flavors (original, strawberry, chocolate, etc). My favorite is the original flavor cheesecake. It's not like your average cheesecake though. Theirs is very light and fluffy, and not too sweet or dense! I love it!! Although if you're a cheesecake purist, you might be a tad bit disappointed. For approx $10, it's a pretty good price point for a cake. Service is super fast too. I've never had to wait. It was literally ready in seconds after I paid. I've also tried their matcha green tea with cheese foam. Blegh. I was only able to take a few sips and had to throw the rest away. It was way too sweet! Just stick to the cakes here!

Jelly Doughnut

This cheesecake is more like a fluffy cake. Super tasty and light. It's not a refrigerated cheesecake you get at the Cheesecake factory. I could eat the whole cake in on setting because it is that small. 11/5 would buy because you need to eat this cheese cake that melts in your mouth like a krispy kreme doughnut compared to cake style doughnuts.

Matthew Patao

This cheesecake is more like a fluffy cake. Super tasty and light. It's not a refrigerated cheesecake you get at the Cheesecake factory. I could eat the whole cake in on setting because it is that small. 11/5 would buy because you need to eat this cheese cake that melts in your mouth like a krispy kreme doughnut compared to cake style doughnuts.

Connie L.

I've tried the original and the strawberry and both are delightful! They're surprisingly fluffy and light, with lots of flavor. I like the original slightly more but I would definitely try the other flavors next time. It tastes best eating fresh but you can refrigerate it after a few hours. You can leave it in the fridge for 3 days before the texture isn't as fluffy.

Yoandra V.

I've walked by this place countless times while at the mall and never bothered to check it out or see what it has to offer. But thanks to my friend Katrina on instagram and my yelp recommendations, I decided to stop by. From reading the yelp reviews this place offers Japanese cheesecake which is very different from the ones at cheesecake factory, if not better, depending on your preference. From reading the tips, I tried the strawberry cheesecake. It fluffy, pillow-y, spongy, with a mild taste of strawberry. and unlike a cheesecake, its not too sweet. It tastes like a cake/mousse and its very addicting, like it makes you want to keep eating it. The only downside has to be the price-tag of $10-$11 for this delicious thing, and the fact that they no longer sell this by the slice. I would definitely comeback here whenever I am craving a dessert and try the other flavors

Erik P.

Came here cause a lot of people had hyped up the place.. Place is located in the Mall at Delamo, so if you want to do a quick pick up its not going to happen. The pie was ready quick and that was cool that we didn't have to wait long to get it. Flavor was cool was worth the hype but its not a bad desert to pick up while shopping. Prices are fair and not crazy. Overall its good, fair price, no long lines so its worth a try.

Roro T.

I think the best thing here is the strawberry flavored cheesecake. It is not American cheesecake though. The texture is less cream cheese and more cake like. Like a chiffon cake! (Or mammon for Filipinos) The matcha tea is on the sweeter side compared to other places. The cheese foam tastes like a Filipino fruit salad without the fruit (like sweet and fluffy sour cream). There us nowhere to sit at this locale.

Regina O.

I can finally say I've tried the famous Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake!! Its nothing like the cheesecake you would think of but instead, its the most fluffiest cake ever! Kind of like angel cake but fluffier and very light!! It literally just melts in your mouth and you don't feel nearly as guilty for eating it :3 I bought 1 cake and gave 1/4 to my friend and I finished the rest in one day. Its a little under $11 after taxes and I think its worth every penny. I hope they open a location in OC next!

Trixie Ricablanca

Fluffy cheesecake. Very soft and light tasting. Tried the original and chocolate flavors. They also have strawberry, coffee and matcha ð?? cant wait to get them.

Nikki S.

I've been waiting for you to open every time I'm at the mall I've heard so much of this Japanese cheesecake but never ventured to get some. My expectations were high and I could have been wrong with some of them too. Sweetness: I'm all for not overly sweet things so this is a plus. I knew that before purchasing that this won't be sweet or even decadent. Instead of sweet I thought (original flavor specifically) it was a bit creamy (just like how cream cheese would be) and just enough sugar to balance the flavors. Jiggle: I thought these were to be jiggly but these may just be the Japanese pancakes. I kept jiggling it although it barely jiggled. Texture: SOFT! Airy... like a sponge cake but denser than most sponge cakes I've had. Like the flour is fine that it is a bit more compact (maybe used cake flour?). Size: I imaged it to be a bit thicker. The height of the cake looked like an inch. Current flavors: Original: tint of the taste of the cream cheese showed through Chocolate: not sweet, really the cocoa flavor dominated the cake (but still light) vs tasting cream cheese Strawberry: it's pretty good and I thought I wouldn't like it. Coffee: not yet They also have drinks. No boba pearls though. Sea foam and the cheese foam topping. Tried the match with cheese and it was good. Didn't change the sweetness and I liked it, but next time I'll ask if you can customize it. Overall: I like it. It reminds me of typical Asian desserts that are light and not crazy sweet. And I'm happy with this edition to Del Amo ma

Jenn G.

I am once again loving all the new foodie additions at Del Amo Fashion Center! The latest to join the mall is Uncle Tetsu. I had heard many good things about the Uncle Tetsu in Santa Anita and I have to admit my curiosity was peaked. I came on a Monday night and there weren't too many people there (yay!). They also had all the offerings available (double yay!). I chose to get an original (a birthday gift for someone) and a strawberry (to take home). They were giving out samples of the original and so this was my first try. As many folks mentioned, these are not your regular cheesecakes. They are more like spongecake or if you're Filipino, they are like Filipino mamon. The original flavor is the best tone of you want to try and taste more of the cheesecake flavor. I chose to get the strawberry to take home since I had tried the original. I also knew the strawberry sometimes gets sold out. I love the overall color of the strawberry. It is is so pretty! Looks aren't deceiving either because it's pretty good in taste as well :). I love the hint of strawberry in it along with the hint of the cheesecake. Over all the cheesecake was very soft and fluffy! It's great as a small snack or dessert. I am excited to try the other flavors like chocolate and coffee!