1125 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 533-9111

Recent Reviews

Andre Zepeda

Food is always hot! They are always friendly and professional.

Kathy Gilbert

Still the best chili for dogs with cheese and onions! I remember when the one by our house opened in the 60's! Fries are good too!

Alberto Jaimes

Not the best food. I can say the service is fast and friendly!

Craig Claxton

Another five star place you're on the way home or going to go home if you want something quick to eat they look like five chili dogs special that there's a place to go to family owned business very very courteous and quick

Jeremy Conrad

Every time I eat at a wienerschnitzel it brings back memories of growing up. My family and I would go Every so often. Chili cheese fries rock.

Reeta Desai

Excellent food!

Denise Hurst

My kids love chili dogs so I come here and get them done chili dogs. Never had a problem there chili sauce is good.

Eric Hands

Pretty good place to go when your craving them dogs but I’d say no cheese it’s not that good with their cheese they have, I’d say overall 4 star for having the best cucumber drink it is amazing ??

Darryl Hunter

They do not give 20% discounts to EMTs and paramedics

kumatown Miyoshi

Drive thru was very busy. Get everything ready when ordering from da drive thru. E.G. coupons, cash, mask, etc.

Silvia Trejo

Had to yell out my order 3 times for them to ask me for a second. Already frustrated i repeat my order to the lady again and she still messes up my order at the window and takes extra long to take my money and give me my order. Just made me mad.

Sleepy Lao

Love it so many new menu items and fast food service from staff

Arturo Sanchez

I love coming to this wienerschnitzel because I feel like I'm getting a good quality meal, as well as friendly service.

a- bomb

Love this wienershnitzel because they always do the small extra things that show they care about what they're doing

Gonzales Family and friends

They do offer military discount here so ask and show.

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