1125 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 533-9111

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Stacy Armijo

Unfortunately we had a negative experience as first timers to wienerschnitzel in general.8/22/22I just got around to updating my review, please excuse my delay. A manager called me regarding my review. He asked me several questions as to the placement of the hair. He apologized for my experience and requested permission to call me back tomorrow (the next day) to speak about possible compensation due to it being and unfortunately negative experience. I was looking forward to hearing back from him however, I never did. I hope they at least are being more careful of how the food is served and I hope the frozen food prepping location is more sanitary.

Juan Mora

I love it such a simple concept but well done, some options are not that as good as the. others

July G (Cesar)

Good food and service but price I feel is a little high for a basic chilli cheese hotdog combo and not that filling.

DivineKarma 625

The customer service for this location is hands down supreme!

Sarah Amber Hendrex

Loved it! Food was amazing. The sprinkle dipped cone was bomb. The chili dog was simple yet flavor filled! And I ordered the jalepeno chili poppers they were okay. My friend loved them. I ordered a Chicago dog as well and it is now my new favorite dog..There are not many of these chains left around here anymore but whoever owns this franchise... Please keep it . You're employees are amazing and your food ranks just the same

lilib b

It was expensive, the girl at the counter taking the oder for drive thru could barely hear me. They did get my order right. Only gave a few condiments and not enough napkins. I used to love going to winerschnitzel its definitely not the same that it used to be.

Victor Curry

This Iconic Eatery is and has been the same since I have beem going since the 1970's. The taste is about the same as I remember back then and the structure of it's buildings are thankfully the same as the original.


Always a good deal an friendly service

Ayanna El

Fries were cold, the only thing hot was the fish

Daniel W.

I love Wienerschnitzel, fast food but so good! Exactly what I want and so good! I have been going to this location for 20 years!

Rita Loy

I stopped in here after my appointment across the street. I found this Wienerschnitzel to have exactly what I want.

Rita “Redondo Rita” Loy

I stopped in here after my appointment across the street. I found this Wienerschnitzel to have exactly what I want.

Fabian Bolanos (ROCKNFILM)

My favorite hot dog spot. Staff is friendly

Eric Saunders

Love their Chile dogs, THEY EVEN SELL THEIR CHILE IN A CAN bought 4 cans that will last couple of months.... maybe

George Armando Benitez

Amazing Awesome ???????Everyone Really Nice and Attentive Courteous ?

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