Yoshinoya Sepulveda & Western

1603 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance
(310) 539-8319

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John L.

This place sucks, workers here don't really care about their job. They have an attitude when you confront them about a bad order.

Michelle Bravo

The worst, my food was cold and dry and bland. Will never go back. Seem that food was old.

Reyes A.

This place sucks!!!! Dont even bother trying to order here. Waisted 10 mins trying to order so when i get to the window to pick up my order they didn't know what i had ordered so i had to order again!!

Brandy Ramos


Evan L.

Horrible customer service.Staffs are so unfriendly I was so scared to ask any questions. Management need to fire every one there and start new biz

Von R.

Been goin here for 5 years. I was in a hurry today to work. CYNTHIA the new cashier was a bit slow taking orders so I just drove off to the window so she can understand better. I think she's a bit irritated I did that so she purposely gave me soggy vegetables and no TERIYAKI sauce. Never again at this location.

anna P.

CROSS CONTAMINATION. On several occasions I have to impress upon the very rude Cashiers to change gloves when packing my food and especially touching napkins. They use the same dirty gloves to interact with other customers' money. Not like subway staff that serve every customer with fresh gloves. Couple weeks ago a Male Cashier went from throwing out the trash to returning to pack my food with the same DIRTY GLOVES. My strong objection was met with a look of death and you could just feel their hate. The whole lot of them. So it seems that the entire despicable group has decided to blacklist me as a complaining Customer which led to the next incident.{ By the way I would toss my napkins out especially with COVID threat.} Went to check out. 1st Kuwai the so called Manager had no mask on. Speaks volumes already since she's the big boss lady of a dime a dozen fast food joints. If her Managerial Position is a Corporate joke.. then I get it Ha. .the swipe wasn't happening smoothly because the processor was too tightly fitted next to the terminal screen. I could feel her agitation when I expressed this to her and in a very combative manner told me that I am the only Customer complaining. And that its ok if I am One less customer. The audacity! I am doing you a favor spending my money at your dive keeping your mediocre job alive You go out of business one customer at a time you retard. last for me. Favorite restaurants will be in full swing and I only used this location being conveniently placed on my route so no loss here just needed to set things straight..

Jason K.

To Management!!! Worker who served drive thur. Only drive Thur open. She coughing a lot. I couldn't chip in to the card machine because she coughing. Hopefully she is ok. Foods was ok.

Jennifer B.

Probably the only Yoshinoya I haven't been to within a 5-mile radius to home. The only reason I came by is to get grub for my aunt who's on mandatory home quarantine as she's COVID19 positive. (Online ordering and delivery? No, she's not that kind of tech savvy.) I offered to get her whatever she wanted to eat, and funny enough, this topped her choice of all things I could have picked up for her. Taking pandemic precautions, I was extremely glad this place had a drive thru. Luckily, I also had coupons handy, so everything just fell into place. 2 combos for $11?! SOLD. I also added a couple orders of clam chowder soup. Anyone familiar with Yoshinoya knows its general/overall essence. It is what I expected, nothing more. But what I won't deny it is enjoyable - even more so when you're in that kind of mood/craving. FOOD: 4. As expected! SERVICE: 5. All precautions taken. Drive thru server wearing a hair net, gloves and mask. VALUE: 5. $16 and change dinner for 2 (with coupon.) Bargain buy! PARKING: Used their drive thru, but they have a private lot shared with other businesses. Shouldn't be an issue. OVERALL: 4.5. It was a good choice on my aunt's part. I had enough for a 2nd meal. Truly a bargain buy with the coupon. (TIP: check mailers! That's how I found the coupons!) Would return, absolutely.

Anna Phillips

Very rude vengeful staff. On several occasions have to ask that the person handing over my food and napkins to change his/her gloves which are dirty from handling cash and dumping trash to avoid cross contamination. Common protocol we use in Healthcare field. Always met with hard looks and arguments. I will give up this joint

Melanie O.

WHY SO MUCH HATE?!!! My mom and sisters went through The drive-thru and they had no problems. All these haters out here saying that it's bad but really I enjoyed my boneless chicken wings! they were the perfect amount of spice and sweet and I had the beef with the potatoes and these were delicious fried potatoes and it's one of my faves!!! I'm Japanese, and I can say this is pretty bomb Japanese food. So go home and stop being so rude it's okay guys I know you are upset but please be nicer these are hard times. Anyways great food, 9.78888/10

Craig Claxton

Always a good quality courteous staff in and out real quick

Theresa Mcdaniel

Nice clean place, friendly staff. Good is great.

jonathan melendez

Not good. I usually.. no. always go to the one in Lawndale. Compared to that one. This place is not good! Sauce doesn't taste good, chicken tasted some what weird. Not enough veggies. Won't go back.

Stephen Zhao

Excellent food, but took 15 min to complete the order, and waited another 10 min to get it. It used to order and serve fast.

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