Zabon Ramen

1644 W Carson St B, Torrance
(310) 212-0055

Recent Reviews

Maria Garzon

Good ramen. My son's favorite. Freshly made to order and good ramen.

Marissa D.

During Covid-19 takeout times, you should eat this ramen as fast as you can to enjoy it the way it was meant to be. It'll take about 10-15 mins to get your order ready if you order in person. Customer service was fantastic and the ramen actually reminds me of Japan.As someone who lived in Japan for a year and has tried various ramen shops in throughout the country, Zabon's miso ramen is one of THE closest things to what I've had in Japan. I was so happy to find a ramen shop that had the saltiness and richness of what I found when I ate at ramen shops there. My husband got the spicy miso ramen and he loved it as well. We also ordered a side of karaage and boy it did not disappoint! After realizing that many ramen shops in America have subpar dashi (broth) compared to authentic ramen found in Japan, I've been "boycotting" ramen shops, particularly in the LA area (cough, cough Daikokuya for example). But now that I've found this place in Torrance, I can finally get my ramen fix. Thank you, Zabon for restoring my faith in ramen shops in America!

Saraaah M.

This used to be my coworkers and my favorite lunch spot we work around the corner and we would place phone orders Their Chatsu Ramen is delicious and kimchi fried rice however I am giving it a 3 star review due to me placing a phone order over 40mins before I went out to pick it up during my 30min lunch keep in mind this place is like 3 mins away I had called previously and they stated my order would be ready in 20 mins when I showed up my order wasn't ready according to the server they take priority for dine in I was late to work from my lunch break . Other than that it was my favorite Ramen place a while back

Blair T.

We ordered takeout from there and we had spicy miso ramen, miso ramen, gyozas, and octopus tempura. EVERYTHING WAS GREAT . I think we might have found our home base ramen spot. The ramen was flavorful. The spicy miso had a kick to it and was a little bit spicier than we expected so proceed with caution. Overall was a delicious meal

Daniel C.

Food is good, but the 1 Star is for the restaurant's failure to pay attention to an online order via Grubhub. I placed the order for a future pick up (about 2 hrs ahead of time) but they made the order right away. Upon pick up, the food was cold and they didn't even offer to remake it for their mistake. They instead blamed Grubhub stating that they received the order without a color code which indicates a future time. The lady didn't apologize or anything and simply said to reheat it. I think I can find a better ramen shop here in the South Bay as the food was good but nothing special.

Westin Ramos

We love eating out. Yesterday we went to this delicious place which friends recommended to us. We spent a beautiful experience there with high-qulity cooking and a well-trained stuff and a talented chef. We added this place in our list and we will definitely come back very soon. We highly recommend.

Nick C.

I have eaten a lot of Ramen around the world and I got a spicy Tonka to and instead of having a chili flavor to the park bone it has a red pepper taste away over red pepper in like they had a new chef and don't know what the hell he's doing I've never eaten here before but I can't imagine she told us that their chili spicy Ramen is Chili bass and this is a bread pepper taste I don't know I'm like super disappointed and it's making my stomach sick

Mary T.

Best Ramen place..... it's a must go to place for Ramen.... the service was great and the server was very helpful.

C. B.

First time and defi-NITE-ly NOT MY LAST!!!!

S.J. H.

I had high expectations and it was lacking. Soggy, greasy karaage. Tasteless ramen. Highly disappointed.

Marilyn B.

We have been getting the spicy vegan ramen over and over. The first time it was great and would have given it 5 stars but then everytime we ordered it after that first time either the order was wrong or they left some things out or it tasted different.cit was at different times of the day too so not really cool. But we will give it a try again when we crave it because that first time made such an impression us.

John Watson

This restaurant is obviously one of the most pleasant restaurants in the area. Every time I come to this place I am truly pleased. They hold their very high standard service and the topmost level of meals they provide. You can never go wrong with this restaurant. Very recommended.

Sara Zoe

DoorDash ordered from this place for the first time. Ordered the Vegan Miso Spicy Ramen with extra Noodles and I am very much satisfied. They even added a cookie for supporting them during this time! Lovely. Will definitely order more yummy food from here. ?

Tracy K.

I found this spot on Instagram. They coincidentally came up as an ad on my feed. I saw that they had a vegan menu and I jumped right on it! The person on the phone who took my order was nice and I'm happy that she waited to put my order in because it takes me 45 minutes to get there. I phoned in and I ordered the Vegan Miso Ramen, Vegetable Ramen, Vegan Croquette, French fries, and vegan egg rolls. I forgot to order the spicy paste so I called back and the cashier said she will put it in my order. This spot is in a plaza next to laundry mat, so the parking lot gets pretty packed. The cashier/person who took my phone, was wearing gloves and a mask and so were the people cooking in the kitchen. They require their customers to wear a mask as well when we pick up our order. I thought It was a great idea when they asked customers to put used pens in a different tray so that they can disinfect it later. I was disappointed to come home and they forgot to put in my spicy paste. The ramens we ordered were delicious and the portion of the ramen that they gave were good. I was hoping they would put more veggies in the vegan miso ramen but it was only garlic, three pieces of sliced tofu, corn, and some cabbage. I felt my vegan miso ramen was not that filling because of the lack of veggies. My girlfriend had The vegetable ramen had more veggies in it with onions, bean sprouts, few pieces of mushroom, and cabbage. She loved it and thought it was very full in flavor. I thought the croquettes were good but next time I would get the sauce on the side because by the time I got home it was soggy. The egg rolls were pretty good, but the French fries got soggy by the time i got home, so I won't order that next time. Overall, cashier was very nice but I'll make sure to remind her about the spicy paste next time. She packed a 20% coupon for me and it came with two small soft yummy cookies. I'll definitely be back again for the ramen, but maybe if they put more veggies in it. If not, I'll just get the vegetable ramen instead. Support your local businesses!

Abbas Alugla

Garbage service and extremely cheap. This was just ordering take out can’t imagine dining in.

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