Taco Bell

1706 A St, Antioch
(209) 835-9697

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Sm M.

This is one of the best Taco Bells I've ever been too. They had the A/C blasting, the workers were chill and friendly and super fast. The food was tasty and hot, not sure I've ever had hot food from TB before. Wish this was my local Taco Bell.

Said R.

They always put less sauce when you order 3 or 4 sauce inside your iteam they don't put it most of the time just waste of your money if you want to go Taco Bell and get everything right go to 915 s Tracy blvd there the best this is location is very bad

Ben D.

Would give no stars if possible. Line empty. Seems like a good time to come, but now i see why. They make all the doordashers walk inside, even with no line, just like McDonalds. Pretty worthless waste of time. Taco bells not even good. Mexican pizza not in stock STILL. still not worth going to.

Briana G.

legit got home after just receiving my food, orders two tacos NO lettuce i get 1 taco with lettuce and a burrito. guy at window was rude and took our order with an attitude.

Brett K.

Incorrect change given. Didn't take order initially at speaker but tried she tried to remember it, I waited for total and the typical "move forward.." instead I was asked "can I take your order.."...I replied simply with I did and you never gave me a total...Girl at window for lunch 5/23-5/24 needs training. Car in front of me left angry about something as well.

Sarah E.

If I could choose -5 stars I would!!!! Awful awful customer service! We walked in and stood in line for about 7ish minutes. A line cook yelled to us that we need to use the kiosk to order after we had already been standing there and had a line behind us. We told him we have already been standing in line and all he kept saying was "I can't hear you!" Such bullshit service!!! You could have easily walked over and said to us politely to order our food at the kiosk instead of waiting forever and Getting yelled at. We left and went to a different location!

Joe P.

Tyler was very good and very friendly taking our order outside. He was kind and very helpful. Food wise, it's Taco Bell, it's the same menu as always. It's fast food and it's cheap.

J Ryan T.

The boy who took my order had a goofy attitude. I try to remember employers have it hard right now. They're not attracting the cream of the crop with Taco Bell positions. This economy's booming. If you can't hustle your way out of a Taco Bell job? I wasn't even comfortable with eating the food. Threw it out. Bunch of immature low IQ kids stroking each other? No thanks. Who knows what they're doing to the food. I'll never return to this location. Wasted $10.

Sunil K.

They've no clue how to make food. And zero courtesy or sense of customer service. Absolutely avoid going here. They should close this place down.

Ginny B.

Waited in drive thru for 30 minutes, and my order was wrong and thrown together. Terrible service! I learned my lesson and will not be going back.

Dave ..

Staff is very lazy and do not pay attention. Walk in and they won't even help you order, you have to use their kiosks. Then after you place your order, you will wait and wait for them to prepare your order. There is no one else waiting for food, but it could take 10-15 minutes. Literally opposite of FAST food. Then, only some of the employees wear masks while the make your food. And those that do wear a mask, don't wear it properly. If your going to do it wrong, why even go through the motions. Once they do make your food, they screw it up and don't read your specific order. I ordered a steak supreme taco, and I end up getting a chicken taco. Not worth going back to get it fixed, cause it will take time for them to come to counter, listen and understand the issue and then go make it again

Rob P.

Really nice staff! Forced to sit in the cold and darkness. Why? The large menu board is beautifully lit. But they have you order from a 8.5x11 paper that hangs from his keyboard in the dark. Again, why? In and out does this cause there's 50 cars in line. Taco Bell has had 0 the last 9 times I've been here. Unfair to the employee. Bad experience for the customer.

J M.

I don't even want to give this Taco Bell even one star. In this day and age I understand that all businesses are understaffed but that is no excuse for not making food correctly and having bad customer service. Yesterday I went here and got a cheesy bean and rice burrito the tortilla was stale the rice was Steph and there was barely any cheese in the burrito. Today I went there and had a nacho Bell grande with barely any cheese that nacho Bell grande cost six something dollars and I asked them to put some more cheese on there they asked me for additional money it's nachos for god sake's. And on top of that I had to wait 30 minutes in the drive-through line no apologies no nothing just attitude from the young staff working there. Management really needs to take a look at training these young men and women that they are hiring in customer service.

Dwrek D.

No sauce, hair In the food, didn't cut my quesadilla. Overall quality of items was also a disappointment. Avoid this location at all cost

Nancy R.

Drive thru, first person could not take our order correctly. Mind you we are very friendly and patient. She read it right but on the screen wrong. When we drove up to window repeated our order, correctly. We get our good wrong and all of crunchy tacos are broken.

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