5.2 Patio

6540 Foothill Blvd #101, Los Angeles
(818) 293-3045

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Daisyy F

Be careful people !!! This place likes to water down drinks I came here with my bf and ordered taro smoothie with Boba and it felt so waterdown .Food: 1/5

Turtle Man

do not go here guys its disgusting, everything is old. The boba smoothies are severely watered down, and the boba tastes old and lumpy and dry...

Christine Huang

Didn't enjoy this place but I might be biased since I live in SGV where boba tea shops are on every corner. I ordered an earl grey milk tea. My first reaction to this was it tasted very very watered down with a tiny hint of earl grey flavor. My bf got a cheese foam drink. He even said his drink tasted a bit watered down. The cheese foam itself has chunky not a smooth foam. He said the chunk tasted like chunks of fat as if it was butter. My friend got a cheese cream taiyaki. The taiyaki tasted like a waffle mixture and the cream inside was sour tasting like sour cream or yogurt. This place is acceptable for the area it is in but not up to my standards in terms of taste.

Kirstin Leigh

The Chocolate Snow Boba is really yummy.Ice is soft and not chunky.Boba is cooked perfectly.Squishy and soft.

Rebecca J.

Had me waiting an hour for the Taiyaki then finally when I ask what's going on they say it's not working and they're trying to get it fixed. They didn't let me know anything that was going on until I asked after an hour and just had me waiting. Really inconsiderate.

Kirstin K.

Chocolate Snow Boba 10/10. Interior is so airy and clean. Boba has the perfect squishy to bouncy ratio.

Tanya B.

The boba options are very tasty- prep time is great, and staff are responsive and friendly. HOWEVER.... Parents beware of EXPLICIT music playing- completely unacceptable, in my opinion. It's unfortunate that from now on, I will think twice before we come in for purchases.

Trevor B

I’ve been going here for several years, ever since they opened this location. I’ve never had an issue with getting our drinks and they’ve started to make it when they see me walk through the door. It’s definitely my go-to for boba. I prefer the texture/taste of theirs above all others.

Anahit B.

The owner and the workers are really nice, so was the venue! That's why I'm giving it a three star. I got the caramel roca milk tea and it tastes so bad :c I'm sorry I really wish it didn't but it tastes so watered down, I read another comment who said the same thing. Maybe this is their bust drink and maybe everything else is yummy, but that caramel gotta go boo boo it tastes like sewer water

Zach H.

This place is great and has all the boba you need! Each drink comes with two free topping which is great. The taro snow with boba was epic and super delicious. Their popular menu helped guide me there :)

Hunni B.

Great flavors and toppings a real authentic taste for the Vietnamese coffee and so many options to choose from . They have very low sweet options too which is great for someone wanting a nice fruity drink that's not loaded with sugar

Ruby P.

They are honestly amazing , I love it here . All the staff is super friendly .they all have great customer service skills . I wish I could give more than 5 stars .

Maral S.

Best boba ever. Has the most delicious boba I have ever tried. I've been to almost all the boba places near me and I still choose to have 5.2 Patio over any other boba place.


Been going here since I was a kid. Best boba in town ! Their food especially their Korean bbq isn't bad either... love that postmates works with them for when I'm craving some authentic but low priced Asian food!

Andrew Montes

Fast service, good boba

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