Birrieria Las Gemelas

6555 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga
(818) 922-9466

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Oh my goodness.... been wanting this for so long. DID NOT DISAPPOINT!! ???

Mark R.

Possibly the best taco truck / Mexican food in the area. I rarely eat in the area because there is just not many good places but ever since I tried this spot I seem to keep coming back. The spot is in a good area can easily park at smart and final and walk to the truck. The staff are all friendly and provide great service. I'm assuming most take food to go but they do have a table set up with chairs where a couple people can sit to eat there. The birria tacos is their specialty and they are great Id suggest to get the crunchy ones. They add a good amount of meat to the tacos, quesadillas, or anything you order. Overall will keep coming back.

Edgar C.

Big fan of tacos dorados Great service too They load up the plate for a great price

Renee D.

I'd give 5 stars, but made the trip over twice again and the truck hadn't arrived yet... so I was bummed.... because it's so good. Get a large order of Consomme soup. It has meat. The small serving is for dipping tacos in. Get a couple birra tacos, and eat ASAP! There's a small table for curbside dining provided. We had those as a snack and had the soup for dinner with added veggies at home and rice.... I've been jonesing for more and just writing this makes me want to venture over to see if they are set up and serving! The people who run the truck are really nice and overall a 100% 5 star experience... when they are there for biz... guess I need to follow them on Insta.

Eve A.

Passed by this taco truck many many times never stopped, today we decided to stop:) The food was very good (just a bit salty) and portions were huge, but the service was great and very friendly.

Melissa R.

I ordered tacos dorados, mulitas, and the consomé and it was delicious! This will be my new go to spot.

Daphne A.

My fiancé ordered the carne asada tacos and i ordered the birria plate. We are so mad we haven't tried this truck before! The food is amazing and the service was 10/10. The woman who took my order was very kind. I tried a bite of the taco and I am for sure getting that next time, it's hands down the best I've had here in Los Angeles. I 100% recommend! (:

SidekickChuck S.

Passed by this truck numerous times but finally stopped a few months ago. As another reviewer mentioned, there aren't many authentic taco joints in this area. But this truck is great! Generous portions and a great price. Have I had better? Yes. But are they local and cheap? No. I'm happy to come here once a week for their great birria taco's and consume which is a must! Staff is always friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended!

Jeremiah S.

Stopped through on the drive home to Sacramento. Delicious Birria and I honestly haven't had anything so delicious before! Do yourself a favor and stop by this amazing food truck!

Dave T.

Friend of mine suggested trying the ramen and it's fantastic!!! Got 4 for the whole family to try and they all enjoyed it. Will be going back to try other items on the menu!!

Edo K.

Man Tujunga has a lot of mid and horrible Mexican food places but this place is the outlier. Everything here tastes amazing. Not only that but the amount of food you get for the price is unbeatable. The Berrieria quesadilla, burritos and even the normal none berrieria tacos are fire. Last but not least great customer service.

Becca T.

All their meat is amazing. Flavors on point. Generous portions. Frequent customer. Thanks for the good eats!

Oscar Perez

(Translated by Google) The bus(Original)Bussin

andrew garvin

Good food, put together well. Hope they don't move. I'll be back to try Birria which smelled amazing..

Randy Alfonso

Omg when everything hurts and you need something to fix your heart, birrieria las gemelas is the spot. Great birria, the consome save my life. #nomorecruda #asuntoresuelto

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