In-N-Out Burger

6225 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga
(800) 786-1000

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Scott Wilson

As usual In n' Out serves great food. No matter what location you go to you'll get the same experience. Good food at great prices.As always the burgers are perfectly done with locally sourced fresh produce and meats that's never frozen.Don't forget to research the secret menu so you can customize your experience. There are so many off menu options that you can try.But let's be clear... Their fries always leave something to be desired. Even when you ask for well done they still may not be crispy enough and that is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

Evelyn Harris

Always fresh and served in a box for in.the car eating. French fries were hot and delicious. I get a grilled cheese

Mike A.

Absolutely horrible wait times, no fast food place should have a wait time just to order of 30 minutes, then another 20 minutes to get your food. That is unacceptable

Niraa S.

George, the server in the south window, has a solid 45 seconds of stand-up. A little corny, but laugh-out-loud funny. Thanks for the tip on the diet water, George. It was delicious and low-cal! Love, your friends in the black Tesla

Stephanie H.

This was the worst experience I have ever had at an In-n-Out and I always love these restaurants. There was hardly a wait of people outside for their orders and about 10-15 cars in line. It took 30 minutes, THIRTY MINUTES! to get my order for my family. Then no napkins, no fork or plastic ware, refills for drinks were not easy to get either. It's really unfortunate the management trains their employees not to be complete when filling orders. Or so lackadaisical not to remember the patrons who are waiting in the heat while lines of vehicles pass through the cashier windows and are catered to more than the homeless man who waited out with us for his food. Very sad In-n-Out. I expect more from you.

Chanel V.

Who doesn't love In & Out? Who doesn't care about waiting in line for one of the best damn hamburgers in town? ‍ The last few weeks I've gone and each time they've screwed up my order. Not once, but 3 times on the SAME ORDER. Of course I always go back, who wouldn't? Has anyone else experienced this lately?

Robert Marcotte

When you go to any In-N-Out location, you will get the same perfect experience, great food and excellent service with a smile. This Corporation has perfected duplication of an identical dining experience, from one location to all locations! When it comes to the price you will not find a less expensive menu, at any hamburger franchise period.Always busy, with hustling fast hard working employees, who make this a true Southern California Landmark of Great Hamburger Franchises, which has continued on with success at this location.The Foothill store is as busy, and excellent in all aspects, as any In-N-OUT Burger location. Can't beat their old fashioned style of great hamburgers, fries, shakes, as if it were the days of sock hop soda pop.The location of this restaurant is one block North, North-East of the 210 Foothill Freeway, making this the ideal location for pulling off to the freeway for a fast bite.There's always a line, but it's worth the wait, and the wait is minimal for as many customers as constantly patronize this location.The Cheeseburger's and Fries are by far the very best of any of the competition. For the cost of 1 Double-Double, 1 Triple-Triple, 1 french fry, with 2 Cokes, for less than $20, no one can compare to In-N-Out, for outstanding Americana fast food at an unbelievably low prices!In-N-Out defies the cliche: "you get what you pay for," because here "you get the best for far less"!

Marcus Gaskins

I haven’t had in and out in many years and it’s about like I remember! Good basic burgers. I get the secret menu animal style to try something different and I am glad I did! Ask for napkins because it’s a bit messy but worth it! Fries were fresh too! The shake wasn’t well mixed and I feel like they put too much strawberry syrup but it didn’t ruin the meal or anything! I would go back if the line wasn’t always 20-30 min wait times. But that’s standard for most of them.

Dana Altenwerth

I've been here more often than I can count on two hands and the food is always great! Some complain about the prices but the portions are light enough for two meals or two people. My favorite is the corned beef and matzo ball soup. I have yet to find better corned beef or matzo ball soup anywhere! If you can leave room for dessert. The chocolate cake and eclairs are amazing! The service is also great. Sometimes you have to wait to be seated, but it's worth the wait!

Daniella W.

This is one of the best In-N-Out Burgers in LA. They're always so fast and their staff is kind.

Steven S.

They can't get the fries right at this location. By the time I get home they are rock hard. Even when they are fresh, something is off. Maybe soak them in water first to remove the starch . The burgers are average. And you don't get napkins unless you ask for them.

alberto cardenas

I'm not the one to give a bad review on in n out because literally all the ones in the valley are great and perfect to me. But this one is always getting things wrong to the smallest detail like giving an order in a box rather than a bag as requested. Literally everytime I go here every one working is not paying attention to what they are doing and get our order wrong wether it's missing an item or not getting an item or getting the wrong item. And I have a great attention to detail. I don't blame the cashier or the cooks or the prep. I blame the leadership.many of the people working here are young adults and like I said I don't blame them. They just need DIRECTION. SOMETHING I notice everytime I go here. In n out if you are looking for someone to give this, reach out to me. I have a great job but I know I can make this a great in n out. Thanks

Michael Park

It's In-N-Out. Like the namesake, get in, place an order, and get out. Although no indoor dining, there's nice shaded benches. If you're coming during lunch, dinner, or anytime in between, expect there to be a line and a wait. Always fresh, always worth it.

Mane S.

Delicious and fresh!!! If you don't believe me go and see the line that wraps around the street. The service is amazing too.

Ivon Martinez

One of my favorite burger ? fast food to go to! They are always busy but totally worth it. I always get the combo 2 with cheese ? ? ?!

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