In-N-Out Burger

6225 Foothill Blvd, Los Angeles
(800) 786-1000

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Ethan Coco

Aside from the wait that typically comes with any trip to In-N-Out, ever... Food and service is 10/10. Just bring a book to read and be considerate to others. Plain and Simple.Food: 5/5

Jorge Beltran

I live on the corner behind this location. It smells like heavenly burgers everytime I open the window. What did I do in life to deserve this blessing? I don't know, but I like it very much.Food: 5/5

Ms. Brock

Food was great, service was extremely slow, especially being I was car 3 of 5 in entire drive thru. They left me hanging 15 minutes I kid you not for 2 animal style fries.. Bummer, won't be back!!!!Food: 5/5

Liza Jane J.

This is my favorite in-n-out in LA. Ok, so the majority of LA natives will tell a visitor that they need to visit in-n-out. That isn't anything new or groundbreaking. This in-n-out in particular does everything the way I like it. Tomato Wrapped Double single Chopped Chilies +Whole Grill Onion Animal style (sometimes - if I am feeling saucy) Their fries well here are perfection. If it's a day I am feeling like I deserve carbs I go for the fries well done and ask for spread, so D*MN delicious. The wait is long for a reason but the line moves fast. Consistent, fresh, great service - in-n-out you're the one for me.

Kellie Gray-Escobar

Went at the right time, line was short and moving. Food was hot and fresh and delicious. Something when there really busy there burgers are good but the fries suck . But when you hit that sweet spot. Dam there food is delicious ?.

Kathryn L. Hannah-Garren

My ole’ late night eatery place! ?


Very Very bad service. Almost 40 min to get my order... The guy who served walk in was too bad, I don't like his behaviour neither his supervisors.The supervisor doesn't care for my complaint. Yes he listened to me but got away without taking any actionFood: 5/5

Victor A.

Who doesn't love a good double-double or an extra large pink lemonade for breakfast? Or brunch. Or lunch. Or dinner. Yes, there can be a line around the block depending on the time of day. But this is In-N-Out. It's just that damn good. P.S. Revelation 3:20 "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me."

Jacqueline Wan

I forgot to take pictures as I was having hamburgers in the car. I just love the fries. Freshly made right from the kitchen . The hamburgers were great but I still like my cheeseburgers.

Carolina H.

My mom and I might be the only ones who think this but this in n out doesn't taste the same as it used to. It's been a couple of months where every time I eat here it's been tasting different and I've been coming to this in n out for years. It grosses me out now which makes me sad because this in n out was my go to.

Leon Brown

They Were A little Slow on the 13th of August. I don't know if they tend to be this Slow ALL the time, due to the fact that I don't frequent this location, but I was on my Way to the Regal theater in La Cañada,(it was My Birthday),so I did take note of this on this Day. The Order was what it Should've Been, but the Serve was a bit amateurish.Just being honest.

Librado A.

Gotta write a review to offset all the stupid people complaining about the wait and other nonsense. You know what youre getting into, when you see the cars lined down the street. You can see how small and cramped the kitchen is, but they manage to churn through 2 drivethrough lines and walk-in customers. I read the sign on the window stating it's an LA County ordinance to only provide napkins, straws, and cutlery upon request. Big deal, less supplies wasted. *Shocker* they'll still provide them if you ask. Just ordered a meal from this location. They open at 1030, and there was already a line reaching Lowell. Kudos to the staff for handling this kind of traffic daily. Get over yourselves.

George T.

It's rare to find people in fast food who actually like their job but it seems like everyone at this in and out is always in a great mood. Today in particular, Sydney was the sweetest drive-through employee ever! She offered everything that I needed with a huge smile on her face! If only more people were like Sydney!

Scott Wilson

As usual In n' Out serves great food. No matter what location you go to you'll get the same experience. Good food at great prices.As always the burgers are perfectly done with locally sourced fresh produce and meats that's never frozen.Don't forget to research the secret menu so you can customize your experience. There are so many off menu options that you can try.But let's be clear... Their fries always leave something to be desired. Even when you ask for well done they still may not be crispy enough and that is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

Evelyn Harris

Always fresh and served in a box for in.the car eating. French fries were hot and delicious. I get a grilled cheese

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