6231 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga
(818) 405-1028

Recent Reviews

gayane karayan

The food is delicious. The girls who work here are friendly and efficient.Food: 5/5

Tiffany Kaelin

This food is so bomb. You have to try the asada tortas! 10/10 also the service and staff are so friendly. Highly recommend.

Nelly K.

Their birria tacos are AMAZING! Horchata is delicious, honestly in love with everything from here

Sonia O.

I came on vacation to California. and at the airport the driver of my rental car recommended me lichix and the food is delicious, they treated me very well 100/100 the quesi ya is is so delicious and margarita too

esme hdeza

Food is good no auténtico . Had the cucumber water completely disgusting could have went a life time without that bitter disgusting taste in my mouth

Elizabeth C.

Nothing to write home about . I could make better home style Mexicn food and for a fraction of the cost. I was shocked the bill was so high for what I got. I understand costs are high but I'd rather go somewhere else for what I got.

Gordon O.

Friendly service and excellent cleanliness coupled with delicious soft tacos and tasty burritos. Lichis deserves its success.

Lio D.

Definitely coming back again. "Chorizo Hash" presentation was great. The bright red chili Slaps! And everything was cooked well and not over done . Hard to find authentic Mexican food like this now a days .

R J Enoel

Clean and friendly. Asada tacos ok . Rice average, beans a little gritty. Side portions are minimal. Pricey for what you get, like everywhere. I'd rather spend it a mom and pop establishment thoigh if I have a choice.

Matthew J.

Delicious!!!!!! Very friendly staff and the food was terrific. Can't wait to go back and try other menu items or happy hour

Trick -or-treating

Well, I can tell the truth. I do not recommend it very much, of course, the service is exceptionally kind. But the food is not what I expected, it's bland. no consistency. Lacking the true Mexican flavor, even what I or others call a torta de milanesa is prepared on the griddle. and mainly they add some ingredients and it is lamprey in powdered bread and here apart from that the meat is tasteless. Apart from that it is raw. I say maybe the people who do not know the true Mexican seasoning. They find it pleasant and delicious but honestly I prefer to eat Crazy Chicken. jack in the box panda express but not like here I only did it once and I never eat again. and of course I'm Mexican andI am fascinated by Mexican food made at home, nopalitos in green sauce with pork ribs, a hot soup etc etc etc but here they do not know the authentic Mexican flavor.

Krist K.

The quesitaco and ceviche is bomb ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Mark K.

Stacy L, I don't consider bone pieces, cartilage, and fat worthy of the $15 you charged me. I get the same burrito elsewhere with better ingredients for half the price without the fat, cartilage, and pieces of bone. You obviously are passing the spike in prices to your customers and $15 for a burrito is ridiculous. BTW the online menu clearly shows $14 for a burrito, not the $13.70+tax you say in your response, and furthermore to your response "we do believe it is a fair price to pay for a burrito filled with freshly made ingredients which are uncommon to find these days" every place I have bought burritos from in my 55 years on this earth use fresh ingredients and it is common. If this is one of the most popular items on your menu then good luck in the future, you'll need it, I have lived in this area for over 30 years and have seen more restaurants fail than succeed up here, Cheers.

Oscar R.

Dope Mexican spot. Place is super clean and has great flavor son the food being simple while tasty.

Jeero Habeshian

My son told me about this eatery a few years ago and we often ordered when we were in the Pandemic Lockdown. The food is always good, fresh, and the staff is friendly. I enjoy both their tacos and their plates. Stop by soon and enjoy!

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