6240 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga
(818) 248-2745

Recent Reviews

Elena “Elaboranth” Romero

I've always had good experiences at Starbucks. The employees have always been friendly and kind to me. Items are somewhat pricey but not bad.

Barbara Novinger

Drive through. Used my app to pay and we loved our drinks! Nice friendly guy at the window and fast service!Food: 5/5

Heidi Frank

My first pumping spiced frappuccino of this year.. delicious.

Carmela Greco

What's not to like about Starbucks. They have the best coffees, lattes etc and very refreshing cold drinks. The food is excellent too. Not to mention their wonderful selection of sweets to enjoy with your coffee. Stop in today and enjoy!!

Stacey Vines

Not a personal fan but my daughter loves this place for her 'pink' drink ?

I'm Spy

I went on my work lunch break for coffee. I was the only customer at that hour. As a result, the barista's guy made my coffee and warmed up the sandwich for 20 minutes, I was late for work and the sandwich turned out to be cold, because, as it turned out, he did not put it in the stove. It was a sad experience, a waste of time, a loss of money, and a bad coffee with a cold sandwich.

Michelle Tavizon

Some do not speak English understand english

Len Zielenski

Same as all Starsucks. They can't make a decent cup of coffee. Everything tastes like burnt toast scraping. 7-11 makes better coffee and at a fraction of the price. Don't be a sheeple, do your own comparison, then, if you are honest, you will never be back.

Maribel Kuklish

Super fast anf the made.the best black iced tea lemonade

Gina Griem

The young girl who was working the window was so friendly and sweet.And my Vanilla chai was delicious.

Milton Narvaez

Always great service

Remer J

Typical SB.

Dale Standel

Good drinks, nice staff

Rayne M.

The fat hippo working at this location would NOT give me a refund for cups that i didn't use. She gave me the dirtiest look when I asked for a refund and started talking to her co worker, looking at me. During my purchase 2 weeks ago, they never mentioned anything about not be able to return. Don't come to this location, you can honestly go to a better one with respectable workers.

Lyz Reblin

Not the best roasts, but works in a pinch.

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