Burger King

1610 W Main St, Turlock
(209) 668-3177

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They was quick I stop to get ice and a cheese burger in ànd out quick.

David Paternoster

Fast service orders are always correct and $2 bags of last long

Barbara Lira

They are inconsistent. They forget there prices and deals and over charge you. If you order more than two items they slack off. I've ordered 4 whoppers and they either burn the meat or don't put all the ingredients. Or it's inconsistent bit enough of something, they don't tell you when they run out of something. Another time i called and called and no one would answer. So i showed up and called because I couldn't use the drive through and i watched them ignore my call. When I knocked on the door they also dismissed me. And the door said phone orders which i had placed myself in the past.


A horrible experience indeed!! I arrived to a long line of cars at their drive-thru, which is understandable on the weekend. Arrived here at 10p. Once I arrived to order, the employee tells me that they have no meat available for any kind of burger. He mentioned the broiler not being available or not working. He seemed confused on that. They did not provide any signage about their missing products prior to arriving or on their menu prior to ordering. There were no apologizes made. We ended up leaving the drive-thru after 11p!! How ridiculous!! Of course you can't just bounce off the line to leave the drive-thru line so I was forced to stay in line for over an hour & left with no food!! This isn't the only time this has happened.

Ana Teixeira

How hard is it for you guys to do your job? I worked 16 years for a fast food restaurant and I always payed close attention to the orders, you guys gave me the wrong burgers and worst of all put pickles on it when my husband said no pickles, IM ALLERGIC TO PICKLES, it’s not that hard to pay attention, and now no one answer the phone I have been calling for hours, this place keeps messing up all the orders and do not pay attention to the food allergies customers may have :(

April Juip (Harley Quinn)

DONT GO TO THIS BURGER KING.....Really rude and left our food on the back counter for 10 min befor serving it to us...

Tracey Vidito

Sign at door states dining room open at 6am. Nobody was inside restaurant. Dining room was not open. Drive thru was not open. Knocked on door, no answer. One black SUV parked in front of doors but was empty too. About 6 other vehicles in parking lot wanting food also.

Angelina L.

Nothing tastes fresh, reviews are 100% on point that the food quality, level of service, providing sauce or napkins even when asking. Fries or fried items taste sickening.

Marcus G.

By far the worst Burger King I have ever been to. I wish I could give less than 1 star.

Alex A.

Poor service, they told me to wait outside in the parking lot but it took 15 minutes , I go in and they tell me that they forgot about my order and proceeded to take another 25 mins just to make it, once I get my food I find multiple eyelashes in my chicken sandwich, wouldn't recommend coming here after poor service

David Lowe

For a fast food restaurant this burger King is never that busy

Sarah Ecleo

The line took forever in the drive thru. A lot of the food was not in stock. When we got to the window, they stood inside talking to each other instead of getting the money and giving us our food.

KC Cully

Went to get a whopper & they were out! At a little after 12pm.

Jadine Merritt

They sell ice by the bag! And Cheesy Tots are back! 10 nugs is still $1.49 and Oreo Shakes are still bomb

Saul G.

Soooo this will be my 7th time trying to get a Spicy Chicken sandwich and every day that I've tried they never have them! Why have the ad all over the store if you don't ever serve them !?!?!?

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