Chipotle Mexican Grill

3090 Countryside Dr, Turlock
(209) 656-7647

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Lauryn P.

This was my second or third time at a chipotle. This location the workers were rude. I waited in a long to get the the front of the line and when I did the worker served someone behind me. After I let all that go and go home to eat me food it tasted like they just took every single thing out of the fridge. Everything about my food was cold. Just horrible.

Teresa G.

I wish I could give this location zero stars. No chicken, no steak, no fajita veggies, no queso........and the counters were just FILTHY. I won't be back. There are too many small locally owned restaurants with better food. Won't be back.

Kevin Reyes

I almost wanted to baby wipe the green stuff off and put a diaper on it

C Q.

Thank you Chipotle. Thank you for putting out cold food again. Thank you for advertising brisket when the brisket tastes nothing more like dried cubed jerky. Thank you for taking my money and in return provide me with subpar food. Why do I even subject myself to this torture? All because my wife wanted this. I think it's time for a divorce.

Al H.

The person serving had a very light hand had to ask for extra rice and beans which she barely gave me more. There was probably only a tablespoon and 1/2 of meat and the beans were dry and flavor less.. The chips were extremely salty.

Cadie C.

I love to get chipotle when I need to eat something quickly (I'm not the biggest fan of fast food like Carl's Jr. or something like that) I did the online order and pickup. Food was somewhat good but it looked like they just threw a some food on and put it in the bag. My salsas came open and leaked over the food. Did not look like they took any time or they just didn't care.

Brittany H.

Customer service made things right and was very quick to respond. Accountability and my new order was perfectly fine!

Shelby L.

this chipotle is probably the slowest one i've ever been to. any other locations i go to it's always quick and easy. i feel like here theyre either out of something or taking forever. the line could have three people and i'll still have to wait over 20 minutes. i understand being low staffed and everything but the speed should be picked up. their success rate with me personally is really low. i've never had a decent experience here


Went to the Turlock location a couple of days ago and tried their new Smoked Brisket. Ordered a burrito and combined the smoked brisket with steak. When I say I walked a couple of steps in the golden fields of deliciousness I am not joking. Perfect combination right there. The ladies, both making the food and cashing me out, were beyond friendly. I was greeted with a smile even though they were wearing masks I could still see those smiles. Highly recommend this location to anyone looking for a warm, friendly place to grab a quick bite at.

Lorena E.

I love Chipotle and I used to love this one as well, but recently maybe about the past 5 times I've gone I've been disappointed. I keep trying to give this location another chance but I think this is the last. For some reason the past few times I have gone, the guac texture seems off and it's almost a bit watery and mushy? as if it had previously been frozen, on top of already being brown in in the container where they have they keep it. It always has large chunks of the ingredients in it (avocado, onion, pepper, etc.) and it just seems like they aren't chopping/mashing them small enough. They also leave pieces of ingredients that aren't edible sometimes (tiny pieces of the pit). On top of that I have to ask more than once for extra rice because I am served the smallest amount that seems about a half serving when comparing to any other location and when I ask it always feels like I'm asking for too much because they add in the tiniest bit more, as though there was already plenty on my plate. This is also the third time the rice has been undercooked and is dry and hard/grainy here. Lastly, I'm always served a small amount of protein, which always seems less than a serving, in comparison to other ones I've been to and when Ive asked for a little bit more they said it would be extra (even though I'm literally only asking for a tiny bit more because they underserve the proteins/meats sometimes). I apologize for the lengthiness as I'm sure this seems excessive, I just never leave reviews but for some reason i keep having issues with this specific location and it's so disappointing to the point where I felt inclined to.

Norma Bustamante-Kizer

This evening we decided in Chipotle at Countryside in Turlock.

Joseph S.

Placed an order for pickup and got home and both of my bowls were missing the rice which was pretty disappointing. Called the store and they said they'd be happy to remake them, came the day after and they gladly remade them. Thank you Chipotle Turlock for making it right. I will be back.

Kayla S.

They gave us a cutie/mandarin in our kids meal that was MOLDED on the inside. Thank goodness I check my daughters food before she eats. We will NOT be returning.

Glenda Valladares

Lately they don’t have ingredients available like the vegetables. Or the salad dressing but still sell the salad?

Victoria Willis

We drove from Santa Nella to Turlock just for Chipotle. When we arrived the boy at the counter said it was a 20 min wait on steak and that other people where waiting for steak too. Which is fine I'm thinking ok great our food will be extra fresh. So as we are standing there I'm asking do we not place our order's until its ready he said yeah. I said okay and we sat down. Then he proceeded to tell the young lady cooking that if people have a problem with it then he is not forcing us to stay and order from them. Now I gave him no problem or attitude I just asked should we not place our order's. When we go the food the damn steak wasn't even cooked all the way. He needs to better traning on how to act.

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