Christina's Coffee House

219 W Canal Dr, Turlock
(209) 656-9002

Recent Reviews

Ena Jantz

I really enjoy getting drinks and food from here, I l’d rather go here than anywhere else. They make the best blended drink (: fresh bakery goods and yummy food. Thank You Christina’s Coffee House!! ??

Malinda R.

Super friendly engaging staff. Good coffee and fresh delicious pastries. Cash tips accepted, not on a card. I was glad we had money on us. Definitely will return next road trip.

Griselda R.

Everyone should come try there new lavender shortcake drink Alison's cafe is so good there drinks and food are so original , creative and flavorful. Once you try you will be addicted like me. The lavender shortcake drink is one of the best drinks I've ever tried. We also tried peach green tea mega tea which was also very good and a strawberry lemonade. They also have great customer service they are very sweet people

Jenny X.

All I have to say is, this is one of the best coffees I've had in awhile. Note: They can get pretty busy, so try to order ahead if you can.

Shaun G.

I was skeptical of this coffee bar. Firstly, I just want to praise the staff and management for having an upbeat attitude and being helpful with service. With that said- there was lols in timeliness. We went at around 9am to meet with a friend yet it wasn't particularly busy on a Friday. My biggest complaint was the tasteless and filterless coffee ordered. It wasn't fancy- a simple ice coffee with the houses pick of sweetener. It wasn't just myself that thought the coffee had an odd taste. I decided to get some water, too. The manager was helpful and informed me that the tap water was unfiltered yet I got some. The major problem was that it was made next to the mop bucket on the counter.. red flag for me. This place lacks its own uniqueness and personal touch and the decoration seem juxtaposition, too. It has such great potential yet it selling point is off. I hope that this post reaches the staff and owner. I'm personally lost how folks seem to give this place anything above a 2 with star reviews.

Steven C.

Fantastic!!!!!! My daughter loved the carnival! Really enjoyed the Reese's drink myself!

Nathan A.

Super delicious. We went through the drive through and the wait was pretty long. But totally worth the wait. This was the first time ever being here and I will definitely be coming back when I am in town. I ordered the keto caramel swirl and my friend order the keto Reese's drink. Very good.

Colleen M.

I have come multiple times and the service and the product are out of this world. The flavor they have a drinks is astronomical. I will never go back to Starbucks or Dutch brothers there is no comparison. Each drink is a work of art and served with the best service and smile when you can imagine. I hope this town nearby areas continue to embrace this fabulous addition.

Damonia Miller

Alison's is the BEST Cafe there is! Amazing food and drinks in a beautiful atmosphere.

Karen V.

I wouldn't really call this place a coffee shop, it just lacks the coffee shop feel and vibe. The drinks here are all just WAY TOO sweet and not enough caffeine or coffee taste. I love the occasional sweet drink because I have a sweet tooth but still this was way too much for me. The drink I got wasn't tasty at all. It barely had any coffee taste and too much sugar in it and it seemed like it was made sloppily made. I could barely drink half of it before giving up on my drink. I think their menu is so expansive that the workers are overwhelmed and just do a half assed job of making drinks. Also this place charges for water?? I've never been to any cafe or coffee shop where they charge the customer for a cup of water. You would think after paying $6 bucks for a drink the customer could get a free cup of water but not here. I understand it's only 50 cents but it's about the principle of customer service/relation. Also, if you're gonna charge for water at least give the customer filtered water and not tap water. Overall, customer service was okay (5/10), drinks were blah (3/10), and the seating area inside and outside was beautiful (6/10). If you don't care for a traditional coffee shop atmosphere and like sweet drinks this is the place for you. Be prepared and bring a water bottle or be ready to enjoy a cup of overpriced tap water.

Maite P.

Just stopped here for coffee on a road trip and was pleasantly surprised to find keto friendly coffees on their menu! SO GOOD! Staff was very nice too! Thanks Alison's Café for my wonderful coffee and visit.

Ranbir S.

Found this gem when getting gas from the Chevron right across, looked it up on Yelp and just had to give this place a try! The staff was super nice and helped me on choosing a drink since it was my first time here. I got the Kona mocha with a shot of espresso and my brother got the Oreo and Reese's blended (both large size since there's only a .50 cent difference. These drinks are so perfect for a hot day. Refreshing and super creamy! If you're in Turlock, you have to come and try this place!

Angelina G.

Large matcha latte for 6.50 and I couldn't even drink it. Sickly sweet. I drink matcha all the time and this was not it, I even lowered the sweetness to 1 pump of vanilla instead of the whopping 6 that they usually put. Really disappointed because I wanted to like it so bad too.

Felicia G.

Have been coming here ever since I found this little gem! Coffee is always very well balanced not too strong not too watery huge plus for me because most places make their coffee too watery! They have an awesome selection aside from coffee as well. Staff is always so kind and the owner is amazing, I love seeing owners be apart of their business! Hard working ladies here that know how to make coffee & treats!

Veronica K.

I am local and heard so many good things. Went in and two drinks cost $20!!! They didnt ask for sizing and put the wrong flavors into my drink so sad

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