El Pollo Loco

2900 Countryside Dr Parcel 14, Turlock
(209) 632-3163

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Ashton Fortuna

The lady cleaning also made my food and drink apparently, my drink tasted like bleach so I just tossed it. Afterwards I noticed bleach stains on my shirts from where I wiped off the precipitation on the cup... I called and all they could say is sorry, and they'll let her know to change her gloves......Then went home to find out they gave me yesterday's tortillas as they are as hard as a rock! Come on man.... How do you mess up on steamed tortillas? So unless you need your throat sanitized and need some Passover tortillas I would recommend a pass at this place.

George Nazar

Their new post covid menu and having the dining room open makes this the best deal from Mexican Chicken in town!

Logan Chops Reviews

Good food, and fast service, but make sure to double check your order. Got a 2 piece meal, and had them replace the wing for another breast, and get home only to find that they didn't do it, and gave me a wing.

Pedro Acosta

the chicken most times is dry and taste old the sides forget about it no flavor. I eat there for the calories because I work outside all day choices are limited by the time I get home,best meal is always a home cooked meal.

Jessica Makanjuola

We absolutely love this Pollo Loco location. Always great when we want to have a good dinner and not just a fast burger even in a time crunch. Today we just stopped in for a quick churro since we were in the are. There reward points are the best. I’m always reviving 5$ off just for scanning every time we purchase. Will forsure always make our way back. The employees are fantastic too always friendly and give us loads of salsa for our meal!

Jessica U.

We absolutely love this location and have visited many times. Today's stop was just for some churros. Normally in the Bay Area we have a churro guy but since we haven't found one here in The Valley, Pollo Loco to the rescue! There chicken always taste great. My husband loves the pollo bowls with Cilantro Crema. The staff is always super friendly and their service is fast and efficient. Will definitely be coming back.

Juan O

5 star for a fast food joint. This is the only place that cooks REAL chicken. Food is great, service is typically good. Anything you get here is pretty good, great place to grab some food.

Courtney Hutchens

This was my first time eating at this establishment and the food was well prepared for my liking. I enjoyed the chicken tacos with some salsa and avocado and a squeeze of lemon juice paired with rice and beans on the side.I appreciate the dinning area being exceptionally clean. I would have loved to have seen more smiling faces from staff and crew members; that always feels more welcoming as a guest.

Stacie Marquez-Oseguera

Clean great food and the staff do an excellent job. While I was there I had the displeasure of seeing a Karen yelling at the young gentleman from te drive thru she was a walk in costumer but kept telling this young man that he refused to give her the Receipt for her order he very politely told her he was working the drive thru but she just yelled he never once lost his cool. I thanked him for being kind to this crazy Karen

Stephanie Villa

Not friendly at all just hurry up and buy feel you get from the workers.....

Catherine King (Cat)

It's good not the best they don't do refunds though

Maria Brasil

Their chicken is so delicious. Not expensive. Love their mango/passion fruit ice tea.

Na N.

This place is rip off! I've ordered a chipotle chicken avocado burrito and got no avocado! This has happened before! There answer is, we put a spread on the tortilla! The only green I had in it was a little lettuce! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

Adrian Areyan

Esta muy sucio nadie limpia las mezas

Makynlie Costa

Great job guys great food and clean bathrooms super friendly will be back again

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