Fuji Sushi

2022 W Monte Vista Ave, Turlock
(209) 250-2132

Recent Reviews

Joshua Burall

Wonderful restaurant. Great service, and great food. The best in Turlock.

Jessica Makanjuola

Honestly not my favorite sushi that I’ve had. The sushi was very basic and there wasn’t much variety. The staff was great very friendly and they made sure to ask if we we needed anything. We tried 6 different rolls and they were okay. The goyosa and miso soup were our favorite of the night. I really expected more of this location based on reviews but was sadly disappointed.We hadMiso soupFuji rollLion kingRed dragonDynamiteVolcanoT&tGoyosaCalamari

Quinn E.

I've been a customer at Fuji Sushi all of my life. Over the past few years, Fuji Sushi has only gotten BETTER! I have always been a fan of their soups and noodle dishes, but their sushi lately has been phenomenal. The freshest, tastiest raw fish and most flavorful and satisfying soups ever.

Chris Bernard

Food was good. Service a little slow, but they were busy so to be expected. Would try again.

Hi Pattie

We fed 6 adults and spent $120 before the tip. It was a huge amount of exceptionally great food and I can’t believe it was only $120. It was ready within 30 minutes. We have enough left over to feed at least 4 more!

Raven Blakemore

Great staffSushi quality was sub parStill kind of frozen sashimi

Mary Toews

Always great food and service!

Ryan W.

This review has nothing to do with their food. Everything I've heard is positive in regards to their food so I hope your experience is better. My girlfriend suggested it because its her favorite sushi place in town. Once inside we waited for a few minutes without any of the employees acknowledging us. Shortly after a women walked in and was immediately greeted and taken care of before us for a to go order. A man walked in right behind her and essentially jumped the line again and was greeted and taken care of for a to go order. We continued to wait and as the cashier finished the transaction with the gentlemen she looked up and made eye contact with me and proceeded to walk away without any sort of acknowledgement of my presence. I left and will never return. I personally disagree with writing negative reviews in an attempt to tarnish an establishments reputation, but as someone who has worked in customer service and sales for well over a decade its something I find absolutely unacceptable. They were not busy, there was only 1 table occupied by a small party that seemed to be at or near the end of their meal. It takes 3 seconds to say "Hello, I will be with you in a moment". That line alone, even after being ignored and skipped in line twice, would have kept me inside the building. The lack of acknowledgement was what drove me away and again I will not return. I hope this was just MY bad experience and not a reflection of the establishments quality of food or general service practices, but first impressions are lasting impressions and my first impression was a complete lack of recognition.

Laura G.

Great sushi spot. Friendly staff. My kiddos and I love it here! Their volcano roll is so good. Kids go for the bento boxes! Good specials too!

Stacie Vannest

Great food. Love the caterpillar roll.

Mark P.

I ordered a bunch of rolls which were great, no complaints, ordered a charashi was fabulous. The only thing that was horrible was the beef teriyaki, I mean super tough meat, I couldn't chew it, really bad taste as well. Stay away from the teriyaki. Trust me

Toakase Sumait

Just moved over here and on the hunt for good sushi. I feel bad because my standards are really high from my old favorite spot, but I have to be honest. The salad dressing is not the regular sesame dressing, it was not good. We ordered lion king rolls: good but not the same. Also ordered salmon bento boxes: dry salmon, dry rice, but the gyoza was good! Food was just...decent. Maybe I'll have to try something else on the menu.

Joey Valdivia

My favorite sushi place. Has all the sushi ? you need.

Mac Henni

One of the best sushi places in town, recommended: Lion King

Richard A.

Very good sushi spot. Food is good but prices are a little steep. Very good spot to have dinner when you can eat inside. Take out is very good with the timing they give you.

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