Green Grub

553 N Golden State Blvd, Turlock
(209) 667-4131

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Catrina Johnson

Food is good, but their service is lacking, every time I go.

Jenni Caruso

I'll start with the good- Food was absolutely delicious and fresh. We ordered the Chicken Cub sandwich, chicken tortilla soup, salads, and a kid's grilled cheese with fruit. Place was clean, but smaller than last location. My only complaint was that the person who takes orders in front didn't seem very friendly, and looked overwhelmed. Overall we really enjoyed our meals. We are from out of town, but will be stopping by in the future when in the area.

Gabi C.

you know how sometimes you look at pictures of sandwiches on menus & they look all stacked & colorful & great? & then when you actually order it, it looks like it got ran over? yeah that doesn't happen here. at least not in my experience. look, I have proof. hella good sammiches & the pesto pasta lifts me out of my depressive states.

Tour Guide

My first experience was so so. The black bean burger was served on sliced white bread.? And it was small for the price, a very petite burger patty. Tasted fine and their Chipotle aioli is outstanding. Caesar salad was good, but completely covered in croutons so you may want to keep that in mind if you don't want an actual cup full of croutons on top of your salad. :-)

Joseph G.

I don't understand how Green Grub stays in business. I've been there a few times, and I really liked it! Here's the problem. There has been ATLEAST 5 times I have came here during posted business hours and they are closed. And this wasn't just recently during this labor shortage, this is over YEARS. I feel like this sort of business model is rude and unprofessional. All I can figure is this place is a second job or per project, because there's no way this would be sustainable otherwise. Disappointing, could be a good spot.

Jackie A.

Vegetarians/Vegans/Plant-based eaters BE AWARE. I originally was going to order the tuna sandwich that is advertised on the menu with a "V" indicating vegetarian and today was also advertised on their "meatless Friday" chalkboard menu. After going back & forth with the cashier and cook about the tuna actually being plant based- It turns out the tuna is real tuna being misadvertised. They were so SO UNAWARE- Not a great look for a cafe who's branding is focused being "green" and "healthy" I really HOPE this hasn't affected anyone who does not eat meat. Ask questions when something feels off people. This place is green washed & has tons of room for improvement. When I left 20 minutes later- The chalkboard sign had not been fixed and the tuna sandwich was STILL being advertised as meatless. Such a simple fix but there seems to be a lack of care & a definite lack of knowledge. Giving 2 stars because the vegan spring rolls were great & actually plant-based. Although I couldn't trust any other menu item as much as I wanted to try the "vegetarian" pozole.

Cristina C.

Very very disappointed...I just realized this place is down the street from my house (literally 1 min if that). Anyway, I called to place an order 10 min before they closed and they told me they were closed already. As a previous server, our closing time was 3 pm...if someone walked in 2 min before we closed, I would let them in and treat them exactly as I would to my morning guests (and they would still have to sit and eat). Just saying!!

Stephanie M.

This place is great. I love places with lots of healthy options that also taste amazing!

Bryon B.

Was in the area for work, decided to give Green Grub a try. Ordered ahead for takeout. When i arrived, my items were ready to go. Got juice and sandwich. Both were excellent. Will definately be back. My only suggestion would be to have pictures of the food/drinks/salads on their website/online ordering and estimated calorie counts.

Lisa L.

Had the chicken pecan salad, clam chowder and the special today-vegan spring roll, all 3 were absolutely delicious!!! Liked the food at the old location but loved loved the food today at the new place!

Lessslllyyy G

Went to eat there by myself for lunch break and everyone there was so nice and there food was really good !!

Alice J.

So Glad their open back up again ! Got the soup with sausage and it's AMAZING ! I also ordered the Pesto sandwich sooo delicious !! Staff is amazing and restaurant is clean and welcoming . If you haven't tried this place hurry up cause your missing out !

Frances V.

Green grub is back! I was craving some pesto pasta something fierce while they were closed and I couldn't find anything that compares! Today was their first day open with their full menu. Hours are limited as of now, until they get more staff in their new location. I was stuck at work, but sent my husband over to get me a large pesto pasta! So delicious and immediately hit the spot. Can't wait to go back for a yummy sandwich and see what specials they will be offering. Don't forget, they also have salads, soups, smoothies and juices!

Margie Esquivel

I was never disappointed whenever I was there with my friend for lunch, good times. Sorry to see there not open yet...

Dominique Leyva

Unfortunately when I got there they are no longer open. It's a shame that they lost their business due to covid-19.They had a menu that was unbelievable!

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