Green Grub

553 N Golden State Blvd, Turlock
(209) 667-4131

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Margie Esquivel

I was never disappointed whenever I was there with my friend for lunch, good times. Sorry to see there not open yet...

Dominique Leyva

Unfortunately when I got there they are no longer open. It's a shame that they lost their business due to covid-19.They had a menu that was unbelievable!

Stef S.

great food, great owner, great smoothies I'll come back! I had my first date there.

Ecstacy Emery

The wrap and smoothie I got were delicious! I finished a green drink and a detox water and man let me tell you, I was detoxed! Will definitely be going back. I had it delivered so I cannot contest to the customer service, but the food was very fresh and plentiful on the vegetables!

Debbie Haile

Amazing gluten free options! Always service with a smile :)

Noelle W.

This is what happens when a small business doesn't take customer service seriously. People will eventually stop patronizing you. If you notice this place is now usually dead and empty except during the lunch hour there may be a few people. Unfortunately this STILL doesn't help with the ridiculous wait time.
Turlock is considered a small town and word of mouth travels fast here. With that said Green Grub has now built a bad reputation for itself. It's sad really because this place had so much potential. The food is inconsistent. Its GREAT about 25% of the time, good about 25% of the time, mediocre about 25% and AWEFUL about 25% of the time. To be a great restaurant consistency and customer service are paramount. Unfortunately Green Grub prioritizes neither. Something I have noticed through the years is they will not mention when they are out of certain ingredients (which is 99% of the time) and they just hope you don't notice. When you come back to complain that is when they will inform you with attitude.
When you are in the business of making vegan dishes or any dishes really, you cannot just be out of half of the ingredients!!! Then when you don't mention this to paying customers you are now selling dishes you KNOW are missing ingredients thus reducing the value of the dish. That is deceptive and shady AF!!!
My advice is to STOP hiring family members! I know this may be hard to do but your family members are not putting YOUR business first. They are rude to YOUR customers and have zero fear of consequences. Also either make sure you have all of your ingredients readily available or update your menu because not putting avocado on a vegan sandwich because your "out" is unacceptable. There are plenty of avocados you can run and buy right next door at Raleys.
Get it together Green Grub before it's too late, or the second another establishment opens with a similar menu you will regret it.

alexis arriola

ive eaten here a few times and the food is always great BUT today i tried the flourless clam chowder and it was SO delicious i had to rave about it !

Daniel P.

Their pop-up is poping for shakes and my acia bowls at pops supermarket. Can't wait for there new restaurant to be open

Barbara V.

It's deliciousness with a huge side of healthy! I love this place, the salads are amazing, the soups..OMG my favorites! I don't get tired of it and I enjoy every detox drink they've suggested! Now they're even closer to me at thier new location!

Heather Ybarra

None of the staff members were wearing masks, nor did they make any attempt to social distance. The manager actually came out from the back and directly handed smoothies and bags of food to masked customers instead of placing them on the counter. Due to this complete disregard for the safety of their customers, they've permanently lost my business.

Alexis S.

Waited half an hour when business was slow for our lunch. Staff here seem to not take wearing masks seriously, especially during a high rise in COVID cases. Quite disappointed.

Pam T.

Food was fresh and tasty. Very uncomfortable that non of the staff were wearing masks. With the uptick in Covid we will not go back or order again until Covid disappears.

Ashley L.

My mother called and the worker put her on hold for a short time.

My mother ordered 2 of the spicy veggie sandwiches on  focaccia bread with chicken added and  pesto pastas on the side for both.

They were out of soups that we wanted. Only had other soups that didn't sound good.

My mother also ordered the Seascape Acai Bowl for me and the Glow Bowl for herself. Both with peanut butter on the side.

The worker said it would be ready in 25 minutes and we went to get it.

Workers are not masked.

We went in to get it. The worker was nice and the order was ready!

The spicy veggie sandwich on focaccia was really delicious! Loved the focaccia bread! Fresh veggies too! Yum! It also came with a fresh delicious pickle! ;)~

The pesto pasta salad was very good too!!! Tasty!

My mother thought hers was really good too!

Great service and delicious food! Highly recommended! =)

Plus I'll let you know how the acai bowls after having them. They look Scrumptious!!!

Nice service and good food! Recommended!!!

Scott Wyatt

Great food and frozen treats! They are not mask Nazis which is all the better.

Grant Davis

From opening day this have been one of our favorite healthy choice restaurants.Homemade soup, smoothies full of dark green veggies and wonderful staff

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