Memo's Cocina & Tequila Bar

139 W Main St, Turlock
(209) 667-6366

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Elizabeth R.

Came 1 time with family. Food was good, great costumer service for a family of 10! And although tip was included I did not think it was expensive a little under $20 per person

I Perez

Very nice here. Can get busy. The food just isn't very flavorful. This is a healthy food restaurant. Also seems like a hipster restaurant. The latte is probably the only reason I'd come here compared to other restaurants.

Carmen V.

So I've been at memos a few times and this last time I will not be coming back I get better service at McDonald's than I did here they really let me down and I won't be coming back please trust the reviews.

John Rodacy

Went here for the first time for my anniversary. My experience with this place was great. The staff was friendly and professional. The food and drinks were amazing. The price was fair. The atmosphere of the restaurant is amazing. The bar caught my attention right away with all the tequila and lights. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who want to enjoy a night with their Lady/Man. Also a good place to go with your friends. I also recommend the fish tacos. They are a 10/10.

Francisco Camacho

Been here a few times, definitely nothing Authentic about this place. But I only go for the Molcajete, this time unfortunately I tried their burrito and was not satisfied. I did not know they put white rice in their burritos, No Mamen. Might as well go to Chipotle at this point. Seems like they microwave their cheap flour tortillas too. Rather go Silvias taco truck and get better food than this place.

Adriana Rodriguez

I had the tostadas de tinga and to my surprise they were really good. ?

Sheila Trujillo

A great location or friends the get out and have a couple drinks and eat

Violet L.

The mole was horrible. I can tell they didn't cook the chicken in the sauce. They just boiled chicken breast and poured sauce on top. It was so dry! Rice sucked, beans sucked! Service sucked. Drinks were good but this place overall sucks with their food

Yvette D.

What horrible service. This place has gone downhill in service. We waited 29 minutes to order after being seated. They never refilled our drinks, or brought the rice we added to our order. The waiter was hiding back in the kitchen and manager was messing around at the bar. As a Turlock business owner I feel this is not acceptable. If I wanted to get up and get my own to go box as I did today I would have gone home for lunch.

Jennifer B.

The staff and food never disappoint! My coworkers and I go here at least once a week we love it so much. Being vegan there's not a lot that I can eat at many restaurants but they make me feel comfortable then I won't eat some thing I shouldn't. Love this place!!

Diana M.

I've been going here for years now. I've never had an issue up until this weekend. On Sunday august 5th at 2:30pm. I went to check in and the hostess (red hair *didn't get her name*) looked very frazzled. When it came to my turn I told her my name, she cut me off and told me she needed a moment to gather herself (I gave her that moment and proceeded to patiently wait). A couple minutes later a customer behind me chimes in and she proceeds to check them in instead of me. He was flirting and I had secondhand embarrassment just standing there listening to it unravel. Maybe if I would've flirted with the gal I could've gotten checked in sooner. I explained to her I was there first and she began to give me attitude, she said "oh yea it happens". She looked as if she did not want to be there. I shrugged it off and left. Afterwards we headed to house of random to wait for what was supposed to be (30 minutes) and the other customers (that she checked in before us) did as well. They received their text that their table was as available and left. We waited for fifteen minutes and proceeded to walk back to check our spot on the list. There was no wait and she said she could just seat us on the spot (there were several open tables). This defeated the purpose of checking in and waiting for a text. I felt like my time wasn't valued and a couple of people in my group were first time customers. This did not leave a good impression at all. I'll be taking my business elsewhere. Thanks.

Devi J.

Our first time coming to Memo's. Who knew you could have wine on tap!!??? Delicious! Couldn't decide what to have, decided on a wonderful salad with mango, apple and jicama. Added the best tasting shrimp to it and it was fabulous!!! Our server was very attentive, made sure we had chips, salsa and that our drinks were replenished! Looking forward to our next visit, I have quite a few items to try on the menu!!!


We waited a while to be greeted and seated. Once seated, it took a while for our drink order to be taken, but they did bring water out fairly quickly. Our order taking followed in the same manner which I felt was underwhelming especially since they were not super busy. The server was nice enough and filled our drinks at least twice during the meal. The food was flavorful and was a good portion size. The restaurant is generally fairly busy whenever I pass by, but I wasn’t super impressed. Overall I would say a good value for the price I paid, good food and good portion size, just unimpressed with the service. I would visit again, but only when I’m not pressed for time.

Shannon C.

We had dinner here last evening. We had about a 20 Minute wait and they set it up on your cell phone so we strolled around. We waited about 20 minutes more after we were seated for a server to great us. We gave our order and all our drinks and food came out at the same time. The chips and salsa were long gone. I love having my cocktail with my chips and salsa and possibly would have had a second with dinner but oh well. Thought it risky to wait for appetizer too but glad we made the call because the portions are large. Our server was sweet and kind. Our drinks were wonderful. The food was underwhelming though. Nothing that would make me come back here. I think the atmosphere is pretty and the restaurant was packed too...I and my dining mates maybe should have ordered something different maybe.

Steve Ortiz

Amazing food. Went for the first time and it was well worth the drive. Highly recommend

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Memo's Cocina & Tequila Bar

139 W Main St, Turlock, CA 95380
(209) 667-6366