Mountain Mike's Pizza

2410 Geer Rd, Turlock
(209) 632-6400

Recent Reviews

khani khanzada

Last night I ordered 3 xtra large cheese pizza and my total came to 115.11$ and today when I check my account there was 138.13 driver added 23.02 tip by himself so I filled a case and also i called the corporate office

Sherri Forrester

Delicious and the Employees are Great!!

Marcos Cabrera

I called over the phone they said 20-30 minutes but they had me waiting for 15 more minutes and some of the people there weren't that nice

Melanie Shackelford

The gentleman who delivered my pizza and churros was such a polite, friendly guy. Even called me “Miss”. I’m a gramma!! Such a nice change of pace from some other delivery people who just drop it off and leave. Thank you, whoever you are who did this. My dinner was great! Thank you!!!!

Cristina Leyva

The best pizza in town. You can never go wrong with Mt Mike's

Paul Macke

I have ordered at least 20 pizzas for delivery to my home in Denair. Driving distance and time from my home to your location, even on a Friday night is 20 min easy, even in traffic.My last 2 pizzas have been cold and late. I ordered tonight at 4:48 PM. It is 6:41 and it is still not here. Lost driver again. Stuck in traffic..???? What traffic??? the pizza, just not cold.

Vanessa Vanderpol

Loved the veggie pizza! Not bad prices either! ?

Evan Morrell

I'd give zero stars if I could. Called in an order and was quoted 45min, showed up and had to wait in line for 20min, girl is filling topping containers behind the counter with no gloves and the cashier says there is no order under my name. Not professional, not sanitary and not worth your time or money.


Ordered a pick up at 6:10pm, the employee did not mention how long the wait would be and did not get it until almost an hour later at 7:05pm and still forgot to give me the 2 liter

Ashur K.

The pizza was decent but like many of the other yelpers have pointed out, the service stinks.

I put in my order and they told me 30 minutes. I show up 30 minutes later and pay. Every 10 minutes, they say 5 more minutes. I wait there for another 40 minutes. During that time, others are complaining and asking for their money back.

The manager, probably the same young age as the employees, came out and wasn't very helpful to anyone. She even tried to blame things on one of the employees... which she may not realize it's her job to train.

I've ordered from there many times, but I will not be going back.

Aubrey Carruth

I was very unhappy the pizza was quoted for 40 minutes (which is unusually long I thought) then got there and had to wait 15 minutes more. The girl simply said well at least it is fresh when she told me I had to wait instead of being apologetic. Glad I don't live in this town and won't have to deal with them again

ep dodgson

It’s a pandemic people, place your mask over mouth and nose not under you chin. You are making food ffs.

Tami W.

The pizza was late. Had the wrong address on it. It was raw in the middle. It seemed like the delivery person had cold symptoms. We tried calling them but nothing happened. We have ordered from them a hundred times but this time it was an awful experience.

Jaxon M.

Why do I continue to deal with these morons. I ordered online and it stated 35 minutes. I showed up 35 minutes later and in the store they told me it will be another 25 minutes. Horrible service at this location. At least the pizza is usually good.

James H.

They couldn't find my order and it was total chaos there, will never go back. I was told it would have to be remade, no customer service.

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