Olde Tyme Pastries

2225 Geer Rd, Turlock
(209) 668-0928

Recent Reviews

Jorge Olivo

Execelente cakes and pastry, reasonable price for the quality of their products its a must if you are in Modesto area.

Brianna Sweet

I would give this place a 5 just for their sandwiches. Their bread is to die for. Their pastries and desserts, not so much. Too dry and salty for my taste.

Lori Alfano

I had a craving for a moist rich carrot cake, I have had good luck with these folks in the past. I am sorry to say this was not a good experience, the frosting was overly sweet and the cake wasn't as moist and spicy as I was hoping for. I'm sure I'll be back but not for carrot cake.

Saul Castaneda

good friendly employees, great service ,and very very good pasterys

Jorge Sigüenza

es una excelente pastelería se las recomiendo cálida de pasteles

Shannon V.

This is a fantastic bakery! So many cases of desserts and it was difficult to pick what I wanted because of the selection and I'm also indecisive. Lol. I got the fruit pockets, blueberry muffin, cupcakes, and a couple single slices of cake. DELICIOUS. Every single one! This place has great staff, an awesome coffee bar, and I recommend anyone to come here. You won't regret it!

Eugene Lucero

They have the best pastries they are do any donut shop I've ever been to I recommend them highly

Sara Quintana

We enjoyed a delicious strawberry cake with lemon filling and whipped cream topping for a recent birthday. Highly recommended!

Envious Creations C.C Livingston Ca.

I love the cherry turnovers!!! But they definitely have the best pastries in town .

Sylvia P.

I've traveled all over the world and I find myself craving this place each time. Nothing has ever tasted as good as the pasties from here. Everything is so yummy! I love the coffee, the lunch, all the goodies. I can't get enough.

Ken S.

I wanted to get a cake made & decorated for a Friday. I stopped in on a Thursday & placed the order. It was ready on time Friday morning. The cake looked absolutely perfect. Also, the cake tasted great & guests complimented on how fantastic the decorations were. In addition, the price was quite reasonable.

Xavier G.

On 7/26 My 84 year old grandmother ordered a cake and she was disrespected and didn't receive service from Joyce. My grandmother is Hispanic and waited in line patiently, and was told by Joyce that she couldn't help her. Then a white woman right behind my grandmother got full serviced! This is a racist environment and won't any longer be giving my service too! Very disappointed and very eye opening within the community!


There cookies are not fresh I have bought cookies 2 times this month and they are hard as a rock and they are not made fresh daily ant they say they are!!!!

Shelby Hancock

Very kind employees, great pricing and the cake was beautiful! It fed at least 15 people! And it was delicious!

Lynn M.

My first time trying a champagne cake (from another place) and I did NOT like it. But my sister introduced their champagne cake to me and I LOVED IT! I had to go and get me my own cake. Sooo good, soft, and moist. My family didn't eat the cake with me, it took me 3 days to finish it and after that many days, the cake was still sooooo moist and soft.

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