Ono Hawaiian BBQ

3080 Countryside Dr, Turlock
(209) 632-3788

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First ever time I had Hawaiian and it didn't disappoint me with the taste even though i don't know what's the authentic taste. The Hawaiian chicken bbq is very healthy and balanced meal to have here.

Teri Ortiz

We come from Merced and stop there about 3-4 times yearly and just like alot of places during and after quarantine, there are some changes that you don't find out until you order. They no longer have bbq chicken, so if you order a half teriyaki half bbq they have to tell you the change or you won't find out till you request your sauces. It was frustrating for a customer that visits once every 3 months! Teriyaki chicken is not hard to find anywhere. We will have to consider what we're really craving next time we visit.

Blessings Daddy

Could use bigger portions but other then that delicious

Dennis J. Young

The meals we ordered were excellent however the canned drinks are a acquired taste. Next time I'll use fountain drinks that I did not see until after I made my purchase.

Cat Cooper

Always good choice to eat.Like one on Plaxs Parkway in Modesto.

Dee L.

they never pick up the phone or the phone lines are always busy, the customer service sucks. Food is good who ever cooking yo you killin it but those taking orders i dont know what they are doing.. Do they just hire anyone?

Jessica Makanjuola

Came here for the first time yesterday. ( have been to other locations) I called in about 10 mins before arriving and just had to wait about another 5 when I got there to receive my food. Good was delicious. The staff was friendly and helpful with order. They do give you your sauces now instead of you pumping it into the cups which is totally fine. Will be returning to this location. Forgot to take photo before digging in lol.

Kathlyn R.

Zero aloha at this location from the moment I placed a phone order while in their parking lot five minutes before they closed.. I was told if I wasn't in the door in 2 minutes my order would be cancelled. I said of course I do I'm walking in. Then I walked in and Shawn was snappy with me about walking up to the wrong cash register but as i stood there waiting he apparently was mad they were making my order and said you know you have a 20 minute. You might want to sit down in a stern and rude voice.. I asked for his name.. and of course he let me know he wasn't trying to be rude. My only response was "but you were". They turned away a couple other customers but the one I don't understand was one they ordered at 8:30 and when picking up at 9:09 were told that all the registers were closed and they never made their food? No way.. they threw it away because that guy wanted to close early. Anyway, was my go to buy will just do L & L now since it's closer.

Annabelle N.

Not happy with the order. Wrong info on the plates order. Not the one I ordered and was assured but got a wrong item.

Jessica U.

Food was fantastic. Staff was great and had no problem not adding cabbage and adding extra Mac. Food was really good. They allow dining inside now. Will be returning again

sandra T

Customer service at this location is horrible! The food is overall delicious though.

Lea M.

We had the Plate lunch of teriyaki chicken and chicken katsu and it was exactly as you'd expect from Ono Hawaiian BBQ. The Katsu was a little tough and chewy on the exterior but nothing awful or inedible. The dining room could use a little attention and the staff was straight to business without any pleasantries but all in all it was ok for a quick lunch on the go.

Krystina C.

The food is great, but I wanna know who does the hiring?!?! Because they sure do hire idiots with no common sense. Today order number #225 serve Mario 7/20/21 When ordering we asked for Hawaii bbq mix with an extra side of macaroni. Mario said would you want less rice and more macaroni we said no an extra side of the macaroni. He was confused completely. Then I order my plate I ask for teriyaki chicken with a side of macaroni. He said they same thing I said I WANT A SIDE OF MACARONI as well as my teriyaki plate. Then he simply replied with with ordering extra you have to take away something from your plate?!? Like whatttttt... y'all don't sell side #confused since when lol Idk how many times I have to explain what a side is or getting extra of the macaroni to them is there like a damn code to order without the explanation of what I want when I'm asking for a side??!?!? Please hire people who have common sense let alone customer service skills! Get it together

Jarrod Miner

No flavor Ono in oakdale much better

Tyheria I Tym N.

Somehow I forget how amazing this place is until I eat here again and then I wonder how I keep from eating their everyday the parking sucks and the standing in the dining room to wait for your order if you haven't ordered all ahead of time can kind of suck, best advice is to park out of their General parking area and order your food ahead of time

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