2014 W Monte Vista Ave, Turlock
(209) 250-2026

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Hi Pattie

The drink was delightful - the helper at the register today? Less than thrilled to be working, I think. First timers - new to ordering - we got no help. (Mon. 9/6 at 3:15) Regardless of her attitude we enjoyed our drinks!

Jackie M.

Great customer service ! I have tried near every food item at this point and by far my favorites are the seasoned fries and popcorn chicken! The staff is young and lively I bring my family here every time they come into town and the mochi waffles are a MUST

Harleen G.

Great service! The cashiers are very helpful with drink orders whenever you need suggestions on toppings and certain teas. I'd recommend this place to anyone, perfect for those trying bubble tea for the first time.

Nick Anderson

Get Their WAFFLES!! Everything else is great, but their waffles are on another level!!***

Brenna S.

I went into Quickly today with virtually no idea what to order. My sister loves their Thai Iced Tea with Boba and asked me to pick one up for her and something for our other sister, so of course I had to get one myself. Megan, the girl behind the counter, was SO helpful. I needed one Vegan friendly drink for one of my sisters and told her either Cherry or Blueberry but no idea what else. She said she had just the thing and whipped up a delicious vegan drink no problem. Me being me and not knowing what to order for MYSELF, I gave her little to no direction. Just that I liked Thai Tea and boba but I didn't want the Thai iced tea. She made me a drink and I can't even explain how delicious it was. It was fruity and sweet, but not TOO sweet, with a very refreshing, almost floral like scent and taste. My sister loved her vegan drink and said it was one of the best boba drinks she's ever had. Thank you so so much Megan for being so friendly, helpful and patient. I would also like to note that the location was clean, the staff was all very friendly, and all of the customers seemed to be happy and well taken care of. Lots of smiles and didn't hear any complains while standing there waiting. Overall I give this place 5 stars and will absolutely be back. I am very impressed with the flavors, the cleanliness of the store, and the attentiveness and friendliness of its employees. Specifically thank you to Megan for handling my order without missing a thing. See ya next time Quickly!!!

vxxn santiagx

Probably the best place for a quick comfort food stop in town. The staff is amazing and welcoming, as well as extremely hard working. The place specializes in Asian food, so you'll get everything from their main specialty, milk tea with tapioca and popcorn chicken from Taiwan to lumpia from the Philippines. Come here for a chill environment to study at or do some work!

Pawii sandhu

Drinks are good tho but i don't like there customer service ??

Kaylee Amarant

This boba spot is definitely the best in the area. The employees are very helpful and are always putting their customers first. It was very clean and sanitary inside as well. The drinks are soooo good and I would definitely go here again.

J A.

This boba spot is definitely the best in the area. The employees make you feel welcomed into the environment and are very helpful of you don't know what to get or it's your first time. The drinks here are amazing and so are the food items. 10/10 would go here again over any other place.

Bodhi Leibenguth

This place has really good drinks (with or without boba) and snacks. I particularly like their original mochi waffle. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Each Quickly is an individual run franchise , hence they don't have the 'chubby' or 'XL' size / or machine to add the plastic film lid.

Sinrae Park

It is cleaner and tastier than other bubble tea shops.


I love getting Boba at this place. My dad takes us after school occasionally, and I love it! It’s always so sweet and yummy!


I love getting Boba at this place. My dad takes us after school occasionally, and I love it! It’s always so sweet and yummy!

Russell A.

Horrible customer service. Young guy working 4/7/21 at 1:40pm needs retraining as well as manager Megan. ( Both are very unprofessional and are wiling to argue with a customer who just supported their cause and store location). Don't bother calling for any assistance because its literally like talking to a bunch of little kids with NO customer service qualities and NO means to communicate on an adult level. I won't spend one more cent at this location And won't recommend at anyone. To think during times like this, people would appreciate the ppl/customers that walk in their stores! One lost customer always leads to more.

Alyssa S.

I love this place! Great quality! They have the best customer service and they don't take too long to make the drinks. My favorite is the Panda Mill Tea. It's amazing!

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