2058 E Canal Dr, Turlock
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Mardee Shackleford

Went in on Saturday around lunchtime, it got moderately busy quickly with about 4 people waiting behind me. I asked the sandwich artist if she knew whether or not the veggie patty at this location was vegan. She wasn't for sure if it was or not but offered to check the ingredients; I told her don't worry about it I'd get something else to not hold up the line. She disappeared into the back for a minute and then came back and let me know there was no milk or eggs in thr ingredients, but that they were processed in a factory where those ingredients are used. So I was able to order the veggie patty as it was vegan! I so appreciate that she took the time to check despite being busy, and didn't make me feel rushed. They got everyone taken care of quickly. The bread was soft and fresh, all of the veggies were crispy and had good flavours. When I ordered the sweet onion sauce she let me know that they had changed the sauce to include teriyaki, to make sure I would still like that. Both women working were attentive to detail and very polite. I will add this to my list of places to grab a vegan bite to eat.

Deez Nutz

Yesterday Jacob made me the best sandwich I ever had got at this subway…there’s was an other work in the back but This man came off his break to give me a hand.Jacob also build a nice chat with me. I really like the service he had gave me. And I will continue to come back to check up on him…to be honest he is depressed I could tell…so if you see Jacob try to make him happy.

Onii Chan

They are paying people under minimum wag I am going to call the BBB…but the young man in the store is really great at remembering how I get my sandwich I give him a five star review…You are great Jacob keep up the great work

Julio Carpio

Awful service. The two older ladies were rude. Not patient at all. My order wasn’t even complicated. I was trying to use a coupon and she didn’t want to accepted because her scanner wasn’t working. Not even a thank you.

Victoria Dimenco

Great good

Rory Fuentes

Had a good experience in this place with my wife. The food arrived quick and the service is just excellent. Prices are fair.

Tasty 420

Great Service at this location. Great Portions!!Delish & Fresh Sammiches

Theresa W.

Order ahead to get your sandwiches fast and paying for them on the app is the best thing!

Dionne B.

We couldn't get special instructions to order online and take advantage of the free footlong. Kinda bummed but my husband asked them to do it in store & they did! I'm not a huge fan of subway normally but these gals rocked it! The sandwiches were great! Very nice ladies also!

Ari G.

I don't mind driving to a different subway location or different sandwich place if this is the kind of service this women will be giving my son. I send him to get us all sandwiches, We have a family of 4, he comes back home telling me the women who was helping him kept rolling her eyes every time he was requesting the next sandwich. (Annoyed) I asked him if they were maybe busy she was overwhelmed that's why she was in a rush to make them or just annoyed in general He said there was only two people in there and they had already ordered. He was the last one to order. So I don't understand why she had to be so rude on doing her job. From now on we will be taking our business somewhere else since she's so annoyed when people place orders.

Michele Fike

This is the the second time I've been to this Subway and both times my sandwich was super soggy and the bread just fell apart and this time the chicken on my husband's sandwich had a real bad flavor and my husband ended up throwing it away. The people were nice though. I won't be back.

Lehea D.

Went in this morning and Blanca helped me with my order. Not only was she friendly, she took extra precautions towards sanitation and to make sure all my sandwich's were perfect. Thank you Blanca.

eunos 209

No tolilet paper & broken soap dispenser

Eduardo Perez

Great customer service!

Alex Tiger

Gooood! Fresh always!

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