Sushi Litto

537 N Golden State Blvd, Turlock
(209) 620-8735

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Valeria Z.

this place should be called SUSHI PITO. They have horrible customer service all the reviews left are true I should have taken them serious but they do not exaggerate the food is over priced for the amount given. How is this place in business? Maybe it's a way to hide some shady business they actually do. They dont care to keep this place running. Never coming back and will spread the word. I can't even give it a 0 star DO NOT RECOMMEND run to McDonald's instead!!

Stephanie Jenkins

this was honestly trash. the portion size is laughable. i don’t even know why they sell or advertise their sushi. i paid $17 for a cali roll and there was barely any filling in the roll. this was my first and last time getting food from here & let it be known that chipotle sauce is not the same as spicy mayo. ridiculous.

Leslie Godinez

Their micheladas are really good! They’re sushi and aguachile are also bomb

Lina H.

Their Paloma is delicious. I had two of them and I had a nice buzz going. I don't care for their sushi but it's original, I'll give them that. Since I didn't care for their sushi, I ordered a torta and that was a lot better. They have a lot of other food and since I enjoyed their drinks I wouldn't mind going back but I'll try the rest of their seafood. It was a rainy night and parking was tight but they do have seating outside so maybe I'll go out there again on a summer night. There was a young server which must have been a family member because he wasn't really doing much except for being on his phone but there was another lady who was pleasant and assisted as much as she could. Neat place but not 5-star worthy. Maybe next time.

Rebecca Rios

This was my first time eating Mex-Sushi and I'm very sorry maybe it was just my taste bud but it wasn't good. My husband and I order 3 different types to try out as we were very interested and they all taste the same. It's like we order 1 meal 3x. Of course, we ate it not going to waste food, but I can't do it again.So the salsa and Cucumber lime drink was delicious, but Sushi nope. Sorry.

Estrella Castillo

Best michelda ever !! Food super delicious ?, & the waitress super kind... Cheef kiss to the chef, def comin back.Mejor michelada ever! Super recomendado.Regresaremos ?

Jay Jay Santana

They literally give you as LITTO bit of food possible for a pretty High price. Ordered fish tacos, fish and chips and they literally gave me 2 chicken fries worth of fish with alot of fries. Although the fish was great tasting, the amount they serve when it comes to meats is ridiculous. Would go back for their fruit water.

ginay a.

Not impressed."Sushi" was ok. Torta Cubana was just dry and sadMy children taco meal had literally a table spoon of meat!!!!! And they clearly used Fake bagged RICE.Not coming back.No sean tan codos con las porciones porfavor.(See picture)Oh and I forgot to addOVERPRICED

Alejandra R.

Awesome twist to a sushi restaurant, was treated kindly upon arrival. They were quick to find us seating even though it was busy. Thank you.

Clover Sargenti-Womack

I had the pork burrito Supreme for 15.99 .I could not eat it. I took a bite of the burrito with what little meat was in there, try to eat, I pulled away the pork, it was like leather and bad tasting, My sister payed for lunch we both will not go back. Tasteless food, and over priced.

Rocio Carvajal

Customer service was great, and I really liked the flavor of their horchata. Unfortunately, I was not a big fan of the roll I tried although it did look appetizing. I don't think I would pay as much as I did again for the food. Would return for the horchata and friendly and attentive service.

Sindy Zarate

Food is good, but service is definitely something they should improve. It took them one hour to complete my order even though the place was almost empty. You should definitely order two hours ahead of time so they can get it ready, that is of course if they don't forget to place your order. That is a real shame because the food is actually good ?

Amber Suniga

This is, by far, THE best fusion spot I have ever been to. The service is top notch, the atmosphere is welcoming, but none of that even hints at the culinary artistry which the menu holds. Sushi Litto combines the flavors and ingredients of authentic Mexican cuisine with all the best parts of sushi.I hope I got the opportunity to revisit this spot to try their drinks as they looked fantastic.

Nicole A

Very delicious. They mixed Mexican food with sushi very well. Everyone in the family was happy with their voices. The ceviche roll was my favorite!

Valerie L.

DONT RECOMMEND! SO UNPROFESSIONAL! I had a problem with my order and spoke to the manager, didn't want to help me fix it ( all juice was spilt out, also dry as f*** ) . I got a aguachile and asked for crackers , she only put tostadas and no crackers at all . Also didn't give me a fork .

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