Taco Bell

2700 Geer Rd, Turlock
(209) 667-8341

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Nick Anderson

So bad it made me and my girlfriend immediately sick, she even threw up. Nov 2nd 3am is when I went through the drive thru. The food was very stale or burnt and tasted like it had gone bad, over $30 down the drain.Food: 1/5

Patricia Hoskin

Great employees very cheerful fast service. Delicious food love the Mexican Taco

Catrina Saveh

Seriously best tacos n mexican pizza I've never had they have never made them this good to where I leave a review. I have never left a review but this deserves ????? thank u so much... and I went on sat night on the 16th... thank u!!!! ?

Sheila R.

Went to taco bell on geer Rd. It was about 10:00 am on oct 15 th 2022. I told the kid At counter I wanted the number 3 He looks at menu above his head. I told him the one that has the burrito supreme. He rang me up. I keep standing there for my cup. My daughter ordered he food after me. He puts a cup on counter I said is that mine he said nothing. I took it. Then my oder gets called. I look it's only a burrito supreme. I said don't I get a taco with the # 3. the manager says instead of anyone arguing with you You ordered just a burrito Supreme I said no I said # 3 . I go who did I argue with. she goes you'll have to wait I'm to busy. I look at my receipt he only charged for the supreme. I go I can pay the difference. She was so rude that was the manager. She goes no just take it heres your taco. like WTF is her problem. Had no attitude me and my daughter just stood there puzzled. F that place.

Ricky Ramirez

This is so sad they get this order wrong and they all need to be retrain at this location. What did this Mexican pizza do to you....

Crystal Guess

The food was good but omg the service is incredibly slow especially considering that there was 1 car in the drive through and 2 other people in the lobby


Workers are always friendly.Went last night to pick up a mobile order. I got home and I was missing a burrito I called them 4 times, and nobody picked up.Workers are always friendly though.

Joe A Delgado

Same quality and good taste as other Taco Bell's I've been to.

sushi roll

Hello?Anyone one up there??- that's what 8 feel like saying to all the workers while knocking on their heads. It's like it's empty in there and they're just on auto-human(autopilot). Very rude most all the time, they don't mix the meat properly while it's in the crock pot or microwave, whatever they use to heat the frozen meat that comes from a bag. Which brings me to my next complaint; why do they take so long for 3 crunchy tacos? 20 minutes is way too long! 15 minutes is too long, I'll accept 10 9n a busy day. But I'm complaining about the time when I'm the only one in the drive thru the entire time I was there and not 1 customer inside? Such lazy children these days

Samantha Holdaway

I made a mobile order for this location. My order was made correct here, which is usually never the case with Taco Bell. They are very slow though. There was no line in front of me and I only ordered a couple tacos but I waited over 10 minutes. The staff were slightly friendly. Overall will probably come back since this is the first time I’ve had a correct order from this business.

Wesley Richmond

This is a review of Taco Bell's in general: everything is bad except for the taco which is good but only provides about 150 calories for over 1.50$. I highly don't recommend the cheesy potatoes...

Mayra “Chila” R.T

Workers are always friendly.Went last night to pick up a mobile order. I got home and I was missing a burrito I called them 4 times, and nobody picked up.Workers are always friendly though.

Eric P.

Terrible service, order will be wrong and the wait is longer then the other taco bells in Turlock by a lot Poor management

Brandi Koehn

This toilet needs attention seriously, rust in the mens bathroom when my husband used. Looks gross. Please clean your bathrooms.

Hailey H.

they didn't give us our nacho and then made us pay again for it even though we already paid for it :|

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