3104 Geer Rd, Turlock
(209) 250-1732

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Chelsea Corals

Thai tea are freshly brewed. Delicious. Quick service and was nice during our interactions.

Karly Falkenberg

Love the option to make any drink into a slushie! Tried the topic rush and island passion and will definitely be back! Very friendly staff with good recommendations. Wasnt impressed with the boba but enjoyed the fruit jelly. Lots of indoor seating with fun games and an enjoyable atmosphere plus a Foosball table. Reasonable prices with a diverse menu selection.

Dani Negrete

Flavorless. The drink tastes like watered down milk with a pinch of flavor. The boba taste like literal orbeez. This is disrespect to Taiwan culture.

J Christine

Not sure about best bubble tea in town.. Like many of the other reviews say, their boba is not thoroughly cooked. No one wants to drink hard uncooked boba.

Anthony Russell

I remember visiting here on it's grand opening. The owners weren't all the way set up to go 100% but still gave out free samples. The quality and marketing speaks for itself. Two thumbs up??

Bryan Pure

I paid 6.75 for a medium Thai tea with boba and was disappointed...my drink was powdery and tasted very bland....it did not have that creamy milky flavor that you get with Thai tea usually..even the boba tasted off..I couldn't take more than 3 sips before tossing it....meanwhile I pay $4 for a large one from Chong's and its delicious every time...if you're gonna overcharge then at least give out good quality drinks instead of powdered water

Marta G

Hours need to be updated. Drove here and it's closed. It's 8p but online says closes at 9pm.

vxxn santiagx

Owner and staff were nice but tea was watery, powdery, and you could tell it wasn't fresh. Boba wasn't the highest quality either, still prefer the other places in town.

Jamie H.

First time coming here and it definitely gives the vibe of a smaller boba shop. Service was fine. They had some unique options so I went with one I've never had before. The banana toasted rice crispy was interesting. I can't say it's a favorite but I'm still glad I tried it!

davina b

Im inlove with place and the only place i go to the people are soo nice, i just love it i tell every one i no about this place.. And to think i fell inlove with teassert all because i was doing door dash orders and i got a order here at teassert and the lady asked me if i wanted to try one Anndd ? been hooked since ive tried boba in the bay area modesto but nope sorryy teassert my spot for boba ?

Jazzy Richardson

I love Boba and me and my sister went after shopping to go get a drink, the drink itself is good, I got a taro milk tea and she got a tiger tea. The classic brown sugar Boba however, is disgusting. Some of them are half cooked, they're bitter, and one of mine was salty. If you go there order a drink without Boba.

Talwinder sandhu

Thai milk tea boba is very delicious, DoorDash customer

Universe E.

Amazing service and great selection on the menu. Low prices and fast service. Perfection!

Nikki R.

Walked in and was not acknowledged for 10 minutes while waiting at the register, not to mention we were the only ones in line. Went to the bathroom while waiting and had no toilet paper or paper towels. All that for some sub par over priced drinks. Would not recommend or return.

Patty E.

So in love with this place!! The guy came out and gave me some samples and I was confused. I wanted them ALL!! I definitely love this place and I'll be back any time I'm thirsty and want sweet or even a yummy coffee or milk tea. I lie that you can also aghast the sweetness.

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