TOGO'S Sandwiches

2313 Geer Rd, Turlock
(209) 667-5000

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April Poteat-Brittain

I've been going to this location ever since I was a kid. In fact, my junior varsity basketball team's photo hung up on the wall for many years. 99 percent of the time I go in, I always have great service and sandwiches/meats/produce are always fresh!

Chris Avalos

Was excited to get the new Cheese Steak Melt. Extremely disappointed ?. Not only did it look nothing like the picture but the taste was like boiled bologna.

Diane Putney

The new cheese steak sandwich is great!! I got the beef, they also offer a chicken one also.

Judy M.

I just called in an order to Togos. I ordered a total of 3 sandwiches for 3 different people. I have not been to Togos for many years and it was pretty good when I went there years ago. My order was the NEW CHEESE STEAK MELT. I must say it was not good at all. The steak was more like watered down roast and too much salt. The sandwich was very disappointing. The other order was the Italian sandwich and it was passable. The third order was a Turkey and avocado with NO ONIONS. I made this clear when I called it in and then when I got there I had the girl re check it and she said there was no onions. I guess I should have stood over her shoulder but unfortunately I took her word for it as she rechecked it by re opening and checking. When I arrived home I gave the orders to my grandchildren. The one order that the Togo's employee SAID she checked was filled with LOTS of slices of red onion??? My granddaughter pulled them out and ate the sandwich anyway as she did not want to make a fuss. I said, ok I will complain on your behalf because this is unacceptable. This happened just an hour ago. I live several miles away and did not want to go back out in the heat to take this sandwich back. So we just lived with it. This is not right. I mean seriously when the young lady rechecked, what was she looking at? There was so many red onions it was crazy for her to say she did not put onions in there at all. The sandwich was just a few bites eaten and thrown in the trash as the smell of onion was so strong even with pulling them out. From here on, I will never go to Togos again. The Togos I visited here in the past was so much better and a good experience. Wow what a change now! Customer service has reached a new low. The sandwiches are also so over priced for what you get. It is so sad because everything is getting more expensive while quality is going down, down down. The world we live in is a world of greed where the quality of most everything is terrible, while the cost of living by and far exceeds wages paid. Shameful!

Ivette Enciso

Both the girls were super helpful

Kristin R.

I love Togos and I love this Togos. I recommend the #24, turkey and avocado. Workers, especially the men are so nice. I ordered the soup and thought it was $$$, but then was only able to eat half of the portion. It is very tasty. Highly recommend this sandwich shop.

Papa Rego

Horrible service the quality of service as gone down......starts with the manager Manny......

Larry R.

This place has gone down hill in service and quality since the 2 Brothers owners left and now they have a want to call manager Manny that is very rude and disrespectful he has no customer sevice....

Viet Huynh

Healthy, I come here everyday because it’s a easy location in Turlock to ride your bike to.

Elizabeth W

Great sandwiches and service. The employees were very nice! This is one of our favorite places.

Dayna Jane

I’m a little dissapointed today went around 6 something and a guy made my sandwich so dang sloppy! I opened it up and I said omg! Everything was a mess it’s by far the sloppiest sandwich I’ve ever had from there. Usually their pretty on it but I won’t be going back for a while now it was very sloppy and soggy I asked for it to be toasted and he just didn’t listen!

J Fab

This place is good and the staff is nice. They have never been disappointing. Eat here!

Jason Hollingsworth

Friendly, fast service. It's not the least expensive sandwich in town, but quality is seldom cheap.

Brent Cullum

Togos always rocks. The best sandwiches in town. Freshest ingredients.

Tim Thurman

Such a helpful and friendly staff

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