J. Zhou

2601 Park Ave, Tustin
(714) 258-8833

Recent Comments

Jamin DeMattos

Excellent service, great food options, a bit better than your typical dim sum.

Chris Lead

Don't listen to the other reviews!!

Anna Chu

They just want to make money, the food is terrible and expensive.

Sheila Jenkins

The seafood is as fresh as it gets! Excellent service and food. Lobster , squid , snapper and veggies.

Steven Lin

Pretty decent dim sum. They don't have carts. Best to go early to beat the crowd.

Stanley Yang

It's basically the best dim sum restaurant in this area for the quality of the food, services, and the environment overall.

Mimi Deng

Amazing decor, dim sum, and dinner menu!

Bradd F.

I can't say too much, I am sure that some of my disappointment must be my lack of knowledge of the culture, because the food was just not great and overpriced. But, My review is mostly based on the quality of the place, and service. Service was just not great, and the decor is just all over the place, to the point where it is a bit of a turn off IMO. Sorry to say we tried it and won't be back.

Karla V.

Service was good food was not great. too much seasoning made it salty. Food came out fast. Very small portions for the price.

Kimo L.

Dim sum is good, but man is it expensive. We ordered 6 things--1 being fried rice and the other 5 being regular dim sum dishes albeit with shrimp. Total was $63. What the heck?? Fried rice was good, but it was $17. I don't think the quality is worth the extra money.

Yishan M.

I come back to this place after a month. cause let's face it.. their food is really good. Surprisingly, this time the service is good either. I would say I received a kind welcome from half of the staff :) the ladies bringing the dishes to the table still look pissed, but our waiter in vest is actually really kind. Every time I came to this place. It is always the same waiters that are rude. So I guess your experience highly depends on where you sit & if you got that mean waiter to serve you heheheheh Side story, i saw people being mean to that mean waiter today. I don't feel sorry for him at all. Cause you know.. What goes around comes around :)

Abel C.

I don't know why the staff/cooks insists on smoking right in front if the main door not even 10 feet away. It also affects the Yogurtland customers eating right in front of the store since it's right Nextdoor and they share the same patio benches. 1 Star for the carelessness .

Anita L.

I feel like a bi-polar person wherever I come here. It's bad and then it's good, then it's bad and then it's good. I do believe that if you come on a weekday, the food and experience is soooooooo much better than if you come here on a weekend. Our most recent visit was on a weekday and everything was so good, even the service. I hope the next time I come it'll stay consistent. There are a few new things we tried this time including a brown sugar steamed cake -- a dessert item. So good!!

Claudine V.

Came here for Father's Day and we enjoyed our brunch. Came in at around 10:40 am. No lines. Parking is busy because it's next to the gym but we found one easily. We loved the service and the food. Much better than china garden in Irvine. The dumplings are filled with good stuff. Will definitely come back here to bring the fam again. Place is clean and nicely decorated inside. No carts going around that you have to wave. Just order from the list and they will bring it. Trust!!

Alice L.

Pretty good dimsum although definitely a bit on the pricier side. Like most dimsum places, each dish is labeled small, medium, and large, which correspond to the price: "small" is $4.68, "medium" is $5.88, and "large" is $7.85. With these prices, it definitely adds up quickly. There's also a tea charge of $1.98 per person. However, they also have non-dimsum dishes so you don't have to only order dimsum. No carts at J Zhou though if you're looking for that kind of experience. For the 4 of us, we ordered 2 small dishes (deep fried pork dumpling, bean curd roll), 3 medium dishes (shiu mai, har gow, pan fried pork bun), 1 large dish (rice paper with fish paste), and seafood pan fried noodle ($18.28). We weren't that full, but it was enough food. The shiu mai and har gow were as expected so as staple dimsum, no reason not to get them. My favorites were probably the deep fried pork dumpling and the rice paper with fish paste. The deep fried dumpling tasted fresh and wasn't super oily like some cheaper dimsum places. Gets busy during weekend lunch. They do use the Yelp waitlist, but last time I went, I don't think they turned it on so I wasn't able to get on the waitlist until I arrived and waited about 20 minutes. It's a lovely restaurant so the dining experience is nice and less chaotic. Located at the District near The Winery (Whole Foods side).

TNa Ho

I love the dim sum here, very tasty. The service is fast and good even they are busy

Wil T.

One of my favorites dim sum in socal. Service isn't bad, food is pretty good and the prices are decent.(in comparison to SF bay area prices.) The decorations alone should've out this place in Vegas. It has a very grand and regal feeling. It also has a nice front bar to accompany the place. I think I caught a glimpse of Harry Shum Jr., But didn't want to bother to confirm it. He has the eat and enjoy his life too you know... The food it self was very good. I usually judge with the standard dishes. But man the liver dish here, wow! Liver is usually hard to handle in terms of cooking, especially to be able to keep it smooth and to get rid of the bitter taste! Already been back three times, only finally writing reviews because of trying to get that yelp elite status for ya boy here!

Frank O.

Three stars is appropriate for J Zhou. My party came for lunch on a Tuesday, and were seated immediately since we had a reservation. There were 2-3 parties waiting in line. The inside decor is appealing, statues and elaborate painting in the walls. Food was just so so. Of the 15 dishes we tried, the most memorable was the beef wrap. No dish was bad, well the durian mochi was unique, but nothing was stellar either. Unfortunately the beef roll dish alone is not a reason to go get dim sum. There are many places up north in the SGV, and even some around the OC. The primary reason I see for coming to J Zhou is its location in the District.

Mark Gonzales

Very good service. Good tasting dim sum. Busy and clean dining area

kal ocals

5 for food. 4 for unsmiling condescending waiters. The Mexican waiter was nice but the Chinese dudes didnt even smile.

J. Zhou

2601 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782