J. Zhou

2601 Park Ave, Tustin
(714) 258-8833

Recent Reviews

Dean L.

This place is probably the best dim sum place in Orange County. I have visited at least 10 times. The food quality is consistent. Few dishes are as good as top dim sum places in Hong Kong, such as shrimp and meat in bean curd sheet, sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf. They also have several creative dishes that are unique, such as steam rice paper with mushroom and fish paste, taro cake with preserved meat. The service is typical Hong Kong style, fast & efficient but not warm. The ambiance and decoration are top-notch and elegant, a very fine dinning place.

Little Darla

Always satisfying my cravings! We had a great time here for dinner. We ordered a selection of meats and vegetables and got right to it. All the meat was tender and delicious. The veggies were fresh and crisp. All in all, it was a great experience.

Larry Jones

I told my friends about this place with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The meals are tasty and the stuff is generous and cooperative. Whenever we go to this place we have a cheerful evening. highly recommended.

Darren Gray

Always great food and a very friendly family atmosphere. This place is very popular and always has fast service.

Aimys A.

Bar's display is breathtaking along with the restaurant's red theme and grand wall mural's, feel like a Dragon dance off or a Jackie Chan action scene is about to explode. Seating is spacious, service is OK, food and dim sum is just average. Chinese style family restaurants dominated the scene twenty years ago, but many places haven't innovated since, adhering to traditional flavors, which is good, but my experience dishwashing at a Chinese joint in high school reminds me of handfuls of MSG cooks would grab and casually toss into every dish on the wok, gross but it's true. Such are the images that flash thru my mind upon tasting a few dishes here, you can feel the energy drain after too. Prices are HIGH, but flavors don't pop, love Chinese cuisine, but it's not as spicy/tangy and tantalizing 'ere, hence the low rating. Nothing we ate here came close, Panda dishes embody more flavor, and now the Din Tai Fung domination is on the march.

Black Pyramid Gaming

Horrible service, we went to have dinner there two hours before closing, spent $60 on the smallest tasteless dishes, while the manager was on his cell phone talking to his friends and laughing next to us while we were eating, because there wasn’t that many customers. Worst conduct ever. The only thing you’re paying for is the shiny lights and chandeliers.

Jack P.

This is an older review for when I came for Christmas Eve's dinner. Came here with the family and was blown away by the decor. Very high end. The service was very attentive and everybody was super nice; however, the food was... not very good. The lobster with noodles were sooo soggy and flavorless. I really don't remember much of what I ate because nothing stood out, but I do remember leaving and my family telling me it wasn't worth the money.

Cindy T.

Pretty good dim sum. I would say it's above average. They all come in piping hot and the staff are all friendly and helpful. They have a great variety of dimsum as well- traditional har gow and shiu mai and tripe and chicken feet too! Also some innovative ones like a crispy fish and mushroom steamed rice roll. A lot of families were there and kid-friendly too.

Keyla Lemos

Good service and good food. The atmosphere could be better.

Kim C.

This is a dim sum place in OC- one of the nicer ones in the area. With that said, you might anticipate it to be a bit pricier too. As a girl from the SGV, I already anticipated the higher pricing. The portions are decent for dim sum but small for the price. The flavors were great though. I usually have the assistance of photos for my ordering, but without it- I ended up getting surprised with my own order! All in all, that was fine because luckily everything we ordered tasted great! The restaurant was clean and service was fast for the food. They don't do push carts on the weekends. When you pay, they bring over the clover machine so it's fast and easy! I'm sure you can also pay with cash if you want. Parking is free- there's a large shared lot. Would suggest to arrive early on the weekends to minimize the wait time. People were lining up by 10:20am (door opens at 10:30am on the weekends).

Tommy Y.

I don't usually leave review on yelp unless the place is exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. We decided to give this place a shot for dim sum because I saw on a post online that this place was one of the top 10 places in LA for dim sum. The wait was long which is expected for Sunday dim sum so no complaints there but when it was time to get seated they sat parties who are the same size as us before us and then told us we needed to wait on the side because our table wasn't ready even though their yelp app notified me that it was ready. Of course it wouldn't be ready because you guys gave it away to other parties who came after us. Moving onto the food, their BBQ pork bun barely had any BBQ pork in it. All you could taste is onions and sauce. When I opened up the bun, I saw like 6-7 tiny pieces of BBQ pork and majority of it was the fatty pieces of the BBQ pork. We also had shrimp dumpling but you cannot go wrong with that as a dim sum restaurant. We also got shu mai too another dim sum classic hoping they couldn't mess it up too but i was wrong. The piece of shrimp is so small that the flavor of the pork way overpowered the flavor of the shrimp. Usually there is a perfect balance between pork and shrimp flavor in a good piece of shu mai. I got to admit, their milk bun was pretty good so that's where they get the 1-star from me

Christina G.

Traditional Cantonese Dim Sum restaurants. The dim sum are in the good standard. I love their Cream custard bun, pork liver, chicken feet and other dishes. The decoration are very Festival and Vegas buffet restaurant feeling. I suggest a group people dining there, in that way, you can try more dishes one time.

Quynh Dang

Quick service, gorgeous restaurant, however the dimsum is only so-so. Very reasonable prices.

小明 L.

High class decor, service and traditional table setting for a more pleasant Chinese cuisine meal. I went for dim sum and ordered six items. My favorites are beef rice cake, eggnog puffs, and soupy dumpling. The on point ones are the fish pasted green peppers and soybean curb wraps. While the steamed pork short ribs is completely not good. I also not everything is consistently hot. It's also more expensive than most other dim sum places. I would have rated this place a four star. On the way back home, my mother reminded me of the large wall art work piece which coincides with the pieces from the back, they come from two historians with interesting opposing point of views of the world. That makes it up for the fifth star.

Julie J.

My family usually likes to come here for special occasions and while it's more expensive than your usual Chinese restaurant, we accept it as the price we pay for better quality ingredients. Yesterday was the first time we went on Chinese New Year. I regret that. Their usual menu was not available and they nearly DOUBLED THE PRICE on the dishes they did offer. The portions weren't any bigger and the food wasn't any tastier for the price increase. Also, the service although prompt was rather brusque and dismissive (admittedly, the service here is never very warm although it's usually professional). It was definitely NOT worth it to go on Chinese New Year. Their usual weekend dim sum is fresh and delicious and that's why I gave an extra star. Otherwise, one star for yesterday's experience.

David King

Rude waiter. We'll never go for dinner again, and know why the place was half empty on a Friday evening. The food was only okay for dinner, maybe the dim sum is better but we won't either now. Would rather go to several places in Irvine with better prices, food and service.

I-Lin Wu

The waiters are rude and they ask for extra tips. We ordered 3 egg tarts and they did not give us any of them. Worst experience ever!!!

In F.

Ummm...due to restaurant's exterior and some positive reviews on yelp, I've had some high expectation for this dim sum place. Long story short, I wouldn't come back to this place. If you are looking for authentic dim sum experience, you will be disappointed. But if you are looking for casual dim sum, then maybe this place is right for you. Beef Chow Fun was okay. Too bland for my taste. Shanghai Juicy Dumpling is a dud. The pork inside had no texture. In fact, it was all meshed composed of only fats. Dim sum with shrimps were good. But don't order any dim sum with pork in it because it's not that good. Overall I give 2.5 but since I can't do that I give them 2. Food: 2 Atmosphere: 4 Price: 2 Service: 3

Amy L.

Who knew there was good dim sum in OC? The line on a weekend can be daunting, but the actual wait is not too bad as the restaurant is large and has many tables. The food is prepared fresh to order which I prefer over carts nowadays. Service needs a little work but it's not really dim sum if you get superbly friendly staff anyway. I have also dined here during dinner and it is nothing impressive. Typical Chinese banquet food but flavor was lacking in almost every dish.

Mark Shinoda

Food was delicious and different than any Chinese food I have eaten will be coming back with friends

Pat Strickland

I love this place, the pork dumplings are my favorite. I personally like this location better than the one at the mall,Here you get the great quality service, and a smaller venue. Plus there's a bakery across the street.

Minkkwan W.

Love coming here for dim sum. Elegant ambiance. Food is prepared fresh to order and not from carts. A few favorites: Eggplant with Fishcake - Comes in 4 pieces, tossed in a delicious slightly sweet spicy sauce. I end up dipping other dim sum in this sauce Shrimp Hargow - Large pieces of shrimp, wrapping isn't too thin, perfectly chewy, edges are not hard Stir fry Pea Shoots - Excellent veggie dish, not salty, veggies perfectly cooked. This dish is a hit with my parents! Shrimp and chive dumplings- Also another excellent dumpling. Chives add another dimension to the typical shrimp dumpling flavor. Congee with pork and preserved egg-- Well made congee with really good umami flavor infused into the rice from the pork and preserved egg without being too salty or bland. So so much more but I'll leave it at this for starters!

Esther L.

We had queued outside the restaurant before opening the door. At 10:30am, the restaurant opened and the flow of people began to enter. When it was our turn, my sister told the person who took the seat that we were eight in total but three of them would be arriving soon. She said that everyone would be seated before arriving. After a while, I told another male staff member who was also in charge. We had more than half of us (five) here, could we be seated? At that time, it was still early and there was still a lot of room in the restaurant but the man immediately gave me a bad face and said ironically, "Then I will give you a five-seater." I immediately responded that you were so arrogant and I couldn't stand it when you answered like this. Is this your attitude towards hospitality? We came here for the food for there is not much choices for dim sum in Irvine, however, their service is always terribly suck! Always throw customers with bad faces and still expecting you to tip them! Not a pleasant restaurant to go to!

Ting Ting W.

We came here for dim sum on a Friday afternoon for lunch and there was a line out the door already at 11:30. Wow, everything that we got was amazing. Every dish was super high quality, flavorful and delicious. I was really impressed by the full menu and the wide variety of dishes that they had. This restaurant does not push around a cart, but instead you have to order off of the menu which can be a little confusing to order. I would recommend that you look at the pictures on the menu to make sure you do not order the wrong dish. We ordered the beef roll, shumai, shrimp and chive dumplings, sticky rice in lotus leaf, Chinese green broccoli and bbq pork pastry rolls. Everything was soo good! The food was excellent, but there are definitely some nuances. The service was extremely slow. They do not give you any soy sauce, hot sauce or hot mustard sauce. When you to ask for it, it takes forever to come out and they were super stingy about it and give it to you in tiny tiny portions. We ordered Chrysanthemum tea but they gave us regular jasmine tea. We also ordered one wrong dish and they wouldn't let us return it and get something else. The dishes were a little on the expensive side. We spent about $80 for 3 people, but the quality was worth it. Another thing that's a little annoying is that each dish comes out one at a time... so it was very slow and we were starving. Don't expect it to come all at the same time. Definitely worth a try and

Cathy P.

Ever since Capital Seafood closed down, I've been on the hunt for a decent dimsum place in Irvine. J Zhou might just be one of my new favorites!! They don't move the carts around like typical dimsum places, so you gotta order off the menu by marking on a sheet, similar to Din Tai Fung. We got the Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumplings, Shanghai Juicy Dumplings, Hot & Spicy Dumplings, Steamed Rice Paper with Pork, and the Crispy Curry Beef Rolls. The price for each of those was under $7! Everything was pretty tasty, but my favorites were the Steamed Pork & Shrimp Dumplings, which is basically Shumai and the soup dumplings. I also surprisingly really enjoyed the Crispy Curry Beef Rolls. The interior of the restaurant is clean and beautifully set up, and service was stellar. Our waiter was so on top of it with the water and everything came out very promptly!! We came on a weekday during lunch hours, and it was fairly busy.

Bentley Koch

This spot is my favorite. I eat in a lot of restaurants but here I go the most. The stuff is very professional and the cuisine they serve is so appetizing. I would always prefer to have a good meal in this restaurant. Highly recommended.

Peter N.

Four of my kids got sick from eating here on Monday. Their stomach cramps and they vomit all night. If one or two got sick I would dismiss there was a problem but all four of them. All four eaten xiao long bao not the adult and all four kids got sick. I think the xiao long bao is not cooked. The raw pork with made them sick. Health department need to look into this restaurant. Don't want your family to get sick don't eat here. We are not eating here ever again.

Kristie T.

I have only been here for dim sum, so my review only applies to that. This is by far, my favorite place for dim sum in Orange County. Sure, the prices are higher than most other dim sum restaurants in the area, but I think it's worth it once in a while! You won't get the normal chatter and clanging of dim sum carts here, so if you're looking for a quiet place for some delicious dim sum, this place is it. I come with my coworkers and we usually get the same thing (these are my descriptions of it-- not the menu description!): rice noodle roll with "you tiao" & fish paste (sounds weird, but so good!), deep fried mochi with pork filling, fried tofu, shumai, chicken feet in black bean sauce, pork spare ribs, & bbq pork bun. Overall, everything was pretty tasty! The one star deduction is more for service.. cuz it's the typical Asian restaurant service here. One of my coworkers found a hair in the chicken feet, and when we told the server, there was no apology or anything, just "So, do you want a replacement or do you want me to cancel it?" We asked for a cancellation and he promptly took it away. I mean, I guess that works, but not exactly the type of response you want when you're paying premium for the dim sum.

Jessie Smith

One of my preferred spots to grab something to eat. good location, well organised, and excellent service. Very good job!

Robert Ruvalcaba

The most nice people you can ever meet. Very attentive to our needs.

Ginna L.

Service was terrible and food was ok. Definitely on the higher end. I honestly wish prices were listed so we could've had an idea of what we were in for. I would've been ok with it if the food was amazing, but honestly it tasted no different than $3 fast food dim sum. THE WORST PART was that we were heckled and pushed for tips. We were charged $5 for a sitting fee and for tea (which we didn't know about upon arrival) and on top of the bad service, we decided to tip lower than our norm (but not terrible). The man who gave us the check watched over my friend enter his card password, and once he saw the tip, called over his manager and two other men. There was a literal gang of men talking angrily in Chinese looking at our bill, then commenced to say "tip" "tip" "more tip". Then one of them pretty much canceled the charge on the machine so that we could re-enter a new amount with tip included. It was rough.

Bob Woodcock

Great dim sum. If you like durian, I highly recommend the durian mochi.

Rebecca D.

4 stars for food, 1 star for service. Don't let the suits fool you into thinking you'll get great service here! It's a nice, well decorated Chinese restaurant, particularly for dim sum. But the service is baaad. I know most the employees don't speak English, which is absolutely fine because I grew up near Little Saigon where almost all the employees of the restaurant biz out there only speak Vietnamese. But here, when they don't understand you, they just wave you off. Questions don't get answered. Food on the other hand is good quality dim sum. Not impressed with their dumplings, but their rice noodles with shrimp, tripe, and egg tarts were great. Given the bad service though, the select good food items isn't enough for me to recommend this place or come back.

Sophia Castanien

Never again!

Ceres Dee

Service at this place really sucks. No one tell u how to get in line on Pad and blame you for the thing never told u. Probably won't back again.

Sharon H.

Horrible service from the time we arrived, sat, ordered and waited for someone to get the check. Food itself wasn't even good. Shockingly, I prefer eating in the heart of Bolsa to get dim sum or this type of asian food rather than to ever come here again. Most asian restaurants... service sucks. But at least in the Bolsa area, they are fast and they don't ignore.

Reba Joyce L.

We came in today around noon. First, they lost our yelp reservation. The lady at the front was not kind to us. When I asked about the reservation, she found it in her list under her "history" list and then tried to blame me for not being in front of her even though we never received a notification over the phone that our table was ready. Anyways, we finally sit down: a party of 6. Someone at our table has a disability that requires a service animal. Then we were approached by a manager asking for proof of the Animal's Service Status. The manager proceeded to harass us, asking for documentation for the SERVICE ANIMAL. The following is copy/pasted from ADA.gov: In situations where it is not obvious that the dog is a service animal, staff may ask only two specific questions: (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability? and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform? Staff are not allowed to request any documentation for the dog, require that the dog demonstrate its task, or inquire about the nature of the person's disability. The above paragraph was not altered in any way. This restaurant is in violation of discriminating my family member. We had a terrible experience today with management and left the restaurant. I wish I was able to write a review about the food but the service was inexcusable. This restaurant treated us with the most disrespect and publicly discriminated someone with a disability. They deserve no stars from me today.

LinLin W.

Wait: long (Waited for about an hour on a Sunday lunch time even with Yelp check in) Service: typical Cantonese dim sum service, nothing bad and nothing special Food: not bad Price: overpriced I came to have lunch dim sum with my girl friend and her 2 little kids...we didn't order that much food and no drinks or dessert except for standard the pot of tea, and our bill came out to be $80+!!! we were busy catching up so I didn't pay as much attention to the details on the bill as I should...I feel like we may have been overcharged Note to self and fellow Yelpers: check the bill to confirm

Leesa B.

DISCRIMINATION! VIOLATION OF MY DAUGHTER'S AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) RIGHTS! 11/10/2019 Their waitlist is terrible, it told us to come at 11:41am, and there were 17 parties in front of us when we got there...this place does not know how to run their waitlist or their business - no text message to say to come and check-in, they just removed us from their list! We waited over an additional hour! Only to be harrassed by the server! Who is ignorant of ADA rights in this country! We were seated and our service dog was under the table, not being a nuisance. I calmly told him that he was only allowed to ask us two questions, I could not even finish my sentence before he shook his hand at me as if I was a fly, and stated, "I don't know anything about that, the Health Department has not told me anything about that!" This is fricken Irvine/Tustin I cannot be the first person to go there with a service animal! This place had barely enough room for a wheelchair, the tables are crammed together - no, we did not have a wheelchair, it's just a warning for other ADA clientele to stay away from this place! There are no cute little ladies with carts of delicious food walking around! You order off of a menu! Go to Little Siagon for better food and service. I had family from out of town and this was an embarrassing representation of Irvine/Tustin! It was my first time at this business, all other businesses in The District have had no problems with my family! You bet, I am taking legal action against this establishment and reporting their non-compliance of California ADA Laws, by filing a Disabilty Rights Section (DRS) to the Department of Justice! I don't want to eat there, I want that establishment to acknowledge ADA rights! That man was worried about health issues...they have the following picture in their bathroom, our dog is a lot cleaner than some of your customers! This place is a three star prior to my review! We had a better lunch experience at Whole Foods!

Trần Thiên Đức

This is the first time I tasted the food so good and incredible styles of professional cooking.