Market 2 Plate

2493 Park Ave, Tustin
(949) 535-3627

Recent Reviews

Victoria P.

Came in for the first time today just to find out they're closing down tomorrow for good. Their pasta is super fresh and I would have been a regular had I found them earlier.

Breanna E.

Wonderful ! I had originally clicked 5 stars for the free drink but I had to come back on here so you guys know that this food was fantastic! It had my tastebuds on fire! I just kept shaking my head at how delicious it was. I will most definitely go back if I make it back to the Tustin district! Also, the two ladies working were really friendly and patient with us looking back at the menu and asking questions.

Wendy B.

Such a fun find. Homemade pasta and sauces. Kids loved the Mac and cheese. I love the Alfredo with mushrooms. Can't go wrong with any of the choices. Very casual dress and dinning.

Matt B.

Man I love being back home to try out new places and areas that seem to pop up like this gem. For those of you that have had Fazoli's Italian fast food, this blows it away. The food is made freshly and in front of your eyes. Not only that the options are all yours from the choice of pasta to the sauce and toppings. Solid bolognese sauce, not the best I've had but definitely good especially with how quick and easy it all is. Solid portions with a solid product, definitely a can't miss here along with the other stores and shops nearby.

David Ayala

This place never fails to deliver. They serve great food for reasonable prices, there are no long waits even when the spot is packed.

Chris W.

For being 10$ a plate, one pasta dish was half the size of the other. The service was super slow and not that helpful. The food tasted better than what I expected from the reviews but still not worth the hassle of ordering. I recommend going to whole foods or another food place. It wasn't worth how much it cost and how much food you will receive. They forgot my bread and there was only so much time I can wait for the cashier. I say that you're better off paying extra then trying to get the cheap pasta here. Only good part is that they use good quality paper straws.

Jessamine A.

12.01.2019 We have been here many times over the years (I was actually here a couple weeks ago LOL!) but I guess I've never left a review. ‍ It's nice to see that the pasta dishes are freshly made to order. If you are hungry, the best bang for your buck are the noodles vs. the gnocchi or ravioli. The salads are quite flavorful and easily shareable with one or more people. Today I had their Lobster Stuffed Raviolis with the Lemon Butter Sauce. The ravioli was definitely stuffed with a lot of lobster and cooked al dente. The lemon butter sauce was good but seemed to separate a bit so it looked grainy. My two kids tasted my dish and really liked it as well. Little O had rotelli pasta with Funghi sauce and H had her fettuccine Alfredo. Both were good and the pastas were cooked al dente, not too mushy.

Mehrnoush S.

Omg! The food here is much more impressive and flavorful then it looks, but as you know, never judge a book by its cover. The pesto just melts in your mouth and you can feel a rich creamy sensation rolling down your throat.

Prashanth P.

Not sure how to start... our first time... took my bro's famil from India to try pastas.. my sis in law loves Pastas.. regretted to try this new... pastas are not boiled to perfection. We got sphagetti and gnocchi, tried pesto and Alfredo .. pastas are undercooked.. it looked to be prepared in haste... it was not crowded.. don't understand how can u go wrong cooking pasta and not testing it before adding sauces... sauces were good but what's the point when u can't eat the pastas.. paid 15 using yelp deal.. waste... drove straight to spoleto and enjoyed the prep there... never coming again.. Person taking orders was courteous and helpful..

Danny L.

Nice fresh made to order pasta place inside the Union Market in Tustin. They have a make your own pasta menu and I went for the Spinich Fettuccine with Pesto Sauce and some chicken added on. The size of the dish was solid and left me feeling full and satisfied without the feeling if having overeaten. The one thing I wasn't too big a fan of was the garlic break which felt pretty stiff and didn't have too much flavor.

Daisy Z.

I used to like this place, but yesterday I ordered the whole wheat pasta with cream sauce, the pasta tasted extremely plain with no flavor and the pasta stuck together I literally had to use knife to cut the pasta loose first. So I think it's definitely not worth $15

Anthony D.

More pasta than I could finish. Nothing like freshly made. Going to try spinach fettuccine next time. Been to Italy a dozen times and this is as good . No clue how they make money the prices are so low. I can think of three places at the District that would charge 40 percent more and the pasta isn't freshly made. This time I couldn't find my darn wallet after my order and the lady said I won't let you go out of here hungry. Thank goodness I found some money in my bag. Whew!

dale sarver

Great salad, sandwiches and pasta.

Jordan Lopez

Closed 20 minutes before advertised hours.

Jun P.

Very nice and cozy feeling restaurant. The workers are nice and food is great. Recommend chefs special

Doron C.

My favorite Italian dish. Clean , fresh and very tasty , that's the place to have a real pasta like in Italy.

Kathryn G.

The food was fantastic, service was friendly and prompt, and the atmosphere was super cute! Restaurant is right across from a pastry shop and around the corner from a wine bar, perfect for dessert and a drink!

Austin H.

We stumbled upon this little gem by complete chance and are so glad we did! As a person with food allergies up the wazoo, I was thrilled to see that they had vegan pasta! NO ONE has vegan pasta! And it's all handmade there. My husband had a delicious chicken shawarma sandwich too. We definitely recommend this place!

Kimberley H.

Pasta made to order, super fresh and delish. I will come back (I'm here on a Friday at lunch time.)

Emily T.

I've been coming here a couple times every week and I've gotta say, everyone's very sweet and helpful with my choices. Every single time the older man makes the pasta for me it always looks & tastes the absolute best! Ive never really eaten so much pasta in my life before I found out about this place! Thank you!

Gal H.

so yummy!!! i would definitely recommend this meal, i really enjoyed it. i will be coming again for sure!!

Manuel Gonzalez

Great time window shopping and visiting the shops great restaurants

EMarie M.

My hubby and I have been here a few times. I had the lobster ravioli and my hubby had the spaghetti with different sauces. I enjoyed it but my husband absolutely loved it!! I was worried because I read the reviews. I believe the key is to go when the owner is there because it always comes out real well. Also, my husband is a vegetarian so his palate is more sensitive to taste of food. The only item not quite exceptional is the focaccia slice given with each meal. Sometimes good sometimes just hard and tasteless. I believe if the owner keeps up the hard work particularly training her team, it will only get improved. It is worth a try to see if you like fresh pasta. The sauces are also exceptional per my husband.

Nicole B.

This place is an absolute go to for lunch! I love getting their big Greek salad with chicken. Fast service and great service. When I am working that is my place always for lunch.

RFerdows ..

The pasta is amazing here. I always get the papparadelli with bognese. To die for. I also am obsessed with the strawberry lemonade. Its the perfect cold drink to have on a hot day

Zhi K.

Worst experience to date. I rarely write bad reviews as I know how much yelp can affect a restaurants business, but this was absolutely unacceptable. My party and I proceeded to arrive at 8:30 PM, and the employees were already keeping up, despite the hours being reported as 9:30. We place our order at about 8:40 PM and took a number waiting patiently for our food to come. Fast forward 10 minutes and they begin keeping the outside areas and turning away customers despite it being only 8:50, and the closing time listed at 9:30. Even if it was a mistake and it closes at 9:00 PM as the owner I would be furious at my staff closing and packing up early. 25 minutes pass and this is about the time we started to get worried. My friend walks in to check on the order and turns out they not only forgot about it, but that it was too late to cook our meal because they would have to re clean the kitchen... UNBELIEVABLE. I was happy to accept the meal instead of a refund, but they simply said it was too late and was against policy. I really hope the owner reads this, because the 2 girls and the guy working the back were the laziest employees i've ever seen.

Narjes G

I tried the Tunisian sandwich and it was nothing like the real Tunisian sandwich , so I went home and I made my own:( and the wait was outrageous! 35 minutes for a fastfood place ...

Matt P.

I've walked by here many times, and finally decided to try it! My friend got the market chopped salad, which was a little on the greasy side, and the lettuce itself was chopped in small, hard-to-pick-up pieces. I had the malfalda pasta with pesto sauce--while the pasta was cooked well, the sauce was on the bland side. My friend noted that there wasn't a huge difference between my pesto sauce and another friend's bolognese sauce. The store itself seems a little cluttered and disorganized as well.


My daughter got the kids pasta with marina sauce it was horrible it tasted like spaghetti Os! She got a stomach ache from eating 2 bites!

Narjes G.

I went for the first time yesterday and I tried the Tunisian Sandwich, let me say this .... IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TRADITIONAL TUNISIAN SANDWICH! it was disgusting and soggy and too acidic because of the lemon concentrate. I was waiting for more than 35 minutes & it was disappointing. I was so mad that I went home and made my own real Tunisian sandwich.


Trash food with absolutely no taste w/trash service. On top of that the price is ridiculous for a veggie (with hardly any veggies) pasta dish. It felt like I was eating straight up cardboard. I ended up throwing away most of it. Yeah, that's how bad it was.

Mamie Sutton

This place was just tasty! I got a make your own salad, and I could put any topping I wanted. My son really loved his chicken, and he can be picky. My husband's sandwich was delicious and so filling, that he couldn't finish it. We wish there was some place like this in Tustin!

Brittany A.

I ordered 2 kids spaghettis and vegan pasta with the classic red sauce. It was my first and last time here. The pasta was under cooked and the sauce has no flavor. The kids even said it was nasty, we left our food there and went elsewhere.

Ryan C.

Eh. Was enticed in with the promise of fresh pasta, not entirely sure what we were served. First, the noodles were beyond al dente... and were they previously cooked and then reheated? The papardelle stuck together in hard clumps and lacked any consistency. The rigatoni was was the same, but easier to eat because you weren't trying to untangle the longer, stuck together noodles. We went with the bolognese and alioli for sauces and the bolognese was our favorite of the two. Both were lacking any real flavor and you'll probably need to add some salt for taste. That bread though... not good - even when we tried to use it as a way to scoop up the remainder of our meaty sauce. Portions are on the smaller side comparatively to other Italian restaurants and two dishes will set you back about $22 without any additions or drinks. Plenty of seating.

Chief Slapaho

I have been a regular customer of this outfit for some time now, and have been ordering from them several times a week. The pastas can be good, but wildly inconsistent quality when delivered. If it's near closing time, invariably I will get both cold food and stale food. The business owner continues to punt on this, telling me to call the delivery company to obtain a refund or adjustment. As the issue is nearly always quality control and use of stale ingredients, I would only receive a delivery credit, not a full or equitable adjustment. I have finally hit a roadblock with M2P and will no longer do business with them. Very disappointing, but plenty of other good restaurants serving pasta to do business with. And based on many of the most recent reviews, this place has some major issues to overcome.

Sally Walker

Dinner was good. Had the fish and risotto that was recommended by our waiter, super nice and friendly. Knowledgeable in what type of wine to go with entree, so that was a plus. Food was slightly salty but atmosphere was nice and vibrant. Will visit again, if I was in the area.

Alex Grimm

A friend took me here, I knew it was bad news when it was in the Union Market. I got Noodles with Marinara and Chicken. I'm pretty sure the Marinara was taco bell hot sauce packets. Also the chicken must have been from the Mcdonalds reject pile.

Olivia Schean

My daughter got the kids pasta with marina sauce it was horrible it tasted like spaghetti Os! She got a stomach ache from eating 2 bites!

Michael H.

First time trying fresh handmade pasta today Spinach fettuccini in fungi sauce with their new lobster stuffed ravioli

Hannah L.

My mom ordered a salad here and lets just say they don't specialize in salads. According to her it was salty, over dressed and overall not a yummy salad! The staff was a little strange as well, they were loud and very aggressive with each other. The atmosphere was kinda dark and a little dingey which made it not pleasant to eat there among the staff's odd chatter.