Mexican Street Tacos

73768 Gorgonio Dr, Twentynine Palms
(760) 865-0808

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Kathy R

Delicious food and genuine Mexican cuisine. The staff were very helpful with details on the menu options. Even let us do a taste test on their salsa? Not much for atmosphere but we ate outside on a beautiful evening!

Dylan Nielson

I had a fantastic cabeza burrito and tried the carnitas burrito, they were both great! Smallish interior that’s cooler than outside on a 100 degree day, but not necessarily full blast air conditioned. Really helpful front of house staff.

Pelumi Olaleye

First time visiting. Went on a Monday afternoon around 1pm. I ordered the carnitas nachos. Carnitas meat suppose to be juicy but theirs was very dry and my nachos tasted like the toppings were just dumped on it straight from the refrigerator. Also the flies! FLIES everywhere in the indoor seating area. I will not return. I will not recommend especially if dining indoors. I give 2 stars because the customer service was good.

Craig Hertzler

Street tacos! I had a quesadilla and it is exactly what you’d expect from an establishment with “Mexican Street Tacos” as the name. They were good! There’s a bowling alley in the back and a bar to the side. They’re all concerned internally. Great fun local hotspot ambiance.

Melissa Collard

Overall extremely terrible experience for the first time since they opened. First they lost our order and it was never made after our kids continually asked where their food was while we played two entire games of bowling we went and asked and they “put a rush on it” being re made as it was no where to be found. Receiving our order we were very confused as our nachos had not one piece of cheese melted and was missing the chipotle that we made sure to ask for when ordering. The worker stated that they have never melted cheese which is completely untrue as again we have been coming here since they open always ordering the same thing. She took it back and said she would re make it.. after receiving my nachos back aka a pile of beans and no chipotle again we were very highly disappointed. Huge waste of time, money and food - will not be returning.

Equilibrium C:

Good tacos. The green salsa is delicious. The workers are nice, I especially like the girl on the register (she was charismatic).My only complaint would be the flies. (Gotta get a bug zapper and a blower at the door.)Over all I liked it. I will be back.

Kennedy S.

Really decent food. I got the shrimp burrito and the shrimp in it were delicious and fresh. However, the rice was mushy and there were a lot of flavorless beans. Regardless, I still really enjoyed. My friend loved the corn and I tried it and it was so good and so were the carne asada tacos. The only downsides were the lack of options with drinks and the cleanliness. I know it's the desert but the floor looks like it hasn't been mopped in a while, and if it has, it really does need a good sweeping. My second thing is the tablecloths. They aren't changed every time someone sits down or nothing is put down over so there are visible stains. Other than that, a great taco place to visit.

B T.

you have better options, poorly run and low quality food. i think it was a little better when it first opened, marginally?

Sherry W.

This place has some great tacos! Some of the tacos don't come with fixings or garnish on them. They gave me little bags and cups for getting my own garnishes and salsas at the little station. I thought the chicken and beef tacos were a little dry and possibly overcooked. The fish and shrimp tacos came garnished and had sauce and those were my FAV! The fish was crispy and they tasted so fresh. The chips and salsa is also really good because they season the tortilla chips. This made for a really good takeout lunch to eat on the patio on a beautiful day!

Daniel Williams

I am a big time taco fan and this place did not disappoint. I highly recommend the cabeza tacos and the grilled fish taco. The cabeza was the best that I have had and the grilled fish was lightly seasoned to perfection. Outstanding

Emily pruitt

Definitely not real street taco quality. However, I like it better than others I have tried so far. Beans were pretty good, rice was not. I ordered online for delivery through Caviar, easy and courteous service. Price is VERY GOOD and will probably keep me coming.


We had to wait a long time to place our order because the cashier was getting overwhelmed by phone orders and app food delivery pickupa. Once we ordered, the food came quickly and was so tasty. $1 cash only tacos on Mondays! Lemon lime auga fresca was perfect and not too sweet.

Darlene N.

The Carne Asada Fries hit the spot late night when everything else is closed given the limited options in the area!

Jk H.

Got shorted food and was told to order again the next day and they will give the missing food then. Poor customer service. Don't recommend for family dining.

Jeffrey Ignarro

It's like a taco stand that graduated to having a permanent home. The woman behind the counter suggested that I try both kinds of pork belly and they were delicious. I also got pastor and it was very good as well. They have indoor seating as well as a nice patio area which really helps keep the street taco ambiance. I am just visiting the area, but this is another place that I will definitely return to on my next trip.

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