Gaby's Restaurant

3216 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey
(310) 823-7299

Recent Reviews

James Kromer

Great service and decent food. Thanks ??✌️Food: 3/5

Jonathan Castillo

Been coming here since 2016. So tasty!!Food: 5/5

Star Valcini

The place is clean. Great customer service. The food is delicious. The reason it didn't get 5 stars is because their family meal deal is not a deal. Usually a family meal deal is good for up to four people. The family meal is more for like two people. If you get it for four people is more like an appetizer. I was disappointing at their portions. The large sides are more like medium. If you have a man and hungry boys at home I recommend to get the individual plates instead. If your kids hardly eat then get the family deal.

Ryan D. Thompson

I hadn't been to Gaby's in years, but it was still as good as I remember. And that garlic sauce! So good!

M .D.M

Bad bad bad bad . Food is bad . Place is filthy !!! Over priced . Place burnt down!!!! Need major upgrade and some concern from the owners

Deborah R.

So sad. This used to be one of my very favorite restaurants. Have given it every chance realizing Covid has made things challenging. Started out giving generous tips at the drive through a few months back. Diminished menu (they are out of or just don't make much of what is on the menu.) Prices way up, which would be fine if it was good quality, reasonable portions but . . . the portions aren't and the quality is inconsistent and not so good. Also, they reliably mess up the order forgetting things entirely that they have charged for and just putting something completely different than what was ordered and that is at drive through. Gaby's what happened?

Jean B

Went there and took 2 shawarmas beef to go, came with size of rice. Shawarmas were broken so you could not eat them with hands, had to use fork/spoon, beef were so hard, faty, nervy that it took 10 minutes for each bite to chew (that was of course if you have the little meat they put inside!!), flooding in some kind of sauce (hummus/Tahini??) and of course full of tomatoes and onions because it is cheap. $11.50 a piece. Tasted like paper in sauce!!

Kyle K.

In years past - I used to go here about once a week and pick up food or have it delivered. But then they stopped taking over-the-phone orders and make you use THE WORST ORDER SITE EVER! I stopped getting food from them because too hard to use. Today - happened to be traveling by and thought - what the heck. I 'll go to Gaby's drive through. Ordered the swarm wrap. First - as guy is handing me the back he asked if I need any sauces? I say - well I assume there is tzaziki sauce included? He say no - we don't have any? What self respecting Mediterranean Restaurant doesn't serve it with you meal??? Grrrrr. So I get home and go to eat my meal. The wrap is dry and falling apart. TERRIBLE! The meat is flavored well - but the rest was just a mess. This specific location has REALLY GONE DOWN HILL. I don't know about any of the other locations? They won't be getting any more of my business at this one.

Elcee C.

This place is a staple for lunch! Even with the increase of prices because of the obvious reasons, it's worth still going. The grape leaves, baba ganouj, and tabouli are all stand-outs. I love their shrimp salad, and the shrimp is always grilled to perfection with a wonderful flavor. Their white garlic sauce (Toum I think?) is so good with the shrimp. Oh and their baklava when they have it is so delicious! I think their pita could use an upgrade but it's nice that it isn't too filling! Love Gaby's on Washington.

Alyssa B.

I like the falafel pita better than the shawarma these days because it comes with tahini sauce instead of the garlic sauce and I like that better. HIGHLY RECOMMEND *VERY GOOD! The Baba Ghannouj is also terrific and the pita they offer with it is also not your average pita. Been going here for years, it's definitely in the lunch rotation.

Robert Alter

Food is pretty good but the drive-thru is the slowest one I've ever been to. Was stuck in it for over 15 minutes

Voula Dixon

Great service great people very kindI woulddefinitely go backThe food was delicious

Darya Allen-Attar

This restaurant gave us cold food with soggy fries. Don’t waste your money.

Gail B.

This is the second time that Gaby's has completely messed up a delivery order. Last time it was with some of the wrong food. This time, they had not even put the order in for delivery after the time the food was supposed to be delivered (which was an hour and 20 after placing the order). They didn't even bother to call and let us know there was a problem. I had to call the Venice location to find out. There food is really good and I like to support smaller independent restaurant operators. Their total mismanagement at the Marina location, however, has taught me that it's only reliable for eat-in. What a shame.

Chase A.

The cashier's attitude is great! The food is delicious! The place is clean. I will continue to stop in for as long as I live in MDR. Amazing lentil soup, and customer service. Great location. Thanks, crew!

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