Django's Coffee House

2271 N Ventura Ave, Ventura
(805) 648-5467

Recent Reviews

Yulianna Ceja

The service here is great. This coffee house is ideal for study sessions!

Diane Cook

My place I have a coffee drink and visit with a good friend.

Chris S.

Support the local non chain coffee house!!! Friendly staff and decent coffee. I'd much rather come here than to starbucks

Hugo Trejo

I love how they prepare food and more coffee

Isabel Torres

Bad service. Picking up food with fingers without gloves. Deli usually gone bad and still gets served

Christian G.

Honestly, this place has only gone downhill since the new ownership. The owner clearly doesn't care about his business. Since new ownership, he has done absolutely nothing to revive Djangos. Same old furniture, same old vibe. For example, Even with Yelp. With most small businesses the owner/manager replies to good and bad reviews of the business. There are no replies whatsoever. The coffee is not consistent as well. Most days it is good. Some days it is great. And some days it's okay. I have been coming to Djangos for 10+ years and unfortunately in the last few years I have visited Djangos less and less. I used to love this place, but the hours are hard to work with. Before they used to close at 5pm. With new ownership, they changed to 4pm. I'm LUCKY if I catch them before 3:30pm, for they tend to close early. I know I'm not the only person who would like a coffee in the evening. Sad to write a negative review in this place. I used to love this place. Next time I want a coffee, I'll go to Starbucks or Palermo's. Their hours are reasonable and drinks are consistent. Maybe they can turn the coffee shop around before it closes down.

Wil Robles

Cute little coffee place. Clean. Nice people.

Richard Strom

Just passing through, good coffee. $$

Snaggle C.

Don't care for this place at all. If I want good coffee i rather go to Starbucks or 7-11. I wouldn't waste any of my money at this place ever.

Vape F.

I've been coming to this Coffee shop for years. I'm a creature of habit so I get there cold brew "Tody". It's my go to... Super potent! great staff & good coffee thank you. Support your local coffee shop Django's!!! RP


Very nice and quiet, great tasting tea, and Vanessa is super friendly

Rikigoya .

Very nice and quiet, great tasting tea, and Vanessa is super friendly

Tiah H.

Popular stop for my congreation service crews. Nice seating and good bagels, sandwiches, and drinks.

Monica N.

I forgot to bring my coffee to make at my boyfriends' last weekend. So I ran down to D'Jango's for a Latte' and a regular coffee for the boyfriend. They had 2 brewed regular coffee's to choose from. I did a taste test on both and found them both to be bitter and un-drinkable. I chose one, but knew this was not going to end well. I ordered the Latte' for myself, but was startled when she handed it to me 2 minutes later. Hey I didn't hear any whirling of the espresso machine. Tasted it and it was not even hot! I told the barista that it wasn't hot and she looked sort of sheepish and took it back. Then I heard the machine going and was handed a hot Latte'. So I don't know if I rec'd someone's reject or what. I took the coffees home and 1st thing out of my boyfriend's mouth was "This is bitter! Yuck!" I learned my lesson-Never forget my coffee, and never go to D'Jango's again. They obviously don't buy good beans or know how to brew it properly. You must start w/ great filtered water, at the correct temperature, great beans roasted and ground properly. Study up D'Jango there is a science to making a perfect cup of coffee and maybe you too will create great coffee some day.

Karl wilson

Very nice coffee shop! Nice atmosphere, very good lattes. I have seen a lot of people getting some food as well but we just got the coffee to go

Audra Lucas

The coffee is good. I wish they had more culture in the shop, there is plenty of opportunity and room to display some art and or local culture. Instead, there are a lot of nick-nacks and kinda cheap stuff. It would be much better with some outdoor tables and chairs and some cool stuff inside. Otherwise, it is the best place for coffee on that part of the Avenue.

Erika Marshall

Very nice coffee shop! Nice atmosphere, very good lattes. Lots of food options, although we didn't eat.

Erika Marshall

Very nice coffee shop! Nice atmosphere, very good lattes. Lots of food options, although we didn't eat.

Rebecca M.

Open on New Years Day which was a huge plus as I was driving through the area. It seems to serve a neighborhood niche - there isn't all that much in the area in the way of coffee shops. The primary reason for me giving Django's 3 stars is the super friendly staff. The woman working the day I was there was so friendly and welcoming, I instantly was glad to have stopped in. Unfortunately, the pastries are not fresh made and were pretty nasty. I didn't finish my muffin. And the coffee was pretty sub-standard - flavorless, a little burnt, and the milk used was generic almond milk. While I appreciate them being open and the service - I wouldn't stop in for a quality beverage or snack .

Lauren Padilla

You guys charged me $4 then $5 then $3 fir the same drink on different weeks then u out of them cinnamon rolls but like you chill workers love, Shawn

Ian Caldwell

I absolutely love their coffee and bagels here they rock!!

Natali V.

I used to come all the time for breakfast/lunch, but recently I bought a carrot and zucchini bread and it had mold on it that is absolutely disgusting. I went back about 15 minutes later to let them know, when I walked in, the 2 ladies working were eating a meal from an outside restaurant, (I understand everyone gets hungry but don't eat in front of customers while being on your phone!! Common sense.) Eventually one of them asked me if I needed help. When I showed them the moldy bread they asked if I wanted another one or my money back. Never apologized to me once.. I don't want to "expose" this place, because I thought it was great, but not only was that nasty, the customer service was just awful.

Joseph Hobbs

Efficient, friendly service. Good coffee.


Poor service I phone ordered food today (I live about 20 min away) the order was repeated back correctly, I sent someone to pick it up and when they got back the order was wrong due to a medication I take I canâ??t have dark greens so I simply attempted to call back to have it remade and was hung up on several times then they would let it just ring through until it washed for some code for their voice mail I assume. All these calls took place before they were closed and I never got an actual person to talk to just hung up on it ignored. I used to frequent here (even after having previous issues) often but most likely wonâ??t anymore.

Mindy C.

I was waiting for my friend who was grabbing lunch. I usually get just the recess iced blended. It was ok. My friend ordered a sandwich. Before ordering, the blonde and brown haired girl were eating behind the counter-- ok everyone gets hungry but my friend ordered a sandwich which needed to be prepared. One of the girls just wiped her hands on her shirt and proceeded to the back to make the sandwich without washing her hands ( you can clearly see them make the sandwich in the back) My friend had no energy to argue about it and just left the sandwich on their counter. WHY DIDNT THE GIRL WASH HER HAND? We only had 30 min for lunch and had no time to wait for another. Don't they have to go to a food handler's class and get certified? WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE PREPARING FOOD FOR SOMEONE ELSE

Bryan Semones

Me: I realized Django's coffee shop was poisoning me. The Barista showed me the eroded plastic cup they use to catch espresso shots which are basically a concentrated organic solvent.

K B.

Everytime I come here the staff is super friendly and they make the BEST blended drinks in town! I never receive this type of service at a Starbucks... come support your local coffee shop and enjoy the best drinks around!

Christina Corona

First time there it ok nothing special cool place to swing by and get coffee

Taylor Reynolds

Staff friendly, good food

Rachael L.

When I heard of this place I was stoked to find a coffee place so close to my house! When I walked in, I looked around. It wasn't busy, but it was a little dirty and chaotic. The trashes were full / tables were dirty... etc. I waited at the register for a couple minutes before I was greeted by one of the two very young women working. They had a few airpots of coffee on display, but I was hoping for something fresh. Most coffee people know that the organic compounds of break down thirty minutes after brewing. After that the coffee tastes like... gas station coffee. My hopes were high as the place has "coffee house" in the name. When I went to place my order, I asked if they could do a pour-over. The girl looked at me dumbfounded, and said she didn't know if they did that. So she called the other girl over and I asked if they could do a pour-over. She said, "what's that?". I couldn't help but giggle, I was a little taken aback that they had never heard of a pour-over / hand-pour. It's a pretty common brewing method. I ended up ordering an Americano without room. She left room. Not that it matters much but even after all that she got my order wrong. The Americano was awful. The beans were not good. I'm all about supporting local business and I love how close the place is to my house, but the coffee was bad. I'm just bummed that a place that calls itself a coffee house has bad coffee, and lacks a basic understanding of coffee science / common brewing methods. That in combinations of the young women's unprofessionalism really turned me off to this place. Would happily come back when they up their coffee game and train their employees a little better.

martin hagbery

If you want smoked BQ it's the best place in town I drove hour an a half to eat there

Matthew Archer

This place absolutely rocks my socks. The baristas are super friendly and always on point with my order. The coffee and pastries are delicious and the service is unparalleled by any other coffee shop.

Tia K.

Stopped in for a quick lunch. The place is very clean and there is a lot of space. Staff was helpful. They recommended the veggie sandwich and I'll give it to that sandwich, it was one of the better veggie sandwiches I've had. Next time I'm in the area, I'll likely come back for another.

Teri S.

First time here and had a cappuccino. Good stuff! The bbq next door smells amazing too!

Monica Gray

Staff are friendly and informative, and I enjoyed a game of mancala with my son before school. There are good vibes and a welcoming atmosphere at Django's.

Angelica B.

I sadly am still disappointed with this place. I commute to work and stop by Djangos because it is convenient. However their coffee tastes watered down and their lattes are cold and tasteless. As a neighbor I hope to see this place improve.

Nayt D.

They use sour milk for everything here. I shit out my entire body I got so sick. There is no customer service to review. This place is whack.

Justin S.

Best business on the avenue. I get the cold brew just about everyday, it's the best I've had anywhere. I believe they're owned by Bagel Rock now so they always have amazing bagels and pastries. The festive turkey sandwich is my favorite.

Heather K.

Meh. I've had so much better service and food at Starbucks and Coffee Bean. While I usually try to search out local/independent places to patronize, I wish I'd passed on by this place. It wasn't busy, BUT they were closing in 45 minutes from when I arrived. Not much of a selection of pastries (I get that tho. It was the end of the day.) HOWEVER, the 2 young girls working were so unfriendly. If they hated their jobs, it was VERY obvious to me. I ordered a day old bagel. I requested it toasted and received it ALMOST totally burnt. When I finished looking around, I had quickly stepped out, and went to pick up my bagel, there was NOTHING from the girl to me. NOT A THANKS, Have A Nice Day, NOTHING. She all but grunted at me and motioned to the bag when I asked her, "Is this my bagel?" The only reason this is 3 and not 2 stars is the cheese bagel was pretty OK. I won't be back. No need!


Found a coffee shop with app 'Around Me '. Djang's north of town had great coffee and was perfect to eat ( our breakfast items) on the out side tables, . Coffee was good and lots of cute gifts and cards inside.