Django's Coffee House

2271 N Ventura Ave, Ventura
(805) 648-5467

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Erin S.

Fantastic addition to neighborhood! Only bummer is sitting outside when the bbq smoker from the shop next to them starts up.. Wish that thing could move-but def not Lovewell's fault. I had a cold blended chai. I love chai lattes and this one was superb! The staff were lovely. It's so nice to see folks come out again. Welcome !!!

Cristina V.

NO LOVE LOVEWELL For a new place just opening it is definitely very disappointing and unprofessional. I used to walk down to Djangos 2-3 times a week. I was sad it closed but glad it was open again specially because they were still carrying those yummy bagels my 2 little girls like. Well that all changed at our very first visit! We arrived at around 10:30am still kinda early but not early enough for ANY pastries to be left. All they had was like 4 wrapped biscottis. I understood as I was told they were new and still trying to figure out their ordering needs & At that point I was ok with that after all I wanted to support our new neighborhood coffee shop. I bought 2 biscottis - even though my girls didn't like them- my coffee and 2 apple juices and kids hot chocolate As I sat outside I saw a young girl and her mom sat besides us and then being served a BAGEL right in front of our faces. My 4 yr old daughter was confused and asked where is my bagel? I turned to the girl serving the bagel and asked I thought you were out? Her answer was that those customers had called-in their bagel order earlier... what?? - this place had been opened for 2 weeks - I was upset but still tried to be understanding ... One hour later, my brother-in-law walks in and sees 4 bagels being prepared behind the counter. He mentioned to the person at the register that his sister-in-law and nieces were told they were sold out a while ago. To that they answered that they always had some in the back and they even offered him one. He was upset and just ordered his usual coffee and left. He told me what he had seen, I was now very upset and called Lovewell. One of the owner-sister answered the phone. I told her everything that had happened but her tone was condescending, didn't apologize and she of course defended her staff and told me it was a misunderstanding but that they did in Fact put aside bagels for customers that call in - so if you're a new customer expect to KNOW THIS!! Order ahead or no pastries!! she reiterated that we should've called it in I received a call later by the other "Nicer"sister-owner and she tried to apologize and offered to order a bagel for us for the next day. I explained to her that it wasn't about the bagel anymore but the bad experience. Again she stood behind call-in orders for bagels and advised me to do that next time to make sure they have one for us We've been going to Starbucks ever since, not sure if we'll be back here. We miss Djangos coffee shop and their nice staff

Rebecca K.

Wow! such a beautiful space. The staff is so friendly and you get a great sense of community. I love that we have our own little cafe on the avenue. And if you are vegan! They have some vegan options. They have non-dairy whip cream and milk alternatives.

Emily F.

Such a cute atmosphere! Plenty of parking out front. It's a bit far onto the avenue but worth the drive. Excellent selection of coffee, tea, pastries, and even cute little goodies. I got a delicious iced oat milk mocha and loved it! After ordering I noticed some cute reusable straws in a little pouch for only a couple dollars and snagged those too! Such friendly staff. I will definitely be coming back!

Rey S.

DO NOT SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS. As someone who visits Ventura to see family often, I was excited when this place opened and have visited a few times. LOVED their coffee. So I was EXTREMELY disappointed to see them post a photo of police making a RACIST JOKE instead of supporting a global movement for justice and accountability. At a time when we all care about supporting businesses that are aligned with our values, I cannot support a company that is proud to be on the wrong side of history. I am disgusted and ashamed to have ever supported.

Keaton D.

My favorite spot to grab a morning cup. The new owners and staff are extremely friendly and support the community. I'm glad to support this small business back. Would 5/5 recommend!

Mary H.

I'm so glad I stopped in here today! All of the employees are so very sweet and the coffee is incredible! I only wish I lived closer and could spend more days visiting!

Skippy K.

My Jura was broken, so I decided to check this out as a place I could hopefully recommend to my AIRBNB guests. As I walked in, I was greeted by several employees with a smile & a " good morning". I ordered a latte ( no flavor) @ it was delicious. I'm a total coffee snob , so Coming from me,,,that's good to know!! I also splurged on a cinnamon roll...hey! I had to sacrifice myself for my AIRBNB guests! That was delicious too!! They put my cinnamon roll in a brown bag with handles & inside was a biodegradable fork & a napkin, all in a nice little envelope. Presentation A+!!! As I was leaving , I started chatting with the manager & staff & all were very kind about my first day on my new job. You guys! Let's support this place so we have somewhere here to get coffee & snacks!! Hoping soon they will have sandwiches!!!

Amanda W.

New ownership from Djangos to Lovewell Tea & Coffee. Emily and Andrea are the best! They love people well and that translates to their coffee, tea, and bagels! I love the additional touches of their logo on to go bags, coffee holders, and cups. A great added touch. So happy for these two to make their dream come true.

Rosa Parker

best spot to come to in the mornings, friendliest staff with great coffee.

Ferns Lehman

I love this place! Their coffee all looked delicious. I went for my usual Americano, which I was very happy with. There is a good amount of space to either do work or catch up with friends. Would recommend anyone to drop by here if in Ventura!

mike keshian

Nice staff but they have the bathrooms shut down saying out of order when they aren't. Won't be working from here again !!

Jes L.

My favorite blended drinks in Ventura, good sandwiches and pastries as well. The spiced mocha is different and delicious.

Antonio Su

Warm place

Lori Prehn

Good selection of drinks.

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