Cheapskates Action Sports Bar

7501 Grandview Ave, Arvada
(303) 423-7770

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Christian Martinez

First off, I love this bar. Last night I came in and bought a couple friends some shots. They ordered more non their own accord, I was charged for them. I left a note on my tab after I saw that my tab was big. Then the bartender about then after I left

Joanna Anderson

Very friendy and a great place to hang out on a friday night or game day

Josh Steichen

Not the biggest spot, but it's got good drinks and tasty food.

Richard Poggi

Excellent local bar not pretentious at all. Good beers. Good service

Denise Joyce Manley (Iyabode)

Great atmosphere, awesome drinks, reasonable prices, and hats off to the chef(s).?

Kyle Vineyard

So I applied for a job here with the perfect Qualifications and availability for the bartending position, and I got a call back from one of your staff saying they only really hire female bartenders and that's extremely disappointing.

Ryan Purvis (Pimpinhoes)

Really great although I didn't have money to get any drinks, but the atmosphere was great.

Will H.

Cheapskates is a casual sports bar that is right in the heart of Old Town Arvada and across from the G-line Light Rail Station. They serve traditional bar food, have beer on tap (bottles and cans, too) and plenty of hard liquor, if you prefer something stronger. This has become my go-to lunch spot in Arvada. Their burgers, tater tots, salads and chicken wings are all very good and better than you'd expect for a sports bar. They have some of the best food in that part of town and all of it is very reasonably priced. The staff is, for the most part, very friendly and attentive. There is the occasional bartender who is having an off day or who doesn't seem to notice when you walk in and sit down. I think part of the issue is they are often overworked/short-staffed. Little bars like this can go from empty to packed in ten minutes, appearing to sometimes catch the servers and kitchen staff off-guard. Frequently, the bartender also has to provide table service, which means they're constantly moving between the bar and dining area. After about five or six p.m., they usually bring in an additional server and have a bouncer checking IDs. The crowd here is definitely a mixed bag. During the day, you have older folks and working professionals coming in for lunch, a quick beer/shot or to catch a ballgame. At night, the place turns a bit more rowdy, young and loud. There's also usually at least a few people outside smoking cigarettes / weed, which can turn people off and make the place look seedier than it is. I've heard about fights breaking out here, but never actually seen one. There's also, unfortunately, a fair number of homeless people nearby - who mostly congregate across the street near the light rail station. It's disappointing this part of town is attracting more and more of these types. All in all, worth checking out if you're in the area and looking for a bite to eat or a cold drink.

Vanessa Freeman

Food was very delicious and the wait time was about 15 minutes, when we received our food. ?

Justin Reeder

Good place to hang out. A very familiar and welcoming atmosphere.

Barry M.

I've been frequenting this nice little bar with my wife for the past 5 years... We met at this wonderful hole in the wall, while waiting in the bathroom line one night. We don't come as often as we once did, due to the little rascals.... But when we do get a sitter we always stop by Skates. We went last week for taco Tuesday... can't beat $1.50 tacos! But Noel, who usually worked days was working the night shift. We always avoided her because of her attitude and how rude she was to my wife. It's like she hates other women, weird. Anyway we still went in with her working and there wasn't a cook so Noel was extremely overwhelmed. We weren't able to get food which wasn't her fault. But then she decided to show us her true colors and treated us like dirt. Passive aggressive, fake smiles, just very unprofessional. I talked to some regulars I know from back in the day and they tell me she's scaring a lot of folks off. And she's the GM?!?! I don't know how that happened. She is no Sydney that's for darn sure! Get this girl some customer service training or a new attitude. Love everything else about the place.

Patrick H.

One of the busiest bars in Olde Town. Partly due to the cheap drinks and food. It's a community staple and earned a place in my heart. Did I mention cheap drinks! I'm quite impressed how they operate and keep there regulars coming back

Leeza F.

Grimy establishment where patrons pour out the front door smoking, drinking, and carry on like lousy drunks. This place is an eye sore and a hot mess express. Purge the system.

Chris B

Not bad but slow and slammed bar service during peak end-of-night hours. Will try it for lunch or dinner and update thus accordingly. ?

Seddy Gomez

Man I love this bar! Staff is incredible, drinks are priced fair, cool outdoor area for the summer. This place became my go to spot.

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