La Dolce Vita

5756 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada
(303) 456-8919

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Charlotte Barber

You will not regret stopping by this amazing coffee shop. The wonderful humans working there are such a joy to talk to, the coffee is impeccable, and the cinnamon rolls are to DIE for! Support small business and stop by!Kid-friendliness: It’s a family owned business, very family-orientated!Parking: Lots of street parking!

Tom Vincent

Great coffee place! My drink was wonderful. Will definitely return. Was my first time here, and I literally ordered, "What the person ordered before me," because it looked delicious. Wait was a little long but I didn't even care because everything was worth it.Service: 5/5

Gabriele Azzalin

Very nice and cozy atmosphere. Not one of those noisy places. Really enjoyed spending 15 minutes there for a quick breakfast: espresso and biscotti…delicious…the espresso is a real Italian espresso. Got their banana bread. Really good.I’ll definitely go back to visit and I would recommend.

Rylee Dunn

I come to La Dolce Vita every day and I don't usually write reviews, but today I had the best breakfast burrito ever and people should know about it. This is the most beautiful burrito I have ever seen, and it tasted every bit as good as it looked — if not better. They have a delightful pumpkin spice latte with syrup from real pumpkins. It's a quiet, friendly, welcoming place to work, and it's the only place around you'll get that homey local coffee shop feel these days. If there's ever a line, it's worth the wait. They make every single thing by hand. You won't be disappointed.

Tom Tobiassen

Awesome little coffee shop with live evening music and open mic jams. Enjoyed a nice hot cappuccino while listen to a great blues jam.

Crystal Nightray

Went to get a large coffee and something to eat while my dog had his grooming a few doors down. Absolutely love this place

Emily M.

soooo good!! I love being so close and being able to support locally! Great coffee but even better food and pastries!

Drew Luchene

Used to come here a good 20 years ago and it was a nice local coffee shop that valued real ingredients cooked fresh on the spot. Stopped in today and I'm very glad to see that the folks who own it now have not only kept that spirit alive, but actually pushed it further. They were baking pastries while we watched and even apparently roast their own beans (it was too late in the day for me to sample, but I'll be back). The food *was* a little underseasoned, but with a number of elderly patrons nearby I can understand the caution and never mind seasoning to my own taste. Long story short, this is a great local place and I hope it's still here 20 years from now.

Ashlyn Hebdon

Wow!! I LOVE supporting a locally owned and family run business and so grateful I came across this gem. It's is all of those things and has a menu of family crafted drink recipes. You can feel the love in the ambience of the space. My barista was Kyle, and he's so kind, personable, and helpful with the menu. He's the type of person you just feel like you could tell stories with for hours. I really dislike corporate coffee experiences. Forget Starbucks or anything like that and try this family run shop for a cup of LOVE. #ShopLocalCO

peyton fry

When you first walk in you are walking into a time capsules with fine coffee and yummy food. I am a vegetarian and was made the most bomb burrito I have had in a minute. and huge and not to mention it was affordable. I’ll let you in on a secret the back room is hidden and has the most beautiful painted art see if you can find the owl while you visit this joint for a bite to eat, live music or a coffee date.

Tate Fontenot

Fantastic place. Great coffee, solid food. Although I’ve only had a Bfast burrito (what else do you need?)Great spot to chill and have a cup if you’re nearby. Local feel, local people, not a chain.Highly recommend.

Peter Docteroff

Overall I liked the vibe at this place. Some parts looked a bit dirty/run down, but didn't feel bad. Staff were friendly. I only ordered 2 bagels with cream cheese, and was disappointed to receive what were clearly store-bought bagels. Plus generic packets of cream cheese on the side. They were cheap at ~$2 each, but low quality. I'm giving this place 3 stars with the benefit of the doubt that their coffee is better quality.

Susan W.

We used to live in Arvada and this is as our go to coffee shop. Everything is amazing. The espresso machine is incredible. Their quiche and sticky buns are wonderful. Four years later we walked in and were teased by the owners for not being around. Live music is often there on the weekends which is a perk!

Jennifer Lonnes

A Bohemian style coffee shop, with mismatched furniture, spacious corner space with live bands.They offer dairy milk alternatives, such as soy, amond and coconut milks.


Coffee is below average but the location is great in Old Town Arvada.

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