Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

7450A W 52nd Ave Ste 108, Arvada
(303) 432-8048

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Michelle Aragon

I hate posting bad reviews, honestly. My daughter and I have been coming to this Menchie's for years, ever since they first opened in this franchise location. This Menchie's has been our go to spot for most every celebration; end of the school year, birthdays (birthday cakes!), tough days, breaks from name it. We live in Westminster and the one there is closer, but we have always enjoyed this one and frequent it very regularly, so it pains me to write this. My daughter and I were in there on Thursday, June 9th. When I went to pay for the froyo, the young lady behind the counter said it didn't go through and said sometimes it just glitches. So I she asked me to re-do the transaction and put my card through the reader again. No problem, it's not uncommon. I even bumped up her tip a little since she was so sweet about it and apologized for making me take my wallet out and do it again. I was looking at my bank statement today ( June 13th) and realized that I was charged twice when it came through my bank on 6/11. So the original did go through. I called Menchie's and figured it would be an easy fix to credit the charge back. Nope. After speaking with the young lady that answered she determined that she could find no charges for the amounts in question on the day and time frame we were there. She said she found nothing and there was nothing she could do without a receipt. I said I've never gotten a receipt for yogurt and she said well we offer it ( they do, I'm not denying that), but I'm not going to return frozen yogurt, so I don't get a receipt. She said well without one, I can't do anything. I said I have bank statements I can bring you clearly showing your location address, name and store number and the transaction date and amounts and she said no, you need a receipt so you're just going to have to dispute it with your bank. Seriously? Let me talk to the owner. They aren't here, I think they might be in later tonight but I'm not sure. I suggested that maybe they need to post something about needing a receipt in case they get double charged within seconds. ( I was upset and got a little snippy).To her credit she wasn't nasty or rude, but just matter of fact that she wasn't gong to help me resolve it without a receipt. So I spent a half hour of my lunch hour on hold with my bank to dispute the charge. It might seem silly, but it just happened to be a day where I told my daughter to get as much as she it wasn't a cheap trip for froyo that day, it was a huge treat for her to go wild with toppings and stuff. The whole thing just left me with a sour taste in my mouth for the customer service I didn't get, from a business I normally love. :(

Cammy Tapia

I normally dont do post but the older lady blond was beyond rude. I work in customer service as a supervisor. So i try to be kind and respectful as i know how i want to be treated. But her bad attitude for no reason just floored me. Yelling accusing staring made the experience really horrible. Even though the yogurt was so good. It really made your brand look bad. I wont be back

Mary Deibert

I love the yogurt here so I wanted to take my Dad for a nice treat we went in and had the worst customer service by a older blonde lady that I have ever had in my life. She was completely rude and talked to us like we were 5 year olds. I told her she could be a little nicer and was told she was the owner and she could talk to us however she wanted. I am still just floored by our interaction and so disappointed my Dad had to experience that.

Tom Schrah

Worst customer service EVER! Older lady that works there was very unpleasant! We won’t be back! She said she was the owner I still can’t believe that because you would think the owner would like to have repeat business.

Keith Shaffer

One of the worst experiences - The owner accused us of dropping toppings on floor and kicking them all over the place - Didn’t happen - Just wanted help to sign up for reward program - The yogurt is delicious but service is rotten

Anthony Tapia

Would have been nice to be greeted when we came in no hello nothing it was an older lady at counter. We won't be back!

Angeline Reynolds

Best frozen yogurt around

Elizabeth M.

Great toppings!!! Great variety on yogurts! My 3 star is for .... During peak Covid they always had bday cakes! Freezer had icecream to go, etc. Last 3 times over 9 month period zero cakes.

Claire B.

My husband and I swung by Menchies for their National Froyo Day BOGO froyo deal! The shop was thankfully not too busy - maybe because it was 20 degree? - so we were able to quickly & easily serve ourselves. I was so excited to see that they had cold brew coffee froyo + salted caramel latte - yum! I got both, plus a little bit of cake batter froyo on top (a personal fav). I love that you can not only pour your own froyo, but you can also scoop your own toppings here! I topped by froyo with Reese's, cookie dough, Reese's peanut butter, & marshmallow cream - so good!! All around good experience at Menchies - despite the freezing outdoor temperature.

Angela Williams

I visited this location last week to celebrate getting off of covid quarantine. The frozen yogurt was good, but the older lady working behind the counter ruined it for us. She didn't say a single word to us, just stared the whole time. There was no ' hello', 'welcolme', 'have a nice day', nothing. Just the total. She also stayed in the back, out of sight most of the time. That's not how you keep customers coming back, she's not an asset.

Ayme Tennis

I live near Olde Towne and use to come to this location with my daughter a couple times a week. I also deliver for Uber and Doordash. On many occasions I’ve been instructed by staff at this location to grab the order from the cooler. I went to do as I usually do today and was rudely told “don’t do that” by an older lady with glasses. I told her who the order was for and told her that I usually am directed to grab the order by staff and she rudely said “not here”. If I were not told to do that then how would I have known where the order was? I said “don’t talk to me like that” and she said “I can talk to you however I want to”. I’m not sure what made her feel that she can speak that way to another adult or anyone for that matter, but I will never give this store business again and yes I really came here often. I will drive a little further and go to the froyo by Target where they have manners and a better selection. She needs to learn how to communicate. A simple “I can grab that for you” would have been preferable to me, a 47 year old, than being spoken to in such a harsh manner with a store full of customers.

Nehemiah Gonzales

70 year old lady with fried blond hair is EXTREMELY rude. Never have I felt so unwanted in a establishment. Other than that, store is very clean and other workers are very lively and friendly!

Carol Staeten

I went in yesterday, and it was the best experience I’ve had. The girls with the red and blonde hair were really nice, and answered all my questions. No wonder they had so many tips. I had to give them a 5 dollar tip! They deserved it! Yogurt was so good too!

Martie Essebaggers

First time customer. 7:30 pm 5/27. Most yogurt was completely out. Fruit completely empty in several cases. Staff just standing around. Counters filthy. Product on floor and cabinets. Outside tables filthy. Never wiped as indicated that should be done. I stopped immediately and just took what I had after waiting to see if a certain flavor was available. These particular workers need supervising. I’ve visited other yogurt establishments and was superior compared to this. I rarely do a negative rating. This is too much to not report.Thank you for your attention.

Jennifer Apodaca

We had a great Girl Scout party at Menchies! The staff was so friendly, the froyo was delicious, and the girls had a great time!

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