Mango House

10180 E Colfax Ave, Aurora
(303) 900-8639

Recent Reviews

Wes Hayutin

Great idea, really nice people here. Support local biz! Great food too

Barbara Huggins

I went to get my covid vaccine. I have now had both shots. Everyone is so nice there. I had not known anything about the place till i heard i could get vaccinated there. U also tried the food at Jasmine! It was delicious.

Violet Demure

Ardas clinic is great, we went here for our family's vaccinations.

Anita Murano

Picked up some Syrian food....all the shop keepers were very helpful. Jasmine's beef kabobs were delicious.

David Boswell

This is a lot better than the furniture shop, I was here not for the shops. I was there for covid-19 shot, getting mad trying to get a shot. I call Healthone, getting three numbers, called one and 20 minutes later I was walking out getting my 1st of two shots I will be back going back to visiting all the small shops

Teresa Redmond

A place that services the community. You will not be disappointed.

Jill Magsaysay

So much culture packed into an open space. Don't miss the food stalls!

Mahroana Hangelis

It would be nice if the management office number was posted somewhere. Otherwise how do you intend to rent the available space? You have a Facebook page but don't update it often enough.

Karen Barber

Good restaurant s and shops. Go, try new tastes


You got to check this place out. We absolutely loved it. Would be coming back again for sure

Coqui Conkey

Love the cultural variety. Accessible.

eric ellsworth

I have been here a handful of times and it is awesome!! I highly recommend the Persian food!!!

Marsha M.

FULL MARKS - I cannot recommend Mango House enough. It is a kooky office complex transformed into Denver's premier immigrant/refugee food hall. Seriously, you need to forget Stanley Marketplace and Zeppelin Station and put Mango House at the top of your list. Urban Burma is so so sooo good, as is the Ethiopian and new Sudanese restaurant!

It is absolutely my go-to when visitors come, to show them something they haven't experienced before, with true heart and that helps hardworking folks.

Did I mention I've left there completely stuffed every time, and only spent like $11?

Alice C.

Mango house is a large complex with different little ethnic shops and restaurants. All of the people there were extremely friendly. They had about 5-6 little restaurants with cuisines such as Burmese, Syrian, Ethiopian, Asian, and Nepalese. Too many good choices to choose from. The prices are also very reasonable. They had a little market in mango house as well as a clinic. I will definitely be back as I only tried the urban Burma. I want to try all of them

elham mojadedi

So I didn't know what to expect when I went to pick up my food from Jasmine Syrian restaurant, but it's like a small market place. They have a bunch of different places to eat, Mongolian, Japanese, Ethiopian, Sudanese I think and other little shops. Most were closed as I went close to the closing time, but I really liked the atmosphere and energy of the place. If you looking to try different foods and are curious about other ethnic foods then this is a one stop shop. The jasmine Syrian place was really good. I wholeheartedly enjoyed my food from there. Bon appetit!

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