Red Lobster

10854 E Alameda Ave, Aurora
(303) 343-6161

Recent Reviews

William McConnell

Good kitchen. Wide variety of fish dishes offered. Wide price range. Great cheese biscuits! Good veggies and salads. Good service.


Always love their seafood. It is Never overcooked! Our server was very attentive to our needs and wants

Melissa Green

I have been coming to Red Lobster since 1982, in the past 5yrs they have managed to ruin almost every dish they have. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO HAVE FISH PARTS IN IT OR ON IT!!! Stuffed mushrooms should taste like stuffed mushrooms! I keep saying I wont go back and I think Im done!


Food was really good. Just a little disappointed that they didn't do anything for my birthday. Especially because the waitress asked us if we where there for a special occasion and my mom said yea for her birthday. They didn't offer any dessert or anything.

Mark Trumpy

Food was fair, service was outstanding. Our server was helpful, fast, friendly and professional. Food, below average

Andrea Withrow

Great meal in a clean and welcoming environment. Our waitress, Diana was amazing! I would go back just to have her as my server!

Nereida Ramirez

Parents and I visited this location for my birthday and we had such a great time. The food was marvelous and their waiters were outstanding and patient.

Heidi Bennett

UPDATE: July 2019, My friend and I still eat here often, but I would like to mention that I sure wish they would clean their bathrooms much better - actually I wished they would redesign the women's bathroom, it's a pain to go through the 2 doors with a handicap.

Drew Sexton

I wanted a margarita, so I asked which ones were good, and she had no opinion. When I got it, it was room temperature in a glass full of ice. Caesar salad was in a warm bowl. My single refill or water took over 5 minutes and two reminders. We asked her to split the bill, which took another 10 minutes. There were several servers, and maybe 10 tables. Less than half full.

Ronald G.

Wow day shift mike ...made it all better nice job last time... I was about it being my birthday and i was mad about my server...ITS NEVER ABOUT THE FOOD is always good ..but in the day time before 6 best time to be there me my wife and son had lunch 35 dollars o ya tip mike 10 best day...thanks red lobster...

Angel Carter

I love the new reasonably priced menu. U can bring a family here without emptying ur purse/wallet. The seafood is fresh & delicious. The wait staff are seasoned & very helpfel & nice. They check up on u regularly to see how u are doing. Oh & they clean up after every patron.


The person who served us was amazing. She was kind and she gave us attention. She said she loved seeing people, like families coming in.

Diane Broussard

My family goes there a lot so I HAVE to eat it. I do the stuffed mushrooms and the rolls. They're both are very good. I've tried a lot, but wasn't good. Not only that but it's not worth the money.

Amber Villarreal

Spent $300 for our party and the lobster was rubbery, the fish tacos didn't taste good, they didn't bring out the side orders then said it would take to long to make them and bring them out. The lobster roll was very small. Then the side of crab was just three little legs on a small cluster. It was a day of celebration and the manager was to busy to come to our table so we just left. Very dissatisfied.


Slow seating and no obvious desire to help get folks seated more quickly. Two hosts looking directly at dirty tables making no effort to pitch in and help, allowing the wait to grow. So disappointed to see the lack of care or consideration for the costumers, but more importantly their coworkers.

Rhonda Johnson

great service good minion

Ayse Gurpinar

I always like their food. Unfortunately, all of their restaurants are dark, old and dated. So when you enter, it looks really run down. Too bad they do not revamp their spaces and make them more inviting and attractive. Other than that food is good. Happy hour prices are very reasonable. And our server Dillon was very professional and attentive.

Adar T.L. Johnson

Their food was amazing, as always. The only hitch is that I wish that they course put less dressing on the Caesar salad with wood-grilled shrimp. It was swimming in dressing. Less would have made it taste a lot better.

Clif C

Ever go to a lousy string of new places where the service was awful ? Happens to us occasionally so we go back to our A list and visit this specific Red Lobster. From steak to sea food you can't lose. And the adult beverages ! Wow ! Check out the pic of our Bahama Mama's ! Our server, as in the past, was Diana M. - she made the meal a special occasion. Friendly, knowledgeable about the menu, and a bit psychic about anticipating what you may need for a fine dining experience.It really is all about the service.

Darleny L.

Is it possible to give a 0? I am a very nice person and don't like to write mean things because I do work in customer service. We ordered from Red Lobster at 7:30 pm on Saturday, May 4 and I received confirmation that my order was being prepared and would arrive between 8:05-8:15 pm. I waited all day for a big dinner because my boyfriend works on the weekends and he gets home around 7 pm. He worked a 13 hour shift or so and came home and then I placed the order on Grubhub with my information and my money. We kept receiving notifications that the order is just being delayed and will arrive 15 minutes later and then another 15 minutes later. I am a very patient person so I'm reading these notifications on my phone like oh okay. I'm okay with it being late. I understand. We were at the dog park to kill time. We spent a good hour at the dog park. It was about 9 pm. I called Grubhub to ask about the notifications. I also asked if I can get my tip back because I tipped 20%. The Grubhub rep put me on hold to check and then a minute later I get an email that the restaurant cancelled my order. Wow so now I'm not getting any food! Lol. I thought they were just super late! The Grubhub rep comes back on the line and says the restaurant was having some issues... I couldn't be mad at the Grubhub rep Randy though because he was just the middle man. In fact, I took a survey for him after the call and gave him a 5/5 because I know what it's like to work in customer service and to be the bearer of bad news. I definitely put my number in the notes so there was a way for Red Lobster to contact me. We were very disappointed that this happened with Red Lobster. I used to respect it as some high end or fancy seafood place. Nah it's far from that. They could've cancelled the order right after I placed it and it would've been fine. They waited 1 hour and 30 minutes to cancel the order with Grubhub. I've never had a failed order with Grubhub. All other restaurants have always been smart enough to understand my orders and always on time or early! The other restaurants never missed any detail. Never order from Red Lobster.


We were celebrating two birthdays. The hostess said that there was no one waiting for anyone. Not true. My mother had been waiting for us. Our waitress, Dianna was nice, but super slow with everything. It was not a busy evening and it took over 2 and a 1.2 hours for dinner for three people.

Kutaiba Khafaji

Been over a year since the last visit.. it is The most beautiful place.. very romantic, calm. Love the lobster, we tried the sweet chilly shrimp was amazing... thx to all the staff for the excellent service and the delicious food.

Vanessa Tamez

Great service, the staff are very friendly and very hard working. The food is very good. Me and my family came here in a bad mood and came out extremely happy!

Saskia Davies

Thanks to Meagan tonight for serving up our sea creatures all sizzly and delicious. We appreciated the friendly, prompt service and playing along with people who tell horrible jokes.

Stan Olsen

Good food, great service, always!

Jody K.

I was visiting my friend in Denver, and we'd talked earlier in the week about wanting to get seafood. We were out running errands when we passed by Red Lobster, so we decided to go in. We decided to share the Admiral's Feast. It looked great, with the different kinds of shrimp, lobster tail and crab legs. However, we found that it was all very salty. The crab legs (always a personal favorite of mine) were overcooked or something; the cracker didn't crack the shells as sharply as it should have, and the meat inside seemed a bit rubbery. The shrimp scampi was just overly salty. Not much more can be said about that. The fried shrimp was ok -- just ok. The server was ok, but she gave much better service to her friends who were sitting across from us, spending lots of time visiting at their table. I would't come back to this location, but I won't rule out others in the chain.

Sherri S.

We have been to red lobster multiple times, and I know better than to order mixed drinks at any chain restaurant because they are always watered down. However was excited to see an old fashioned on the menu at red lobster and since it's a drink made with only bourbon and bitters and some simple syrup, I thought it was a safe bet. Unfortunately it was made with seltzer water, tiny splash of bourbon and a cherry and orange slice. Could not believe it. Service was unbelievably slow, had to ask for silverware 4 times, had to ask for biscuits several times and they only came after dinner was over. Very disappointed.

Charles Miller

My family and I came here for a lunch and our waiter was awesome. I don't remember his name but he served us a table of 7 with ease. He checked in just often enough had good jokes to tell and an amazing work ethic. The food was good the only part I regret is not having been here in so long. 100% good service!

Ana Woods

I love the food here but every time I order through any food app I run into issues. I placed an order for a steak and asked for it to be cooked midrare. Upon getting my food I cut into it and saw it’s completely well done dry and tough. I called the restaurant to be placed on hold for over 30 minutes. I’ve given up at this point. Better idea to just eat at the place I guess thanks for the outstanding service guys.

Cathleen Lovette

Really love the food at Red Lobster. Had to visit there for "Lobster fest" ....was very pleased with the presentation, selection and flavor of the food. My meal included two lobster tails and lobster linguine. If you love lobster, don't miss "Lobster fest."

Cris Jewett

This is one of the best Red Lobster's I have gone to over my 25 years. Everyone is so nice, food fresh, cooked very well, and even the drinks are mixed correctly. Everyone should try this Red Lobster and see what a great one is like!!!.

Carl I.

TV advertising got me excited to go for lobster fest had not been in years. Arrived was seated quickly only to be ignored for 13 minutes. Left and did received a dining experience.

Nathan H.

Service speed has greatly increased since our last visit. Seafood and a nice setting for a quieter dining experience.

Smith Smith

Food was fine but Be aware... the suggested tip calculator at the bottom of the receipt is completely off. The 10 and 15% selection is actually 20% and more. I have my receipt to prove it. Basic math folks! You should not be willing to SCAM a customer just for tips !! Not honest business !!!

Susan P.

Love the coconut shrimp! They are a special treat for sure. Little expensive for what you get I think. Good overall though

Brittany G.

My boyfriend and I went on Valentine's Day it was super busy but we only waited 30 minutes because I had call ahead. Service was great and the food was amazing as always. We got our food pretty fast considering how busy they were.

Joel Wright

Classic seafood chain restaurant offering traditional seafood and other favorites.

Bridget Lovely

Everything! Lobster rolls and coconut shrimp, delicious!

Hail D.

I have been going to this red lobster for many years. I have noticed past few times the quality of the food has gone way down. I probably will never go again this time our salads where wilted table was not cleaned properly the place is staring to look pretty run down!

Kevin G.

Why do I go back. All Red Lobsters are so expensive for what you get. Went to the Aurora one on Alameda this week and got "shrimp" probably the size of a penny under the breading. Why can't they buy the same big meaty shrimp I can buy at the store for 1/4 the price? Truthfully, I am surprised anybody goes. Food is ok though.