Red Lobster

10854 E Alameda Ave, Aurora
(303) 343-6161

Recent Reviews

David S.

This place ruined Mother's Day for my family and I. After waiting outside for over 2 hours I decided to cancel my order since they couldn't give me an update on how much longer it was going to take. You let us down and you set up your employees for failure.

Karmen Byrd

ordered at 430 for 530 curbside still grubbing company spent almost 200 dollars to sit and wait.almost 7 .good job

Casey D.

What I Expected I hate giving bad reviews, but I have to tell it like it is. I could't remember the last time I had been to a Red Lobster - I was probably a kid. I had been having a major seafood craving, so I finally buckled in and went to Red Lobster. As I suspected...the food was HEAVILY buttered. Everything was buttered and greasy. I am from Texas. Red Lobster's style of cooking is like my mother's. She can take something healthy and turn it into a heart attack on a plate. No...just no. To top it off, the restroom was not that nice at all.


I love this place me and my family have been going here since i 12! They have great service, delicious food and you can not forget the shrimp fest and lobster fest. I have yet to be displease with red lobsters.

Joanne Pauline

Love the lobster linguine flavorful not very much Lobster but still yummy does sangria two for one was on spot


Amazing service, amazing food. Ordered steak and it tastes amazing. The desserts menu has multiple options and amazing food. The service here was amazing, server's/waiters are friendly and very friendly.

Tom Schimmer

Service was really bad and the food was not what one would expect for the price not much better than a buffay. The food was not good quality and size not what was shown on menu! I would definitely not recommend to anyone.

Erica Horton

We celebrated our friend's birthday here and the women singing Happy Birthday to her sounded wonderful. The roasted vegetables were great.

Philip Banuelos

One of my favorite places and I go here every time I visit Aurora. The selection of vegetarian options is amazing and almost every dish is well balanced and sweet.

Shauna S.

This restaurant is spotless clean it's employees are happy and healthy new blue and there's not a line or a long wait

Audrey Dolmat

We ordered an $85.00 order to a hotel room and they sent no utensils and no napkins for shrimp linguine and lobster tail...I ordered the salmon...there was so much sauce on it that my mashed and asparagus were soaked in it and it looked like my food was swimming in juice...I am extremely dissatisfied...are we supposed to eat with our hands? Or not eat?this is some of my biscuits that look like someone took. Bites out of them

Sandra West Williams

Our waitress was Cheryl and she was FANTASTIC. Very knowledgeable of the menu and had great recommendations . The endless shrimp were the Bomb!!! Delicious!!!

Melissa Lynn

Our server was pretty cooled knowledgeable of the menu. The staff was very nice and made sure our whole party was comfortable and they say us pretty quick. Good food even though I don't like seafood that much. I just wished they had more options for their non-seafood dishes.

Laquita Smith

Your King Crab is to die for. The price is just right for the amount of crab that you get. Dont change a thing.

Wiley Fox

This spot is wonderful and spacious, the food was delicious and the rates were very affordable. rapidly, efficient service and very welcoming waiters. Will definitely recommend this spot.

Taura Galbreath

We put our names on the online waitlist and were seated almost immediately. Food was good and Israel our server was quick and efficient even though he was very busy.

Kory Davan

The service was great, but the food was horrible. Everything had way too much salt. The shrimp skewer and the shrimp in the lobster roll were undercooked. For these prices, I would go somewhere else.

Lee Roiter

I was a little disappointed.

Danielle Gwynn

I ordered through Grubhub so red lobster needs to up their game. I had no problem with the food but it arrived at my hotel with no utensils or napkins. Also there was no salt, pepper, cocktail sauce, tartar sauce or Clarified butter, which should have been a part of the meal. Very inconvenient. Also super annoying

Margaret Pearson

Good food. Good service. No distracting music.

Harut A.

It was a very nice atmosphere in red lobster. We had a great customer service and delicious fresh food. The waitress was very polite and patient with us as we were deciding on what to order. we got the big plates of salmon, lobster, shrimps, extra bowl of crab legs, broccoli, white rice etc. The food was very satisfying. I can't say that price wise it was the best option but for what we've got in terms if service and taste was fine. I think you could find more less expensive places like this with same quality food but still I would put 5 stars.

Josh Simala

Waited 20 mins for a waitress to finally come take our order/get drinks when I ordered our entree I was told the special had ended 4 minutes ago. I explained how long we had been waiting already, waitress was nice enough and got the manager. Manager proceeded to argue with us about how long we had been waiting and was told there is nothing she could do. Completely unprofessional. Mind you it’s only 4 minutes after the special had ended. I usually take my sales team here several times a month. Looks like I will be looking for a new venue that can more consistently accommodate us.

ronald bates

I have had much better quality food at Red Lobster. Server was great, bartender very engaging but food was less than average.

Brett C.

Our evening was not the best we went out for my mother's birthday. And we chose to eat here. So where to start. First off ever time we come its cold. Like I need a coat to eat my dinner. And we asked for the heat to be turned up and it seamed that it got colder. We had to ask for the biscuits had to ask for the butter to go with it. Why does this seam to be a norm at this place. Now the waitress was nice and pleasant. But the food was abysmal. I mean we spent $150.00 bucks for dinner and the food is bad. My mother's lobster was over cooked. My crab was no way near 1.5 lbs. and the last bit was over cook itself. It was so cold in the restaurant that I didn't finish my crab. My potato was burnt. I mean what else can I say. My opinion of the food is as stated before NOT WORTH YOUR TIME OR YOUR MONEY. I thought about complaining about it but I know that it was freezing and I didn't want to wait for them to fix it. Smh. Why are places going down hill. So 20 days later I get a response from somebody named Angelica H. I'm supposed to respond to something on some form but I have nothing to click no link not sure exactly what she's wanting me to click on with some sort of a response so I called the store that I had an issue at just to clarify a few things and the lady was like if you don't like it you can call the corporate office and she seemed like she just didn't care. What is the world coming too. Does everybody just hate everybody.

Rick Mayberry

I always like going to Red Lobster for dinner as it has a very nice ambience. Food is not overly priced and the service is always very good. The biscuit's are to die for.

Terry Pape

The food was great and the raw oysters were fresh. The service was outstanding

Leanne T

Food was good, service was a little lack luster. We were sat in the back.. drinks and food came out very slowly. Saving grace was our waiter. He had a great personality and was very helpful

Christopher Kelly

Great food. Kind of pricy (average bill per person: $24 (includes tax)). Attentive waiters. If you want to use a gift card for the tip, they take the whole card. Best to leave NO tip then.

Colette D.

Usually like Red Lobster, went for all you can eat shrimp on this day with friends. No wait, waitress, Olga, was fantastic, very attentive! I was not impressed with the food though, shrimp fettuccini was flavorless and shrimp under cooked, the grilled teriyaki shrimp was overcooked, the shrimp scampi was overcooked, but the siracha honey shrimp was amazing and so was the fried shrimp. The meal came with two sides and cheddar bay biscuits for $15.99; not a bad deal...potatoes and salad were good too! Pretty small shrimp for this deal though, not the usual quality of Red Lobster..was overall disappointed!


Waiter olga is lovely. She was very nice and kind. The waiting time wasn't that bad and the food was great. Had a great first time experience.

Kathleen P.

If I wanted Kraft mac n cheese, I would have made it myself and it still would've been better, I added extra cheese and salt to make it at least palatable.

Katie R.

If you can survive the poorly run Host situation, you might get to enjoy some decent food. The service here is repeatedly poor, especially in the lobby. Red Lobster advertises a waitlist online, yet the host has a piece of receipt paper and a crayon to make it happen. I was told "there wasn't enough silverware so I need to go roll some" and "we weren't expecting to be so busy" as I sat with 3 other small parties (2-4 people) for over 25 minutes. A manager walked by repeatedly saying nothing, and ignoring the guests who waited patiently. Once seated, we noticed many open tables, and a restaurant maybe a 1/3 full. Thankfully our server was prompt and very accommodating. Another visit (back for the food), two girls at the host stand were bickering and giggling as we approached, and when we asked for a wait time, they quoted 30-35 minutes. We asked the other guests in the lobby (looked like only two waiting parties) how long they'd been there, and they replied "about 25 minutes, but we were told it was a 10-15 minute wait." We headed next door to Olive Garden where we were greeted and seated promptly. Excellent service and excellent food. Hoping Red Lobster can get it together!

William McConnell

Good kitchen. Wide variety of fish dishes offered. Wide price range. Great cheese biscuits! Good veggies and salads. Good service.


Always love their seafood. It is Never overcooked! Our server was very attentive to our needs and wants

Melissa Green

I have been coming to Red Lobster since 1982, in the past 5yrs they have managed to ruin almost every dish they have. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO HAVE FISH PARTS IN IT OR ON IT!!! Stuffed mushrooms should taste like stuffed mushrooms! I keep saying I wont go back and I think Im done!


Food was really good. Just a little disappointed that they didn't do anything for my birthday. Especially because the waitress asked us if we where there for a special occasion and my mom said yea for her birthday. They didn't offer any dessert or anything.

Mark Trumpy

Food was fair, service was outstanding. Our server was helpful, fast, friendly and professional. Food, below average

Andrea Withrow

Great meal in a clean and welcoming environment. Our waitress, Diana was amazing! I would go back just to have her as my server!

Nereida Ramirez

Parents and I visited this location for my birthday and we had such a great time. The food was marvelous and their waiters were outstanding and patient.

Heidi Bennett

UPDATE: July 2019, My friend and I still eat here often, but I would like to mention that I sure wish they would clean their bathrooms much better - actually I wished they would redesign the women's bathroom, it's a pain to go through the 2 doors with a handicap.