Sushi Katsu

2222 S Havana St, Aurora
(303) 368-8778

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John Wilson

Been here a few times now. And we just keep coming back.This place it always busy and full of energy..Theirs alway someone to make sure you doing ok.Drinks are topped off. Food is always on it way and staff is great.

Nat Ng

If you like rolls that are 80% cucumber and want to pay $40 for them, come visit!First off, the place is smelly (I got to sit next to the kitchen) and my "special" rolls were tiny pieces of fish, plenty of cucumber, and no sauce. I might as well have ordered California rolls. The rolls were bland and hardly larger than my thumbnail. I walked away with only the taste of cucumber in my mouth.Two years ago I came here for the all-you-can eat gimmick. I paid $60 for two people. For the same price, your money will go further quality-wise at a real sushi restaurant.

Giovanni Fioramonte

Website shows that the lunch all-you-can-eat is $20 but the bill showed up as $30. We asked about it and they said that they changed the price and that they were sorry �

Warunee Niponkit

Staffs are very good. Some dishes are good. I like coming here

Kyle’s Kinetics

I’ve been here at least 10 times now. I love it! I keep coming back. For the price for the all you can eat, you can’t beat it! The quality, taste and price are all bang on! Always enjoy coming here. It’s usually very busy because it is that good and popular and they’re having staffing issues - not their fault and the servers always work their absolute hardest. I watch them every time and every server/employee is working on all cylinders. I’ll keep coming back!

Joseph Zhang

This is a best sushi All You Can Eat restaurant. A few years ago my friend brought me there for a big feast. Now I bring my new friends there to experience good fresh sushi and Japanese appetizers. Recently my friend and I went there for lunch. The greeter at the door was very humble saying their kitchen staff were short-handed because of the on-going global pandemic so the appetizers might not be the same as we remembered before. But I we started eating, I think all the appetizers are still very good and the sushi rolls still taste great. Their lunch price is almost $19 per person. I think this price is very reasonable compared to other sushi restaurants during this time everything is very inflated. I would suggest to go there when they first open because their tables get full very quickly. Even though they had all the tables full, the speed of food was still reasonable when I was there. When I was there, I also saw many families brought their kids to eat sushi. Kids are half price.

Yisus Leyva

Great customer service and everything fresh

Amanda Milbrett

We spontaneously decided to try sushi katsu the other night about an hour before close. We know it was cutting it close and they only allowed us to make one order (understandable) instead of your usual All You Can Eat. The waitress was great and attentive. It was fun seeing the chefs make their orders!The food was good! I really loved the Eel. Although most of our rolls were having a hard time staying together, they were falling apart before we even touched them. That's my only issue I had!Thanks for the delicious food!

Selin Odman

Lunch buffet was delicious and so worth the price. My partner and I ordered as much as we possibly could and we were impressed with the nigiri. Service was quick, attentive, and friendly. Our food came out very quickly which we didn't expect, but gave us a ton of time to enjoy the rolls.

eva marquez

Deeelicious!! Of course we had to get the all you can eat deal. Best decision ever! First time being back after COVID. Pictured here are hand rolls of yellowtail and salmon , the volcano roll ? octupus salad ? ?

Aquila Coronado

The best sushi place I coulda ever stumbled upon when I moved to Denver. And it’s all you can eat!

Conrad Gavin

The sushi was fresh and made very timely. A good upbeat atmosphere. The all you can eat is so far the best I've had in this area. 30 per person during dinner & only 15 for lunch definitely will return for lunch to chow down.

Lethe Marie Campbell

I love coming here for my sushi! It get packed so the closer to 4 o'clock you get there the better! All you can eat is about $35 per person. They have a good selection for all you can eat. Staff is friendly, the only thing that could be better is the staff paying more attention to the drinks.

tiffany Burroughs (Lilangelsblue)

Love the all you can eat ...with happy hour

RFE Resources

Awesome service and great food. Not just the sushi... The house dressing is fantastic and they have tons of cooked meat dishes and rolls. They also have beef in addition to fish. Try the BBQ Beef Roll if you're not ready for the Spicy Tuna.

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