Dragonfly Noodle

2014 10th St, Boulder
(720) 580-1100

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Burton Fleisher

Very nice service, clean cool restaurant had a nice vibe. The ramen was just "alright", the pork belly was super thin (like from a deli slicer) and pretty much dissolved in the broth. The flavor of the spicy miso broth wasn't very "deep" and soulful like from a Japanese ramen shop. But they are giving it a Nice try.Food: 3/5

Maria Therese

The dragonfly pho was delicious and refreshing. The server was delightful and sweet, and helped me to pick out a tasty dish. I would love to go back for the cheery smiles and good food!Food: 5/5

William Voegeli

The food is decent, but somethings are disappointing, my opinion is definitely influenced by my frustration. Came in for a quick meal on a break from work and ordered my food. Overheard several other people come in and order the same dish I ordered and watched them all be served before me. This is frustrating as I had given myself enough time to sit down and enjoy the meal, or I thought I had. The food was quite satisfactory as I struggled to get back to work on time

Amanda Farr

Honestly, MEH. The black tonkotsu ramen was decent. It had about 3 paper thin slices of pork and I had to pay 1.50 to add an egg and I felt it was overall not worth the 16.50. Baos were not that great compared to others I've had. I also feel like a tip was automatically added to my bill, which is strange since you don't really have a server. I doubt I'll be back because there are better places in the area.

Brie Chen

Okay I love this place. It honestly has my favorite ramen of all time - the spicy miso is sooooo flavorful, with noodles cooked to perfection, amazing thinly sliced pork belly (my favorite, it's like bacon but better), this spicy they flake on top, and this lovely little spoonful of sauce. The broth is incredible, and getting take out or dining in is good either way. While it is a bit expensive and service is okay, I'd say it's worth the price.

Robyn Grayless

Loved this place when it first opened. The flavors were amazing and the experience was great. It’s not what it used to be but still good food. I do miss the old ramen (better ingredients and spices) so I don’t know if I’ll go back. I also dislike the new ordering system they’ve installed. It now feels more “fast food” than nice sit down. Customer service has also GREATLY declined. We were left without water for over an hour … and the seaweed salad …. Won’t do that again and I usually love seaweed salad.

Neil Rischl

The atmosphere and service here is mediocre. The ramen I ordered took a while to come out even though there was only two tables. The spicy miso broth did come out hot and tasted good. The noodles were cooked well and had a decent bite. There were two very little pieces of pork chasu in the bowl. For a bowl of Ramen with an egg for 16 bucks it's an okay place to eat.

Kei Izawa

Great broth, good combination, unique men but quite acceptable. I'd be happy to return. Another wonderful Ramen place in Boulder.

Fiona Lindsay

I have been going to Chimera for a while and as a vegan I always ordered the Miso Veggie with vegan broth, added a spicy miso bomb, and the spicy edamame. All of these items are clearly labeled vegan on the menu (see pictures). Well when I went last week the man taking my order was kind enough to inform me that neither the spicy miso bomb or spicy edamame were vegan and both were made with fish oil. I am pretty upset with the fact that Chimera has been falsely labeling their food and that I have been unknowingly eating fish oil for a couple years now. I’m lucky I’m not allergic and it is a preference for me, but I would be concerned if you are!

Carolyn Drews

I ordered Miso Happy, not so happy. Broth was good, but it was advertised to have spicy bean sprouts and mushrooms in the dish, neither of them were in there. When asked about this, they told us they substituted seaweed. They should have communicated they were out of mushrooms and given a discount as a result. This place used to be great, they need to step it upIMHO

Dan Hullum

Ordered the soups. The only place I have ever been were they don't accept cash. Not a very smart business decision and I'm sure they loose a lot of business because of it. But for the food, it was good. It I'm sure makes it hard for the people who clear the tables not to get a tip kind of drag because you pay before you eat. Think what's best for your employees a little guys. Always take cash.

Aaron Burch

Best ramen I've ever had. I've had their spicy ramen multiple times over the last 2 years and it's always great. My only complaint would be that the bao buns lately have changed and seem to be missing something that they used to have. In the past they were some of the best baos I've had. I think they stopped using a sauce on them so they seemed extremely bland last time.

jennifer la femina

This was my 2nd visit.The food is wonderful but the restaurant needs a more friendlier greater, he was very snobby.I came in with my son and daughter visiting from out of state and because my son forgot to pull his mask completely over his nose.The way he told my son to cover his nose was very nasty.I was so embarrassed!!!I was hoping to give my children a positive experience for their 1st time in Boulder.

Amy Margolis

Great lunch. Spicy ramen was amazing.


My partner and I went and got their Miso Happy, with Kimchi Seaweed and an Egg, was the most delicious Ramen either of us have ever had!

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