Press Play Bar LP

1005 Pearl St, Boulder
(720) 508-4916

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Peter Buccowich

A fun bar with quick service, bring coins if you can! There's a good number of games there, however some are broken. I could see them filling up on a busy Friday night when class is in session. Otherwise, everyone was very friendly and the drinks were reasonably priced.I'll be back!

Kiersten R.

Press play is definitely aimed at a more younger crowd but a great casual spot during the day! We always pop in on weekend afternoons post brunch for a cheap pitcher and some ping pong

Ava Gudzunas

I used to frequent this bar and enjoyed this location until the bouncer confiscated my real ID. I am disappointed as I enjoyed my many past visits. I understand protocol in having to confiscate what may appear as a fake however, after waiting to get my only form of identification back, I witnessed many others who appeared younger than myself get in with no issues and can't help but wonder if this was due to racial profiling. I cannot express how upsetting this experience was and will not be coming back.

Dario Sanchez

Had a good time and great place to drink. I would highly encourage going during Happy Hour as it's super affordable during that period. Ping Pong was fun.

Heather Collins

I mean this place is grungie but the arcade games are fun and they have ping pong ? . The floor is super sticky and the bathrooms are questionable. Just hold the pee in. Otherwise, it’s a fun place to go and kids are welcome during the day.

Ashley Solari

I freaking love this place. They have classics like Galaga, Mortal Kombat, Frogger, Tetris, etc. They have Pool tables, air hockey, pinball machines and ping pong tables. They have a full bar. I’m bummed I don’t live there and can’t go like every week

Tanner O.

Is this place still open for business? My wife and I have tried to come here a few times since we moved here 6 months ago. We check the hours online and call but no one ever answers. The voicemail details their hours but even when we come in during those times, it's never open. Just wondering if they've closed down and, if not, could update their hours of operation.

c Notmahrealname

So I was glad to see it open again. I think the place should have some spunk added.Maybe in the form of Live comedy or a gaming competition. Drinking games would be fun for sure.The bar tender is super nice.Its just feels so desolate when literally next door theres tables full of people.DandD nights would be awesome.Open mic poetry is in a shortage in boulder since the innisfree closed.Ladies night because lets be honest its arcade machines.A Lan Party would be so cool. id love to see like original xboxes or something. Or even just less than subtle emulators.

Ryan Neilson

Very cool idea. Retro console games & pinball machines! Perfect spot for a birthday party and some drinks. It’s a refreshing change from the standard bar scene. Drop in, check it out, grab a drink, and play some games. I’ll definitely be back.

Anthony Lipscomb (Antlip14)

Google is not up to date on open hours, but Friday and Saturday night they are definitely openFun spot, reasonable drink prices. I recommend the pickle shot

Larry Cole

DJ Brian Howe rocked this place! The dance floor was packed the whole time and they loved his antics!

Kyle Rutz

This pace sucks. 6 crumby pinball machines. Well they’re okay if you like modern era sterns machines. Whack vibes. Their Google hours are not updated.

Pankaj Dash

Great collection of drinks.great place to sprnd time with frirnds

Derek D.

I'm livid, bro. I was having a reasonably decent time dancing and playing pool with strangers until that fateful event. Some dude (admirably, riskily) decided to try a backflip in front of the DJ stand. Landed on his face, pouring blood, needs stitches, may have a concussion. This is an emergency situation! I take control of the situation and get him to the bathroom, trying to figure out what needs to be done to get this dude the help he needs. I retrieve a towel from the bartender and learn he's lost his two friends. I return to the DJ, Brian Howe, who clearly had access to a working microphone, and demand his attention from outside the DJ stand. He angrily shoos me away multiple times after I explain I need him to call out the friends' names over the mic. Are you serious? Is continuing to mix shitty transitions from Guns 'n' Roses to T-Pain honestly more important than helping a patron quickly resolve an emergency? So why does Press Play receive a 1-star review? Livid and after the injured kid leaves to find an urgent care, I seek out the manager or owner to give feedback. Asian-complexion guy, I didn't get his name. I relay the feedback that the DJ is a prick with shitty ethics, and receive barely a head-nod in return. Wouldn't shake my hand after introducing myself. OK. Clearly this is not a priority to them. I did see the manager guy relay something to the DJ briefly. If they cared enough about their business to claim it, they could reply here with a solution which might've occurred--but they haven't. I will say, the security guards downstairs did a solid job of making sure the kid was okay. Otherwise, these events completely killed my vibe. Upon leaving I figured the best I could do to get over it was ask the door guy his opinion. Young kid, early 20's, quickly snapped that it's "not the DJ's job" to have participated in resolving the emergency. BRO. None of us get paid to resolve emergencies unless in uniform. It's simple human decency and to a further extent, positive masculinity, to make sure all parties involved find each other and the injured is safe and taken care of. To have no one other than the female bartenders and security guards take ownership of the situation was disgusting. That kid is going to have a badass scar for his grandkids. When they're college-age I really hope they don't try some risky shit at Press Play in Boulder--they won't be taken care of.

Johnny Eads

Beer isn't ice cold, & they dont even have food...WTH...what kind of place that serves any alcohol doesn't have food! Sorry....I definitely wont be back there.

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