Jade Garden

505 US-24, Buena Vista
(719) 395-4950

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Holden Caulfield

This place could only succeed in a town with no other competition. Bought a fried rice dish for $15 that didn’t even come close to filling me up. (50lbs of rice costs about $24 FYI) There is literally no food cheaper to make. Enjoy dealing with the 10 year old child that runs the front counter and handles your money when you are hungry. He constantly tries to upsell you (which he is not good at, but mom and dad must have told him to do) even resorting to begging you to buy more at times. At the end of the day it’s just more people raising the cost of living here. I highly doubt they are like the other local restauranteurs that participate in the local lifestyle, and more likely will remove all money made here from the economy one day and leave. They aren’t here to mine, they are here to mine the miners.


So just ordered beef and Fried rice with no onions. Pay $12.00 for this small thing of rice with onions in it. Call to tell them about it and she argue with me. I told her I would bring it back and wanted my money back and she told me she was not giving money back and hung up the phone on me!! What how they have 4 stars and still open idk. But I won’t be back.

Bryan Skarda

Pleasantly surprised. We were staying at the hot springs and didn't expect much but it was actually pretty good. If it were in our hometown, we'd go back.

Amanda Heimerl

Fast, friendly service, and the food is exactly what you hope it to be! Great flavors and variety in ingredients. We are lucky to have them in our little town!

Joanna Khatavkar

2nd time we've eaten here, and not sure if it was MSG or poorly-cooked food. I have been in bed all day during our vacation with food poisoning, can't keep anything down. About 30-minutes after meal, I felt bloated and had stomachaches, throughout night had stomach pains and dry-heaving. Husband also had stomach pains in evening. We had eaten nothing since 6 hours earlier. Next day of vacation was ruined due to stomach pains, dry heaving. Never again.

Vincent N.

Great Chinese restaurant in a small town. They cook their food really well. Better than many places in Houston and other Big cities!!


Delicious food with great service. Reasonable prices. Clean restaurant. Enjoyed eating here very much.


Appears to be under new ownership and the food was excellent and fast

Jay Marquis

I was craving some dumplings. So me and my friends went driving around. I had the Fried Dumplings and Chicken Fried Rice. The rice was so good I didn't need to add any soy sauce

Les Unruh

Very good food. Family atmosphere. Set down restaurant. Friendly staff ready to help you. When in area would eat there again.

Claudia Mekins

Terrible food! NOT worth the money. I am happy to pay any price for a good meal. For the price the servings are small, not that I wanted to take any home.

miguel james

Quiet and clean. The sweet and sour chicken was delicious!


The Hot and Sour soup is so delicious. We also ordered combination lo mean and general tso chicken. Both were so good. Great dinner portion sizes. Friendly people. Clean restaurant.

Maya F.

So we've been long time customers of kade garden. I've lived in Buena Vista for 22 years and have never had issues before. The last time we had called in an order which is pretty normal and didn't think much of it. After asking about maybe 2-3 different dishes they didnt have a single one. Just out of curiosity we asked why (thinking they could be effected by the food issues like all other places in town). Her attitude SUCKED! She got affirmed at us for just inquiring what they had on hand so we knew what was on the menu and what wasn't. When we went to go pick up our two dishes the lady at the front looks at at walking in, our eyes met and she walks off. Instead she had the 13 year old boy check us out and refused to talk to us. We didn't think the call went that bad to be completely ignored. I understand the frustration of repetitive questions but yikes. To our right ignore customers is a bit far.

Jim J

We always look forward to eating here when we are in the area for hiking the nearby 14ers. The prices are fair, the food is tasty with generous portions, and service is usually good. On our latest visit, however, our waitress was inattentive. She took our order and then spent the rest of our visit talking with a couple 2 booths away. We never got refills on our drinks and had to ask a different waiter for our bill.

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