Jade Garden

505 US-24, Buena Vista
(719) 395-4950

Recent Reviews

Brian Williams

Tasted like someone poured a pound of salt and hot sauce in our chicken fried rice Freaking Terrible and it doesn’t help that their kids are answering the phones and their English is FAIR at best ? Oh yea and other reviews thought the price was fair ? TRUST ME THEIR fake reviews will not eat here again. Good luck we will make sure everyone knows that your attitude is poor after we called to complain.

Fiorella Larson

I ask for a table for 1 and they said they were to busy but if I order to go it’ll be fast. Even tho they had tables available. So I ordered 2 plates and an appetizer to go and it was ready in less than 5 minutes. Weren’t they that busy them

spooky 13

No quantity or quality in our food. Where's the BEEF? Chicken wings tasted like fish. The spring rolls are frozen. The prices are ridiculous. Do yourself a favor...just drive by. This meal was 30 bucks

Rob Simental

I drove from Poncha springs to explore the area I seen this place and decided to try. So l ordered Take out. staff was very friendly and food was very fresh and fast. I'm going to make the drive again tomorrow...

Siam Altman

The standard of a Chinese restaurant. They offer essentially everything you think of for a standard Chinese restaurant anywhere. They did though surprisingly offer more than just chinese food, as they also had desserts like carrot, and chocolate cake? Their food is decent but the variety is what is kinda eye-catching.

addison c

OVERPRICED. OVERRATED. Honestly the worst Chinese restaurant I have ever been to. The dishes I ordered here were completely different then the exact same dishes at every other Asian restaurant I’ve ever been to. The quality is very very low, and the meat seemed highly questionable. The waitress did not seem inclined to help us whatsoever. We didn’t like the dish we ordered, didn’t even eat it, and still had to pay $30. $15 each for a small dish that would be $10 anywhere else?!?! Obnoxious prices for bad quality, underwhelming food. I was really looking forward to a good meal and was extremely disappointed by this restaurant.

Trevor Shackelford

I paid $30 for the worst meal I've had in months, chicken was undercooked and their dishes were not what they claimed to be, very small portions too. There was an elderly old woman that worked there at just stared us down the entire time and said nothing. We asked for a different dish and they brought us the same exact thing just with the peanut sauce. Also, the 10 year old working there? What's that about bet he's not getting paid. Do not spend any money here, watched em mess us the only other two people's orders as well.

Jen S.

It's just not great. Prices have increased, which is the norm lately, but it's simply not worth it. As much as I want to support local, we can't do this one. We've tried it twice - you know, everyone deserves a second shot if it's mediocre and local. It's still, unfortunately, mediocre - maybe slightly less than mediocre.

M M.

We go here to dine or for take out. My husband loves the Pad Thai and I've liked all the chicken dishes I've ordered. The decor is simple, but we've found the service very good.

Caitlin P

The chicken fried rice, sweet n sour chicken, sesame chicken, egg rolls, and wontons were absouletly amazing! Was the perfect, satisfying dinner. When traveling through Buena Vista again, I'd definitly stop back in.

Jessica Amador

Food wasn't the best. The amount they served was very little with very little meat in meals that came with meat. Not really ideal for my taste. Personally we won't go here much because we definitely had better. Also a side note, way over priced for the amount you receive.

Lacey Rae

Love this place. The staff are all kind and hard workers who really care about the quality of their dishes. The food always comes out within 15 minutes or less. There are tons of menu options. Their Egg Drop soup is my absolute favourite, and my boyfriend really enjoys their Hot & Sour soup.We always come here instead of Szechuan Taste II in my town of Leadville. The Sake, however, is never served hot enough. Just a heads up, as everything else about this place is spectacular!They offer take out as well which is still just as good as eating in the restaurant.

John s

Worst food i have ever gotten, the "beef sticks" were not even edible, they dollar tacos at taco bell have more meat. Honestly, You would be better off going to city market and getting the microwave chinese food. AND WHAT KIND OF CHINESE FOOD PLACE DOESN'T HAVE DUCK SAUCE???????

Gabriel J.

BV is limited when it comes to restaurants. We tried this place out of a lack of other alternatives. Not a very good choice. Over $40 for an order of beef lo mein,an order of sweet & sour chicken, and some crab wontons! No egg rolls, no soup, that's it. And the food wasn't very good. Don't waste your money or your time here.

Melody M.

I first off want to say that it was difficult leaving a three star review for this business because the employees were so incredibly pleasant and nice. However, I felt a little deceived when I received my Shrimp with Vegetables. Had there been a description on the menu of what it consisted of, I would not have ordered it. You see, I adore Chinese vegetables. I love love love water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, snow peas, etc. and that is the main reason and only reason I order Shrimp w Vegetables. Every single time we go to a Chinese restaurant I look at the Chicken with Cashews, I consider the Sweet -and-Sour Chicken or Moo Goo Gai Pan and possibly some other wonderful looking dish but Every. Single. Time. I faithfully come back to my Shrimp with Vegetables. I know that at Jade Garden it would've been amazing because the sauce was great but there were no Chinese vegetables. There was broccoli, a couple of carrot slices and zucchini and that was about it. Not one pea pod, not a single water chestnut, and certainly no bamboo shoots. There might've been a little bit of bok choy. But I will tell you I was incredibly disappointed, especially because we had not had any Chinese in a long time. I took a couple of bites of the shrimp but honestly I was so sad I couldn't eat much more than that. I might sound spoiled and you're probably saying "Sheesh.... First world problems" or even "what a dumb ass" because after all there were vegetables but in my 40+ years of ordering Chinese food have never had such a disappointing meal of Shrimp w Vegetables. I will take part of the responsibility as I did assume instead of asking specifically what vegetables are included with this dish. Say what you will but my only intent here is to save another Chinese vegetable lover the utter disappointment I felt tonight.

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