The Buena Viking

413 E Main St, Buena Vista
(719) 286-9343

Recent Reviews

Paul Soldo

Best burger in Buena Vista! Service was great and the food was even better! Love the outside atmosphere and to top it all off with a beer. They have of options to keep it fresh all summer long! Will keep on going to stuff my face with a great burger!Vegetarian options: Yes.Kid-friendliness: Outside and a great place for kids or pets to hang out at.

Tymber Gali

We had the Buena Viking take on our rehearsal dinner and they entirely exceeded every expectation. Anna was amazing when it came to coordinating and planning for our arrival, the staff was friendly and quick, and the food was absolutely delicious! We got to meet Evan, who was slinging beers and he was fantastic. Great food, people and staff, what more could you ask for?

Holly Hannan

Fantastic burgers and tots! Atmosphere is outside and chill. Wish I would have taken pictures but ate it too fast. Let’s just say you get your moneys worth!


Definitely my go-to after any adventure! (…or if I just get a lunch break at work). Best burgers ever! If you see a long line don’t let that deter you. The service is speedy and the staff is amazing. There’s also a bar attached to their patio so you can enjoy a tasty beverage while you wait in line. You won’t regret stopping here! …..unless you live elsewhere and now compare every other burger to this one and will never be satisfied again.

Cory Comer

We love this place. Everything here has been consistently delicious for each of our visits. The First Snow burger is probably my favorite, and the First Snow Sweet Fries. Their new location is nice and big, too. Staff is always friendly, especially the owner Anna. This is our go-to spot when we’re in town!

Rebecca Garcia

HOLY VIKING WAS THIS PLACE AMAZING!! I've tried many food trucks but I don't think I've ever had one that will be forever as memorable as this one. I still can't belive such amazing food comes from a food truck lol! We had the barbarian, one reg and one with veggie patty, both were equally amazing. Full flavor and the slaw on top had perfect crunchy y texture. We also had the fried green beans and the blue cheese sweet potato fries. The green beans were like a tempura fry. Beautifully crisp and yet the green bean wasn't dried or over cooked. We ordered both doing sauces and honestly they were good but those beans didn't need it. The sweet potatoes I could not get enough of and I highly recommend. I look forward to visiting again next year and hopeful to seeing this place grow into a full blown restaurant. I can only imagine how amazing that would be.

Jennette R

Well worth the wait! the blue sky fries and loaded tots were amazing! Offering a new take on just a plain old burger, they have come with creative spins on the traditional burger! Even a PB & J burger! I piece of feed back, the descriptions are way to long..... funny but long. Buena Viking is definitely a must stop!

Aaron Coe

Came by not long before closing tonight, it was busy, and the staff was totally crushing it! The orders came out rapidly and the food was great. My only regret was not getting a larger boat of sweet potato fries (because they were so tasty).

Joe Randall

These are the best burgers in the world every time.. if you are lucky enough to visit Buena Vista you have to try this place it will change your world.

Sydney S

The food was fantastic and the people were personable and kind. Loved the outdoor seating and food truck atmosphere! Had a great time!

Carmine Papara

Love the stand however burgers are better eaten right away instead of taken to go. Great flavor. Dry burger by the time I got home. Not their fault though

Lauren H.

Delicious! Just follow the signs and you'll find this gem in BV! Delicious food- tots, burgers, sandwiches, veggie options, they have something for everyone! Yum!


Unique specialty burgers and loaded tots or fries. Loaded sweet potato fries with bleu cheese and bacon were worth the visit. Popular spot, but worth the wait and service was great

Angie D.

I got the Valhalla veggie burger on mixed greens so it was gluten free, with a side of sweet potato fries. It was good and I'll definitely be back. I thought the veggie burger would be better with ketchup instead of how it came, covered with smashed avocado and a side of aoli mayo. I'll order it plain next time. It also came with a pile of red onion about the same size as the burger so I left most of that behind. Great outdoor seating area and sweet potato fries.

Kayla K

The burgers were very good! I would go back for just those burgers. The sides were ok. Not as great as the burgers. We got loaded tots and green Chile tots. The loaded tots were the better side.

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