2 Penguins Tap and Grill

13065 E Briarwood Ave, Centennial
(303) 792-0310

Recent Reviews

Tina Scott

What a great surprise find! We needed a dog friendly patio to enjoy dinner and catch up time with family driving through with their fur babies. We had the best evening and our server was wonderful! Fish and chips brie and mushroom burgers and the pizza. All happy! First time, will not be the last!

Alora N.

I have nothing but great things to say about 2 penguins! We had our rehearsal dinner here and Dan and staff were WONDERFUL! Multiple guests commented on how quickly the food was refreshed and how great the service was. Dan was easy to work with from the start with helping us plan the event and always responsive when i had questions! We would definitely have an event here again.

Cathy S.

We come here quite often with our daughtersl's family and with our best friends when they visit. There is a wide selection of local beers. The kids' menu is nice and the regular menu has something for everyone. I really enjoy their salads- especially the Power Salad. I also enjoy the pulled pork sandwich and the fish and chips. The service is always great and the food is always well prepared. There is plenty of seating. Don't let a full parking lot fool you! They also have an event room. We have never waited for a seat.

Anne Jacobsen

**Edited to reflect the person involved was a Manager. Not the owner. I wouldn't know who was who, but I have corrected that mistake.We attended a wedding at 2 Penguins. Upon arrival, I was impressed by the layout for a restaurant that could host both weddings and daily customers. However, it didn’t take long to be unimpressed. While the burgers were good, the alcohol was not. They only served a particular brand of craft beer and drafts were $9. The staff constantly hovered and grabbed away any glass they deemed finished. Often, when returning from the dance floor, drinks that were not empty were taken causing us to purchase another pricey drink. While the best man gave a speech, they were rudely taking down one of the buffet areas, so we couldn’t hear him well from their noise. They removed the food early enough that some people didn’t eat. They also started mopping while the party was still happening. At first, I thought maybe someone had spilled something, but it didn’t appear to be so. I had the distinct feeling that we were not wanted or at the very least, we were being rushed to be done. After I witnessed the manager of the place yelling terrible obscenities at the BRIDE in front of young children (who does that?!) and her family members (incredibly unprofessional regardless of their reactions) and shutting down the reception at 10:00, I decided I would leave this review to warn others. Evidently, the reason we were kicked out was that someone had brought in a beer from their car-no announcement was made publicly by the manager about the legality of doing that, even though there was a microphone available to do so. The bridal party and guests had driven from Oklahoma, Vermont, and Nebraska for this wedding!! What a terrible ending of a special day for the bride and groom!!!

Amy C.

This place is amazing!!! The food was delicious and the drinks were flowing. I came with my bf on a Friday night and there was a wait just a 20 min wait. So not bad. We chose to sit in the patio since it was a nice evening and I am so happy we did. The ambiance was nice, chill and relaxing. The best part was the live music. A big shoutout to our waiter Jeremy, he was the best. He was so nice and attentive. We ordered mac and cheese and fries poutine. It was so so good, flavorful and delicious. The portions were just the right size and so filling. The beer selection at 2 Penguins is expansive. I definitely wanted to try them all but for the night I just tried two. I was pretty happy at the end of the night. Ha. I highly recommend 2 Penguins and will be stopping by next time I'm in Denver.

Jodi Harberts

Used as a wedding destion. Went in trusting reviews. The venue is actually very cool! The event staff worked hard and we're all on point. The manager, Dan Brown, was less than par however. He acted as if we were a bother and seemed eager to get rid of us. He was rude and completely unprofessional! Dan Brown is the event manager and was eager to tell anyone that would listen about his 24 years in the industry. That being said, Dan acted as if he was running a low budget brothel! He was rude and completely unprofessional! Yelled profanities and didn't care that there were children and grandparents within earshot! It's too bad that Two Penguins have him in charge! What could have been a wonderful experience, turned into an AWFUL experience!

Ciara L.

Food is amazing but the service is even better!! This is a great place to hangout with friends and family and also has a great patio! Ask for Hillary, she's the best!!!

alyssa galeti

Above and beyond!! I was coming in from out of town and had to book a large corporate event on super short notice. The entire team did everything they could to ensure we had an amazing experience. Thinking of the food, customer service, aesthetic - we couldn't have asked to find a better location. So looking forward to booking our next event with them. Special shout out to Scott & Dan for executing it flawlessly without skipping a beat!

Vicki K.

If you are reading through the reviews you can only assume I was part of the wedding that got shut down. When this happened I was visiting at my table with a bridesmaid and couple other guests. There was dancing and socializing happening nothing rowdy and crazy. I was clueless as were most guests as to what happened. There can be fingers pointed on both sides but the reality is there is not a single person at that wedding party that felt the bride and groom deserved to be treated the way they were treated or wanted anyone to lose their job. Before the accusations of bringing in outside alcohol were known several were already not impressed with how rude we were treated when decorating, safety of guests was not considered when the floor was mopped (mind you no spills or tracks were present) while setting up and right as starting to dance. The food buffet was taken down during toasts, staff was taking drinks before they were finished ( I even had a staff member try and take my glass when I had it in hand with a solid drink left.) Two positives: the young bartender very friendly and only staff member that acted like he wanted to be there and the floors were clean! For future reference- I'm not excusing bringing in outside alcohol but it happens a lot at many venues. What I've seen other venues do, they have someone at the exits. Tell the people paying the bill and they can make an announcement it needs to stop. Why not pull the father or mother of the bride aside and have a conversation about what can we do to get this stopped. This is a young couple trying to enjoy their wedding day and NOTHING is deserving of a bride getting yelled at in the manner she was talked to. She was grabbed by the shoulder while dancing told he was [email protected] tired of this and [email protected];ing shutting you down. I've seen the responses about fear of losing liquor license and I read the Colorado liquor laws and since management was clearly not encouraging this behavior this would not have happened. So if you stuck with me on this review this is more than about breaking contracts, it's about how you treat people and the way it was shut down was not ok.

Andy Kohn

Great brewpub. Decent burgers, chicken sandwiches and incredible beer list

Jack H.

Absolutely awful food was ok tried serving minors alcohol did not one time ask anyone for an id

Taylor H.

The owner, or manager is not professional. They need a lesson in hospitality, I wouldn't book an event here. Yes, empty shooters from the limo were brought in to be thrown away, and empty beer can was found. Yes, you warned the bride who has so much to do. The bride and groom have to take care of all their guest, pictures, mingle, speeches etc., yet you didn't tell the people who are paying the bill and can shut it down. THAT IS BASIC KNOWLEDGE TELL THE PERSON WHO IS PAYING THE BILL! Not the drunk bride having a good time. HOWEVER, THAT PART WE ARE IN THE WRONG. How your manager handle this situation was uncalled for. From the moment we showed up he was yelling at guest and the bridal party to go outside. We had to tell him we were the bridal party and we're staying inside. He rushed us to start the wedding by opening the doors, when we weren't ready, and left them opened despite. Not only that, your manager was yelling in the brides face and made her cry on her special day. If you are wanting to follow the law, have your bartenders ID patrons. All you have to do was tell them a name for a tab and they would add it. Multiple underaged guest were able to purchase alcohol, as well as OFFERED by staff for the toast. That's on parents as well, but if it's your jobs your worried about, I would start there. I worked for over 10 years in hospitality and was shocked by the treatment the bride and groom had to witness. When the groom went up to ask questions trying to get answers he was just told to get the f-- out by the manager and the bartenders stayed quiet. Only one answered us after asking multiple times. If you wanted us out by 10 you shouldn't have told us 12.

Kaitlin M.

This was a complete surprise. I didn't think I would like the food as much as I did. I got a burger and it was really good and my husbands fish and chips were absolutely delicious. Our server was really friendly and quick. They have a beautiful patio as well, surrounded by trees. My only real knock against it: I'm gluten free and I wish they had a gf beer or cider on the menu. I don't like seltzers and that's all they had for me unfortunately. I'll still come back for the food though.

Isaac A.

We went here for a happy hour event and it was great. We had one of the back rooms and there were tons of appetizers and some games (foosball, pingpong, and shuffleboard). The food was good, especially the french fry bar and the wings. The environment was very welcoming and the staff was super friendly. Their beer selection is large and there were several wheat beers and hefeweizen on tap. I didn't care much for the apricot what, but everything else I had was good and I'd recommend the tangerine wheat.

Keerthi B.

Service was whatever. They did not honor Yelp checkin. May be the owner needs to let the folks who work there understand Yelp checkin was listed and How it works.

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