Alpha Charlie's Tap & Tavern

6631 S Peoria St Suite 100, Centennial
(720) 627-5354

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Sarah Laesser

Veteran owned pub with nice selection of food and kind staff. Plenty of tvs to watch sports and space for dining. Reasonable prices, too!Food: 5/5

Dan Maestas

We went to this place when it was the Irish Pub. We decided to try the new place out, after receiving some coupons in the mail. I will say, the new place is so much brighter and cleaner. When we walked in, they were pretty busy so it took a few minutes for a host to recognize us and get us seated. That's not a complaint, just a comment. Once we were seated, the service was great. Our waitress, despite covering a large area, tended to our table without any delay. We ordered the blue cheese burger and the Philly. The food was great. Burger had lots of flavor and was cooked perfectly. The Philly was even better. Dang it was a good sandwich. I highly recommend trying them out. It is a Veteran owned restaurant which I always like to support.

Kris Gloyd

Absolutely fantastic bar! Ron is a hoot! Food is top notch! Wait staff is great. We will definitely come back!

Nichole Nichole

The gumbo was excellent, had a nice spicy kick to it, very flavorful and done right . My server was pleasant and nice and the atmosphere was welcoming. I'm giving a three-star review because when I asked for an extra plate I was given a dirty plate. Overall a good establishment, I'm sure I'll be back for more gumbo.

Angel Gebeau

Veteran owned bar with some military themed diah names. Tried the Mess Hall Nachos as a Daily special and they were great. Seating is almost all 4 person elevated tables and booths and round patio tables. Recommend calling ahead if you have a large group, meaning any group over 4. This is a tap tavern and does not cater to kids. I wouldn't bring my kids here but I would bring my spouse.

Reall Y.

Avoid, unless you want to get sick!!!!!

Allen W.

We came for lunch because YELP said they had the best fish and chips. I've had better fish and chip from a food truck. The cole slaw was inedible due its spiciness. The potato puffs were delicious. Probably won't be back.


Great atmosphere and great service. Our waiter was new and got it right! We all liked our food! I had fish and chips, my husband had chicken fingers, and our friends had so lifers. We also had side salads and drinks! Everything’s was tasty, hot, and delicious.

Debra Vasquez

Staff is very friendly. My server, Lisette, was very attentive especially as a dining alone patron. Steak tacos were delicious. The chips tastes homemade (I am sure they were but didn't read about them) and the salsa has a surprising kick for a non-chunky salsa. The crown vanilla mule was delicious too!

Xavier Olivas

Excellent place for food quality and price was great staff was super friendly and attentive.

J V.

First time here and is always one of the biggest impressions that a place can set. Came during the 22 Stanley cup first game and the service was still amazing. The food came out quickly along with drink orders. This is all around a great establishment. I would definitely come back again. They make you feel as if you have been coming here for years. Caela was the server and was absolutely Phenomenal!

Meridith Parker

Phenomenal. I do wish they had a couple more vegetarian options but I decided to go with the ratatouille and did NOT regret it. I also had some of the spicy pineapple coleslaw and it was seriously the best coleslaw I’ve ever had. The best food and service I’ve had in a long time! Even staff that weren’t assigned to our table checked on us regularly which just showed how much everyone cared. The patio is beautiful and it was all around a great experience. I can’t remember the name of our waitress but I think it was Caelyn? She was awesome!

Kenaniah Horton

I'm posting this a while after visiting for the first time so I don't remember all of the details and the names of the items but I'll do my best (I was busy after I went so I didn't get to leave a review then). The environment was pretty rowdy which makes sense because it was a Friday night but it was a pretty cool atmosphere from what I remember. I got lettuce wraps [Picture below] as an appetizer and they were delicious but a little on the salty side. The street tacos [Picture below] were good too but I also have a suggestion for them; and that is to add a sauce for a more distinguished flavor and texture. I know there is a sauce on them already but it just wasn't enough to enhance and combine the natural flavors from the meat, onions, tomatoes, ect. I think it would be delicious if, in addition to the guacamole, the meat had a sweet and/or salty marinade. (Hopefully this review was understandable lol, I was trying to describe what was missing and it's just hard to explain).Overall, this place has a wide variety of foods to choose from and I'm excited to try other items and I definitely think it's worth a visit!

La8nitehype L.

I ordered their Philly cheesesteaks along with my daughter. Her was full of meat mine was 2/3 full. I asked the waitress why and she said the buns are very big. Still not excuse, so I told her to take it back. Next time make sure that your sandwiches are properly proportionate. The waitress was nice.

Matt H.

Service was unpleasant, took 45 minutes to get food. Food was decent when we finally got it.

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