At Nine Thai

8101 S Quebec St unit c, Centennial
(720) 482-3895

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Jack Harmer

Went with my girlfriend and we had a great time. I got drunken noodles and she got the green curry. Super yummy. Our server Sarah was great. Lots of fun with good recommendations and service. Great environment. Will definitely return.

Samantha Gordon

My family is Thai, and we've eaten at a lot of Thai restaurants in Denver over the years. The food at At Nine Thai is just okay. The flavors are close to being accurate, but just missing that little extra push to taste really authentic and to be really tasty. The fried dumpling skewer was interesting and perhaps the best part of the meal. Another issue was the service. We had two waitresses, and one was polite, the other was not. My parents, who are over 55yo, asked for a paper menu. Instead of providing one and stating there may be some difference vs the online menu, initially just refused to provide paper menus. After discussing this back and forth, she simply reached for the table next to ours and provided menus, with quite a bit of attitude. She could have simply provided the menu, which was easily accessible, without the attitude and back talk. After that encounter, all future interactions with that waitress was were rude.

David Rao

We have ordered from here at least 5 times now and have been very pleased each time. We live in the Castle Rock area but haven't been able to find Thai food close by that we like. This is about a 15-20 minute drive for us when we order take out, but it's that good that makes the round-trip drive worth it every time. On top of that, the food is still hot (and yes I mean hot, not luke warm) by the time I make it back home after driving that long. The food has also always been ready right at or close enough to the estimated time when placing an order. The staff is very friendly and quick to address you while waiting for your order as well. The flavors are outstanding, the portions are big, and we love that we are able to choose from multiple levels of spiciness for each dish. If you're looking for GREAT Thai food and service, even if it's a little bit of a drive for you, At Nine Thai is the place to go to.

Wendy Schorr

I don't get it (scratching my head)... Why does this place have such high reviews? I wanted to like it, I really did.My roommate and I love Thai food and have eaten at many fine Thai restaurants. But this place misses the mark, completely.We ordered Tom Kha to start and while pleasant, the flavors weren't as rich or fragrant as what were used to. The two curries we ordered were VERY watery. (Are they skimping on the coconut milk?) They too were not rich tasting but rather the most bland curries I've ever tasted.I'm used to Thai food that bursts with flavor. The only thing that was bursting was my wallet. Almost $50 for two people.As nice as they were we won't be going back.

Michael Dill

Delicious, authentic Thai food. I’ve been nearly everywhere in the Denver area and this is the best Thai I’ve found South of Evans. Thai hot actually has great heat, and very fresh/authentic flavors in everything we tried. The Tom kha soup was very good but not my favorite compared to some others, however chicken satay and pad Thai were excellent.

David Moulton

Bravo!!! We both had the Lamb Curry from the Chef Specials section of the menu. We were expecting lamb cubes cooked in curry sauce but we're very surprised to find a bunch of grilled lamb chops set in a shallow dish of yellow curry with potatoes, onions, and a few peas and carrots. The lamb was tender and juicy with great flavor and the curry was wonderful. Just a hint of red pepper heat. This was a fabulous blend of Western grilled lamb chops and Thai yellow curry. We can't wait to come back for an encore performance.

Fred S.

First time I tried a few years ago it was good but not great. Decided to try again. My daughter and I loved the food (green curry and basil chicken). Will definitely order again.

Scottee Meade

We had Larb Gai, Pad Thai, and Panang Curry. All were delicious. Service was friendly and efficient. Dishes marked "GF" do not contain gluten, but may have cross contact through cooking utensils. I had a gluten reaction. Great food but not for folks with gluten sensitivity.

vanessa Arellano

I thought my pad tai noodles would be thick and brown as shown in their photos, but they’re orange and thin and the pork is a light color like chicken…

Drew J.

Upon walking in, this seemed like a typical Thai restaurant, nice staff, nice ambiance. We ordered the Pad Thai, pineapple fried rice, and teriyaki chicken. The teriyaki chicken was (no exaggeration) one of the worst dishes I have ever paid for. The chicken was cold, flavorless, and over cooked. And sauce was bland. Coming from Seattle, I have had lots of great teriyaki, this was just crap on a plate. The pineapple fried rice was incredibly dry, and lacking in much flavor. The pad Thai was bland...Thai food should be opposite of bland. Such a disappointment .

Sarah J.

I have done take out from At Nine countless times in the last 1.5 years (during covid) and would highly recommend them. They are probably my favorite Thai around the southern Denver area. The pad Thai is of course a staple and done very well. I also absolutely love their spicy basil fried rice. I love that they have many vegetarian options as well.

Elmer S.

Not worth it. A bit pricey. Pad Thai with chicken was average tasting. Thai tea was good.

Terrin K.

truly incredible ! i have a lot of dietary restrictions like gluten, dairy, and eggs. i had the green curry and it was luscious! usually when i go out to eat (regardless if it says gluten free) my stomach hurts BUT "At Nine Thai" didn't make me feel like that whatsoever! this is truly a hole in the wall and my new favorite! :) also has the sweetest waitress !

Anissa Costello

Garlic pepper chicken was spot on. Great flavor and serving size. Fresh spring rolls were just that....fresh and flavorful. You won't go wrong with this restaurant. I will be back each time I travel here.

Brian F.

Pickup took quite a long time but the food was worth the wait. We'll be back for sure.

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