Bombay Bites

6879 S Vine St B7-712, Centennial
(720) 328-3912

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Brittney C.

Outstanding! 10 thumbs up. I highly recommend this place. I forgot my pics but definitely this is the best Indian food place I have tried in a long time besides in Jamaica. Naan breads all of them yummy!! Desserts "omg" fantastic too.

Jake Drollinger

Flavor was good, but if I get the more spicy dish on the menu and ask for it to be extra spicy, it is concerning that it didn't even register as mild to me. I can handle a lot of kick, but this had zero. You could have told me it was butter chicken and I'd believe it.Otherwise, a pleasant experience here.

Belinda W.

My new favorite restaurant in the Streets at South Glenn area. Beautiful decor & ambiance, excellent buffet, great service, best Vindaloo I've had in years.

Nicholas B.

This has become my new "go-to" Indian restaurant; really good food, a nice setting for date night, and great prices. Bombay Bites checks all the boxes. My partner and I are opposites when it comes to food, she orders mild and I prefer hot and spicy and we are both very happy at the end of the meal. The servings are very generous and the staff are friendly, I cannot say enough good things.

Jorge Espinosa

The manager was very nice and engaging. The server was a young girl who wouldn't smile and was dry. Could be a cultural thing. Food was great and reasonably priced. The drink menu is very inexpensive and good.Food: 5/5

Magda C.

Really good food, the vegetables pakora is to die for. And the garlic naan is buttery and lots of garlic on it. But the service is veeeeery slow.

Ravi S.

This review is in two parts: first, the restaurant--4.5 stars. The chaat is very good, the curries are quite good, and the menu has some unique flavors including some South Indian influences. Service is slow but you should go eat here! Second, catering--here I can only give them 3 stars. We catered a pre-wedding dinner for ~200 people, where Bombay Bites prepared chaat on site and also had a small buffet (naan, a couple curries, biryani). Here I'd give them three stars. They had two chaat dishes--bhel puri and pani puri. The bhel puri was really excellent. But the pani puri was soggy even at the very start of service, which ruined the whole charm of the dish, despite bringing staff to do on-site prep. We also negotiated on a list of dishes and price, and then the final contract left out one dish (baingan bharta). We missed this when signing the contract, and I attribute this more to disorganization than malice, but it meant we ran out of food at the event (a whole dish was missing), and despite being 10 minutes from the restaurant, Guru and team had no backup food. The food that was there was solid. We only spent $15/head on food, including the staff for the chaat station, so the pricing was quite affordable. Food in the restaurant is good, and I would maybe recommend catering from them for a much smaller event (~20-50 people). But I don't think Bombay Bites has the experience or level of organization to successfully cater big events.

Bryna C.

Delicious food. Our favorite is the Paneer Korma and the little one enjoys the tikka masala. They have a yummy drink menu too. Always friendly service, however, very slow service.

Scott Gohr

I'm not a big Indian food consumer. However things were as I expected. I ordered Lamb Rogan Josh, it was served with rice. The bread was extra. The lamb was tender, I asked for the highest spice level and received a good version over that. Overall I received what I expected but but it's probably not going to make it my my must return list.Parking: You nasty end up walking 200- 300 yards. Not to big of a deal.

Ramesh V.

Another bad Nepali restaurant posing as Indian. Only white people would fall from it. I am Indian and as soon as I took the first bite, I knew it was not Indian.

Robbie R.

Did takeout through here via Grubhub and was a very seemless and DELICIOUS experience. Wish I ordered the garlic naan instead of the special naan, but was still good. Highly recommend the chicken tikka masala but the mild has zero spice (so if you like it a little spicy definitely go medium). Excited to come back and try their buffet at lunch. Tons of options, great indoor space and very flavorful. Heads up, parking is atrocious in the Southglenn area but not too far to walk from the larger parking lot.

Frank T.

Nicely prepared. Clean. Crisp. The food was decent but wasn't that flavorful. The naan was very good.

Jim S.

One of the best Indian restaurants I've been to in the US. Food is great, menu is huge, Prices are reasonable, service is good. Love this place!

Jennifer Borchardt

If you are looking for some traditional Indian food, or even better, if you are looking for Indian food that you’ve never tried before this is a great place to go. They have a large menu and unique options.My biggest issue was time. It seemed like they were pretty short-staffed so everything took for-ever. We were probably here for 2 1-2 to 3 hours between ordering, getting our food, and ordering ‘to go’ items. We all ordered cocktails and wine, and some of our drinks took 20-30 minutes to arrive. Our naan was yummy-but again, as an appetizer, it took at least a half hour to arrive.Good food, but you should prepare for a long wait.


First time at this buffet. Some dishes were too salty. The naan bread seemed a bit doughy to lasso was good and the eggplant dish was excellent.

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