Jet's Pizza

8176 S Holly St, Centennial
(303) 741-5387

Recent Reviews

Harper Brown

When I get that Craving feeling, I need JET'S PIZZA healing ???❤️ There's nothing like it! Hands down best pizza in this state!!

Devin Carey

If you like thick crust, get the Detroit style crust. We got the barbecue chicken pizza and it was great. We also go the jet 10 pizza and personally it had too many peppers and onions. The thick crust was great though

Beau Kallio

Pizza is really good if you like Detroit style pan pizza. A bit expensive for a franchised chain.

Lars O.

Very good Detroit style pizza, much better than national chain options. Was only in town for a few days, wanted something local, and Jet's didn't disappoint.

Danny Cash

Super tasty, a bit pricey, but the owner (who I do know, other than from the one experience eating there) is a really nice guy who cares about his customers. I'll definitely be back.

Jen A.

It takes almost 2 hours to get a pizza delivered. I am totally open to the service industry issues right now, but 2 hours is beyond ridiculous. I'm done with Jets.

Matt B.

Amazing salad dressings. Not what I think about usually with pizza places, but we only buy our ranch there. Salads are always fresh and crisp. Pizza is great too.

Linda D.

Just absolutely the best pizza in this area, the staff r awesome and recognize regular customers! The food is consistently wonderful! It's a pizza we consistently finish, which isn't always the case! I'd recommend this place over everything close! They r just the best!

Jeremy M.

I don't live in Colorado, but was there recently visiting my sick grandma in the hospital. She'd had enough hospital food and said she wanted pizza, so I found this place locally and ordered us pizza for dinner. The online robot ordering system was a bit odd, but it got the order right. The pizza was great. Grandma said it's the best she'd had in years and Jets is her new favorite local pizza place. Good reviews from Grandma are the only ones that matter.

shawn cheever

After years of ordering from the “pizza guys” these guys have exceeded all expectations and the delivery folks are awesome!! Jets Pizza you are the best!! Thank you!!

Arwyn T.

Always so delicious, no matter what you choose. It's not common to have great veggie options at pizza restaurants, but I love Jets salad & ranch dressing. And the delivery is on point too!

Ryan H.

Hands down best pizza in the city. I am a pizza lover and eat all different kinds from different places and this is absolutely my favorite. Their dough and crust is perfectly crispy and the sauce is so flavorful. Don't miss a chance to eat here!

Paula Schriefer

We have had nothing but disastrous delivery experiences with them. After our last order took well over 2 hours, we waited over a year before trying again. We were driving home from camping and called in the order to get the estimated delivery time before ordering and were told it would be about an hour, which was fine. After 90 minutes we called and were told that somehow our order had been cancelled for no reason. Their pizza is good but not that good. We will not try again.

Ernie H.

We been ordering MOD Pizza's for months and just have gotten a little burned out with their Pizza's. There good, just got tired of them for now. So, I started a new search for a new pizza place and came across Jet's Pizza on Yelp. Decided to give them a try. Man, we were pleasantly surprised at just how good the Detroit Style Deep Dish pizza. The crust is outstanding. Thick crust, yet very crunchy on the bottom. The pepperoni is excellent & the Mott's Cheese is fantastic. Sausage could be a little more flavorful and have maybe just a little more, but still OK. We've gone back again and the pizza is constantly great. This is a carry out, curbside pick-up or delivery only. Only have a bench inside to wait for your order. Staff is efficient and friendly. Give them a try. I'm sure you will be surprised as we were. Price is fair, large deep dish pepperoni & sausage runs around $21.50. Well worth that price. Their large is perfect for two hungry people, Burt might need to order 2 for a family of 4 or more. Still, a good value. Enjoy!

Tom Sengewalt

This Jets location is excellent. Consistently great pizza and delivery service. Special thank you to the manager who went above and beyond to make sure we got our pizza on time during a busy night. Highly recommend.

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