8241 S Holly St, Littleton
(303) 740-8565

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Marinia Jann

Food was good for what it was. Unfortunately, it was not what I ordered. I ordered a McGriddle, got a McMuffin. Ordered and paid for extra caramel drizzle, didn't even give me a normal amount.

Ms. Kitty

Courtesy and competence every morning. I can’t speak for the rest of the day but the 5am morning crew never disappoint. They are efficient and friendly and they alway make the rest of my day go a little easier.

Roger Clendenning

waited at counter of over 15 minutes no one came out.....then tried to use kiosk...interesting......this is like 3rd world country...finally got my order...where table 12 is have not a clue.... finally got order I think..I dine in......The only way to use this place is to use drive through....

Drake Hendricks

I have been going here several times a week for a while now, and the food is correct and yummy. More importantly, though, the staff are and have always been super friendly, which keeps me coming back.Food: 5/5

Zoe Poirier

First my order shows up from DoorDash and it’s missing the fries, no biggie just asked for a refund and then ordered them itself.. the fries showed up undercooked and tasting awful.. waste of money to order them.

Melissa Sisneros

The service here is always fast and friendly. However the food quality is meh. I will stop by this location occasionally for breakfast on my way to work which is usually around 6:39am. The has browns are almost always cold and the bread to the breakfast sandwich I ordered is always hard and dried out. I'm not sure how this is thing since it's si early in the morning but it's disappointing when you want a hot breakfast.

Kevin Solik

Soda machine broken, just because. Ordered the non spicy sandwich and still got the spicy one, chicken was undercooked, wife spat it out. Bad service, horrible food.Food: 1/5

Andrew C.

I ordered sauces and they never came. Ruined my day.I'm never going back again and I'm going back in my gosh to my church this morning I have to church and I will ask you if I need anything for you today and if you have any other questions please call

Joel M.

The staff here is friendly and I appreciate that the strive to get the orders right. I wish Yelp allowed me to give a nice review without having to leave a novel which is why I'm being forced to add more to give a good review to a worthy merchant.

Maryam Rezaei

I haven't been in Mac Donald's for a long time, but tonight I was so satisfied and happy with quality and taste and service all, I tanked them specially at the endAnd that 10 box nuggets was free, as a gift from T-Mobile and macdonald?

Lynne Winter

I have been picking up food from this location every couple of weeks since the pandemic started, and I've always had a good experience. I order via the app and then pull into a curbside pickup spot. The folks who bring out the food are always friendly and the food is always fresh, hot and tastes great. Every once in a while, something is missing, but since I check my order before driving off, it's no problem getting what I need.

Douglas Ayon

At this McDonald's the food was very bland and they didn't ask or give us any sauce...Food: 3/5

Benson Flinders

We came late but the register lady was acting so mad and inpatient. The costumer service wasn't good.


Given enough visits (probably every third visit) something will be missing from your drive thru order from the Countyline/Holly location. It's funny how you always end up with less when they make a "mistake", but the opposite is never true. More painful now since everything is so much more expensive. Food is usually fresh, and staff friendly. Just check your order every time BEFORE driving away (note to self also!).

scott b

The hours of operation need to be in the drive-thru. I hate getting there just after closing and just nothing happens. The screens are still on, the lights are still on but no one acknowledges you. Could be easily avoided by having the hours somewhere visible from the drive thru

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